Do you think Tu Mera Hero is living up to expectations?

Tu Mera Hero replaced Ek Hasina Thi on Star Plus, and was released after much promo airing and increased curiosity to see how a sensible and educated girl will fall in love with a lazy lad. It’s the story of a filmi mindset dreamy girl Panchi, who meets her dream guy Titu amidst much chaos, and since then feels he is the one who deserves her, after having witnessed all his goodness and simplicity, by being around him by gradual circumstances. Titu takes the toughest situations casually and it makes him unique, and his witty intelligence wins Panchi’s heart.

Titu’s dad Govindnarayan informs Titu that he will be sent to his uncle’s house if he fails to make proper arrangements for the Krishna Janmasthami celebration. Titu seeks Panchi’s help to write the invitations. Later, Mukund informs Rekha about his plan against Titu. Surekha is shattered as the neighbours inform her about Govindnarayan’s death.

An infuriated Panchi confronts an employee of the printing press for publishing false news without proper verification. Meanwhile, Govindnarayan scolds Titu for his negligence. Govindnarayan sprains his leg. Golu takes a pandit, Arvind, who wants to visit Kamlesh’s house to a hotel by mistake.

The pandit assumes that he was abducted and escapes from the hotel. Meanwhile, Panchi introduces herself to Titu. Titu informs Panchi that his friends mistook Arvind for their pandit and took him to his house. Later, Panchi informs Arvind about Titu, who apologises for the misunderstanding. Titu thanks Panchi for her help and invites her home for Krishna Janmasthami. Panchi gets ready to meet Titu at the Janmashtami puja and starts dreaming about him since morning. She attends the function in evening and gets tensed seeing her dad Kamlesh there, who comes to do his duty of providing security. The story so far looks like fairy tale novel and adorable, but with the supporting cast and multiple angles, do you like the show? Do you think the show lived up to the expectations of replacing superhit show Ek Hasina Thi? Let us know in this poll.

  1. not at all

    1. the show is not up to the mark too filmy

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  3. The show is simply horrible!! >.<

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