Hi i am Aaradhya. I am writing a short story on Ragsan couple. Hope you all will like and enjoy it and this is completely different from Swaragini track. Please ignore grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Thank you.

A small introduction of characters in the story.

Sanskar Maheshwari : A rich business man in early age of 25 years. In his age, all people search for jobs, but he settled in very young age and became most popular business man and bachelor too. His only world is Mother and Business.

Sujatha Maheshwari : Sanskar’s lovely mother. Sanskar is her only reason to live after her husband Ram Prasad Maheshwari’s death. She always dreams about Sanskar’s marriage.

Ragini Gadodia : A beautiful girl by in and outside. She lost her parents in an accident. So she raised up by her grand mother Sumitra Gadodia. Ragini loves her grand mother a lot. Her only world is Grand mother and searching for job in best company.

Let’s begin the story,

@Maheshwari Mansion

A beautiful mansion is shown, where a young handsome man stepped outside from the benz car wearing a 3 piece suit. He entered inside the mansion and rested on sofa relaxing his muscles. Just then, his mother Sujatha came from kitchen and gave him a glass full of water. He smiled and thanked his mother for water. She smiled back and inquired about his day in office. He said that it’s a very tiry day.

The conversation between Mother and Son starts,

Sanskar “Maa… Actually i am going to appoint a new girl as my P.A(Personal Assistant) on Laksh words. He said that she’s from nice family, well educated and her name is Ragini. I am busy with my office work. So i called her here. Within few minutes, she’ll be here. So tell her to wait in garden area. Okay?”

Sujatha “Okay beta. But did you observed one thing?”

Sanskar raised his brows like what?

Sujatha smiled and said, “She’s the very first girl in your life. I mean you didn’t forgot her name. Is she my Dil?”

Sanskar “Maa! Please don’t start again.”

Sujatha laughed and Sanskar left the place giving impossible look to his mother.

After some time, a beautiful girl entered inside the mansion. The girl was Ragini.

Sujatha “Who are you beta?”

Ragini “Namasthe Aunty!”

Sujatha “Namasthe beta!”

Ragini “Sanskar sir called me here for job.”

Sujatha “Oh please come inside beta.”

Ragini “Thanks Aunty.”

Sujatha liked her very much. So she started inquring her.

Sujatha “You’re so sweet.”

Ragini smiled and said, “Thanks.”

Ragini felt comfortable with Sujatha. She liked Sujatha’s friendly nature very much.

Sujatha “Beta! How you know Lucky? I mean Laksh.”

Ragini “Oh Aunty! Actually we’re besties from childhood. So i know him very well.”

Sujatha “Oh that’s great! And Laksh too like my son.”

Ragini smiled.

Just then, Sanskar came from his room, passing a deadly glare to Sujatha.

Sanskar TAT(Thought at that time) “Who is she? I didn’t saw her before? I forgot may be she is the one about whom Laksh told me last night. But Maa bhi naa? She always like the same.”

Sujatha stood up and says,

Sujatha “Sanskar! You came?”

Listening his name from Sujatha’s mouth, Ragini stood up immediately with fear.

Looking at Ragini, he said “Yeah i came. You please wait in the garden area. I will be back in 5 minutes.”

Ragini nodded her head like an obedient child and was about to go from there, but stopped by Sanskar.

Sanskar “And haan… One more thing, make sure your files and everything must be perfect.”

Ragini with fear said, “Yes sir” and left the place without turning back.

Sujatha gives impossible look to Sanskar.

Sujatha “What is this Sanskar? Daradhogi kya bacchi ko? (Will you scare that child or what?)

Sanskar “Like seriously? Maa it’s my professional life. She came here for job only.”

Sujatha “Ok baba. Khade khade mujhe lecture dhogi yaa jawogi bhi? (You’ll stand here only by giving lecture or will you go?)

Sanskar “Ok ok i am going.”

Sujatha “Sanskar ek aur baath, Ragini bohat acchi bacchi hai. Datna mat? (Sanskar one more thing, Ragini is a very nice girl. So please don’t scold her.)

Sanskar “I will see it. You leave this to me.”

Sujatha “Satyanaash!”

Sanskar “Maa… Did you say something?”

Sujatha “Nothing beta.”

Sanskar “Okay. Tell Ramu to bring two glasses of juice for us.”

Sujatha smiled and said, “Okay done.”

Sanskar went to garden area. There he saw Ragini shivering with fear, a smile appeared on his face seeing her childish expressions.

Sanskar corrected his tone and said, “Okay miss.”

Ragini stood up with fear and said, “Yes sir.”

Sanskar is enjoying her presence. But Ragini is dying with fear.

Sanskar “Why are you shivering? Please be normal. I won’t eat you.”

Some what, Ragini became normal.

Sanskar “Okay… Give me your files.”

Ragini gave her file to Sanskar. Sanskar was observing everything with serious look. So Ragini confused a bit.

Ragini with fear “Sir! Anything wrong?”

Sanskar closed the file and said, “No nothing wrong. Everything is fine.”

Ragini sighs in relief.

Sanskar “You’re selected and can come to office from tomorrow.”

Ragini smiled and said, “Thank you so much sir.”

Sanskar “It’s okay.”

Just then, Ramu kept two glasses of juice on table and left the place.

Sanskar and Ragini drank the juice. Ragini bid bye to Sujatha and left the place.

To be continued…

I got some leisure time. So i am writing this story. If you like my story, please press Like button and comment. Thank you… Hope you all like cover picture/Teaser of my story…

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