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Prologue Link

@Gadodia House

Ragini reached her house.

Ragini “Sumi maa! Where are you?”

Sumitra “I am here Ammu. You’re looking very happy. What’s the matter?”

Ragini hugged her grandmother and said, “I got job in Sanskar Maheshwari’s company.”

Sumitra “Really beta?”

Ragini “Yes Sumi maa.”

Sumitra planted a soft kiss on Ragini’s forehead and she made Ragini sleep on her lap.

Ragini “I am missing maa, papa badly Sumi maa. I will talk to them daily and share everything with their photo. I feel some what relief, but i missed their presence in my life. Today if i share this news to them, then they’ll feel very happy naa.”

Sumitra brushed her hair softly and said, “Ammu… You know what? When you asked them to made your favorite black forest cake in your childhood, then Harsh and Avantika used to make the cake together. Then you used to laugh and clap on floor seeing the cake. But you never eat the cake before feeding them. Then you know what Harsh used to say? He used to say that my princess is very different from all and Avantika used to say that you’re their heart.”

Ragini “Really Sumi maa?”

Sumitra “Yes beta. You must go to office from tomorrow naa. Then go and sleep.”

Ragini planted a soft kiss on Sumitra’s forehead and went to her room.

@It’s Morning

***Ragini’s pov

I said to myself, “Tring… tring… It’s time to wake up. I decided my clothes at last night. So that i won’t get confused. I took a quick shower bath and got ready. I am doing the things in Vampire speed.”

Sumitra “Ammu come fast you are getting late beta!”

Ragini “I am coming Sumi maa.”

Ragini came out from her room, wearing a simple red kurti with jeans. She’s looking very cute. Ragini takes her grand mother’s blessings. She was about to go from there, but stopped by Sumitra. Sumitra brought bowl full of kheer from kitchen and fed one spoon of kheer to Ragini.

Sumitra “All the best Ammu.”

Ragini “Thanks Sumi maa. It’s yummy. I love you so much.”

Sumitra “I love you too meri baccha and i will make your favorite cake for you at evening.”

Ragini “Once again thanks Sumi maa… Ummmaaahhh…”

Sumitra gave lunch box to Ragini and laughed. Ragini gave flying kiss to her grandmother and left to office.

@Maheshwari Mansion

Sujatha “Sanskar! Are you going to office?”

Sanskar “Yes maa. Why are you asking like that? Do you want anything?”

Sujatha “Give this box to Ragini.”

Sanskar “What? But why?”

Sujatha “It’s her first day in office naa. So i made bread halwa for her. Give this box to her.”

Sanskar “Maa. I am her boss. If you want to give this to her, then call her to home. I can’t do these type of things.”

Sujatha made puppy face “Please beta… Please…”

Sanskar “Okay fine.”

Sujatha packed the box in cover and gave it to Sanskar. Sanskar took the box and left the place giving impossible look to her mother.

@Maheshwari Industries

Sanskar and Ragini reached the office at the same time. But Ragini didn’t see him and entered into the lift and was about to press the floor number. Just then, Sanskar entered into the lift keeping his hand in middle and he pressed the floor number.

Ragini “Good morning sir”

Sanskar looks at her from top to bottom and wished her back. Ragini bend her head down. A smile appeared on his face seeing her expressions. He’s observing every move of her keenly. Feeling his continuous gaze on her, Ragini didn’t dare to lift her head up.

The lift doors opened and both came outside. All his employees started wishing him. He nodded his head and asked them to sit down.

Sanskar “Come to my cabin.”

Ragini still looking at the floor and said, “Yes sir.”

@Sanskar Cabin

Sanskar gave some files to Ragini. He dialed the number and asked the person to come to his cabin. He/She knocked on the door and waited for the response.

Sanskar “Come in Laya”

Laya “Thank you sir. You called me here?”

Sanskar “Yeah… (Pointing towards Ragini) She’s Ragini. She’s new here. I want you to help her in work.”

Laya “Yeah sure sir. Ms.Ragini you please come with me.”

Laya and Ragini came outside from his cabin. Laya started telling about whole office and Sanskar. She showed her place, explained her about work and left the place. Ragini kept small Babaji idol on her desk. Sanskar is looking at Ragini from his cabin.

Sanskar TAT(Thought at that time) “Whenever i saw her, i feel like i know her from years. By the way, she’s looking very cute today. Oh my God! Why i am thinking about her? It’s not right. Sanskar leave all these stupid things and concentrate on your work.”

The Landline kept on Ragini’s desk started ringing,

Ragini “Hello! May i know who’s on the line please?”

Sanskar “Your Boss Sanskar Maheshwari is on line. Come to my cabin once.”

Ragini “Yes sir. I am coming.”

She knocked at the door. Sanskar asked her to come inside.

Sanskar gave some files to Ragini and said, “These are some important files. Tomorrow we have meeting with Dravidians. I heard that you know Telugu very well. So you will translate the things into telugu. Is it okay for you?”

Ragini with excitement said, “100% okay for me sir.”

(Actually Ragini’s mother and father did love marriage. Her father Harsh is North Indian and mother is South Indian. That’s the reason, she knows Telugu very well.)

Sanskar raised his brows and said, “Alright!”

Ragini was about to go from there, but stopped by Sanskar.

Sanskar “I didn’t asked you to leave now!”

Ragini bend her head down and said, “I am sorry Sanskar sir.”

Sanskar TAT(Thought at that time) “She called me by my name for the first time. I felt somewhat undescribed feeling from inside.”

Sanskar “It’s okay. Take this box. Actually maa told me to give this to you.”

Ragini smiled and said, “Thanks sir.”

Sanskar “You please sit on that sofa and eat it. Okay?”

Ragini “Sir! But?”

Sanskar “No ifs, ands or buts.”

Ragini “Would you like to accompany me?”

Sanskar “No!”

Ragini made puppy face “Please sir… Please…”

Sanskar covers his smile and said, “Okay.”

Ragini opened the box and screamed in an excitement seeing her favorite bread halwa.

Sanskar with fear “What had happened?”

Ragini with forced smile “Nothing”

Ragini served bread halwa in 2 bowls. She took one bowl and gave other bowl to Sanskar. Some halwa sticked on her nose while eating. Sanskar laughed seeing at her. She looked at him like what? He smiled and took hankey from his pocket and cleaned off. Ragini smiled.

After eating halwa, Ragini thanked Sanskar once again and left the place.

To be continued…

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