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Recap-Adi comes to zoya’s house and tells her He just played a prank on her He is very excited to get married to her.Zoya is confused she tells everything to yash who too finds adi’s behaviour weird and ask zoya to take Anjana’s help and find out truth before deciding to get married to adi

Roshnaq serves tea to wasim

Who is busy n going through some pprs

Roshnaq -Wasim I need to talk something imp with u

Wasim-Roshnaq am busy now

Roshnaq -Wasim its about zoya pls listen to me atleast once

Wasim closes his files n looks upto her

Roshnaq -Am somewhat not feeling comfortable with zoya and adi’s alliance

Wasim gives her angry look-what sort of mother are u Roshnaq ur daughter has been blessed with best alliance and she is so happy n u are uncomfortable why????

Roshnaq -because she is not happy wasim Didn’t u see her condition yesterday The way she came back home n then we made out about quarrel If before marriage ….I even

Wasim -Roshnaq y are u making issue of such a small thing Differencentre of opinion happens between every couple n adi came home to convince her what more can u expect

Roshnaq (still unconvinced )-but am feeling adi is not …I mean I feel deep down Adi. …what if Anjana n Harshvardan forced him for marriage Some how I feel he is not ready for this alliance

Wasim-Roshnaq all is going fine Why are u being negative pls Roshnaq stop over thinking…

Just then Roshnaq n wasim notice Harshvardan n Anjana at their door

All are shocked Wasim gives roshnaq very angry look

Anjana smiles

Harshvardan -we think we have come between some important discussion which was going on between mihaah biwi

Before Roshnaq could say a word

Wasim (interrupts )-we were planning for marriage

Anjana -then bhaishaab u need to plan fast

Wasim n Roshnaq are confused

Harshvardan -we just met panditjii n came He said there are two auspicious muharaat one is after 3 days n other is next year so we all were planning that we should select the next 3 days wala muharaat

Anjana -pls i want zoya to become my bahu asap

Roshnaq -but…..

Wasim-of course as u wish Bhabhi but I have one condition

Wasim-u will have to help us with marriage preparations

Anjana Wasim n Harshvardan laugh Roshnaq seems still very upset

Harshvardan hugs wasim

They exchange sweets

Anjana -where is my bahu

I need to give her something very precious

Roshnaq -in her room She is getting ready for going to hospital

Zoya is shown making her hair

She is lost

She remembers how adi refused for marriage then said its prank

She remembers yash’s advice

Scene shifts

Aditya is sitting on bed

Arjun comes

Arjun-bhai Dnt u think This is unfair for zoya bhai

Adi-i dnt care Arjun For me my family is most important


Adi-pls Arjun Pls am already very stressed up pls dnt increase my stress with ur talks pls

Anjana -zoya beta

Zoya smiles seeing Anjana there

Anjana hugs her

Anjana -washh my bahu is looking so Pyaari I have to give u something very imp

Zoya looks at her

Anjana takes out bangles from a box n make zoya wear it.

Anjana -This is our khandani bangles for hooda family’sdaughter in law but trust me u will stay more as a daughter

She hugs zoya

Zoya looks into her eyes

Zoya-Aunty if u Dnt mind can I ask u something

Anjana -sure beta

Zoya-Aunty is Aditya readily marrying me

Anjana is very very shocked.

She manages to smile

She gathers courage

Anjana -yes beta yes He likes u He is so close to u U both are so good friends Dnt wry it’s just that he is reserved He doesn’t express his feelings easily

Anjana looks in zoya’s eyes

Anjana’s pov-Am sorry sorry zoya beta I lied but trust me once u both get married everything will sort out Beta its my mamta I want to see my adi settled

Zoya hugs her

Zoya’s pov-I Dnt think Aunty will ever lie to me

Noor comes home

Wasim-beta Noor apply for one week’s leave

Noor is confused

Wasim-ur appi is getting married in 3 days beta

Noor is shocked

She smiles

Noor n arjunare shown talking on phone

Noor-am so excited Arjun Aditya and appi are getting married Its so amazing within three days my appi will become ur Bhabhi

Arjun feels guilty

Noor-Mr Arjun hooda my appi is precious u need to keep her very happy promise me

Arjun’s pov-Am so sorry very sorry Noor am forced by circumstances sorry I hope zoya will be happy in our family

Noor -promise me

Arjun helplessly -yes promise

Noor seems talking excitedly

Precap-Mehendi is being applied on zoya’s hand

Yash is shown talking to Adi

Yash-see I dnt know to twist my talks Zoya is best friend N am concerned for her Aditya I feel u r not getting married to her happily

Adi-yash ur best friend is now my fiance pls relax we both are equally happy but I think u r not happy She is just ur best friend

Yash-excuse me??

Adi hugs him-prank buddy I love cracking pranks

Yash is unconvinced

I just hope he doesn’t make zoya’s life prank

Yash is shown talking to zoya

Wasim over hears

Wasim yells

Get out Yash u r trying to break this alliance get out

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  1. Wow it’s amazing , waiting for their marriage now πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜€ post Soon πŸ˜šπŸ˜šπŸ˜—πŸ˜—

  2. Jasminerahul

    feeling bad for zoya.anjana n arjun feeling guilty for hiding the truth from zoya.but like anjana said everything will alright after marriage when adi will fall for zoya.but it will take time n poor zoya will suffer till least roshnaq gets the right feeling about the situation.but no one can understand her.waiting for the wedding

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