Love Me Not Love Me – Twinj FF – Episode 6

Love Me Not Love Me ?-twinj FF ? Episode 6

Twinkle pov~

After looking through the whole hotel. Kunj showed me my office which is just down the hall from his office he will be in his apartment. I have a pill of papers to check and take care of events in his hotel and everyone having a good service. I twirl in my chair already finished with the papers. My stomach growls, time to eat lunch. I stand up to go to the cafeteria. I close my door and just as I’m walking down the hall I hear my name being called.

“Excuse me”? I trun around to see a woman holding a cup of coffee in her hands. She has red hair and she looks order than me by a few years.

“Yes?” I say , she comes towards me and hands me the coffee.

“Kunj wants you to take the coffee to his apparment,” she smiles at me and before I can ask her something, she runs away.

That was weird, why do I have to do it. Doesn’t he have an assistant.

I look for the elevator that takes me to his personal apartment. Once I get there I ring the bell, I wait for the elevator to get there and not seconds later the door open I walk inside his apartment and I’m met with a haif naked Kunj. He was exposing his well defined and that made my mouth watery.

The six pach, I want get tired of even seeing them. I just wanna run my head over them and Shit No!

“Done checking me out?” I look up to see a wide smirk on Kunj’s face I glare at him placing the coffee down on the table to my left.

“Here, I’m done with my work, so I’m taking my leave”. I trun around ready to dash out , I know that if I stay longer in his room with him. I won’t able to control myself, but life is not on my side today. I’m stopped by a hand on my waist.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I try to pull away from his warm hand on my waist. But he stays still like a rock. He prodded his front side to my side hip. I’m about to say something, but he speaks first.

“Can you pass me my coffee” His coffee?

If I giving him the coffee he will leave me alone then I will just do as he says. I try to reach for it, but I can’t. Not know what else to do I push Kunj away and by doing that I fall towards the table. The hot coffee landing on my chest and stomach. I scream as the hot coffee bleeds through my thin white blouse making contact with my bare stomach. In second I’m truned around, Kunj rips my blouse in haif and throws it somewhere in the room.

He carries me to the bathroom getting a towel from the hanger and wetting it with cold water . He tochtou it and make sure it is not too cold for me and places it on my stomach. I let out of breath of relief.

“Better?” I nod as Kunj strokes my stomach with the towel. He stops and faces me as I sit on top of the toilet seat. He stares at my chest and I immediately cover my chest. “Pervent” he laughs and give me the evil smile.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen it before,” I blush.

“That was the past!” I tell him getting annoyed. He stares at me and slightly murmurs something under his breath.


“Why can’t you trust me, Give me a second chance.” I stare at him for a seconds not understanding and than we I get it I stare at him with a frown why does the mood change so fast?

“Trust you! Why should I trust you if you were the one who made me hate you?”  I start to get angry, the way his starting at me makes me feel uncertain.

“I didn’t cheat on you! The woman explain everything after you left. She told me they paid her, but we didn’t do anything she only dragged me!” He growls out and I glare at him.

So how come you naked! Huh! Or your clothes just magically disappeare? No someone had to take them off.

But instead of saying this , I say the safer words that will get me out of here.

“Why are you screaming! You are at fault here” He grabs my arms and pulls me towards his bare chest once I feel our bodies against each other I feel safe.

No focus Brain, think about squirrel!

“You left me without letting me explain! If you didn’t leave I will have been happy and I wouldn’t be stuck in a deep black hole drowning myself in desperation!” I stare at him felling guilty,did he actually miss me?

What do you expect! Take it from my point of view what if you found me with a man you didn’t even know and seeing me naked him!” I scream getting frustrated.

“I will beat his ass. No one touches what’s mine”, He says his face turning red.

“You see!” I look away but he grabs my chin, he looks me straight in the eye and signs.

“But I will stay and listened to what happened, I wouldn’t just run away like you did.”

No you wouldn’t! You would have left the second you saw him naked!” I yell getting more mad.

Why can’t he understand that he will do the same thing! Ugh guys! Maybe not yet he’ll be mad about me cheating in him. No one stays with a cheater.

I hush him away and run out of the bathroom.

Not gonna deal with this right now.

Not minutes later I squeal as I’m thrown on the soft bed. He gets on top of me and grabs both my wrist in a tight grip.stradding my hips with his lower body.

“What are you doing!” I scream.

“You aren’t going out there with no shirt on. And we are still not done! I stay still as I lay on the bed my chest rising and falling each time I take my deep breath.

“Give me a second chance!pl please” I consider it for a minute.

But what if he hurts me again?

“Get off me!” I shake my head. He smirks and drops down on my body putting all his weight on my stomach and thigs.

“Kunj! I–cant–bre–ath!” I say as I try to push his shoulders but it’s useless.

It’s like a butterfly trying to push a tree?

He plants a few kisses ? on my neck and chest and he moves away giving me air, supporting his whole body with his elbows.

Is this kid bipolar? Or he on his days? Why he suddenly kissing me?

“I miss this the most,” He says as he glance between me and him. He being haif naked as well as me. I glare at him and see our position.

“Okay I’m leaving now that we are done talking,” I try to stand up but he pushed me back down.

Can I at least try to get you back? He says with a puppy dog eyes, but I take my time wathiwat how his face truns into sadness.

“Okay”, I whisper, as the words leave my mouth his face lights up and pecks my lips. Me being me, I don’t notice until he pulls away and the warm of his lips to being mine again, I stare at him wide eyed, and he does too. He pulls away with a slight blush on his cheekbones. And his dimples appear as he sells wide. I missed those dimples.

But now I will only be able to see them right now.

Lost in my own throught I don’t see the dark blach cheque shirt that is thrown at me.

“Thank you”, I smile, a real smile. I pull the shirt on and stare Kunj. Now noticing he has a shirt on.

Damn I wanted to see more.

He quietly stares at me.

“I should go”, he nods. But he pulls towards him kissing ? on my forhfore.

“When you get home can you text me. I will take you, but I have paper work to do,” I not able to pull myself away from his warm embrace. Just as I’m about to do it, I hear the door open to his room. I look up to see my black eyes, the ugliest black eyes I have ever seen.

“Mahi what are you doing here?” I stare at Kunj as he lets go of me and hugs Mahi for less than two seconds.

No it’s fine his not yours so don’t get jelous Brain!

I stay standing not knowing what we do, I glance around at him and try to make myself look like I don’t care.

“Twinkle?” Mahi says as once she sees me, I stare at her in curiositly, what is she doing here?


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