Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 65

Chapter 65
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All are shocked to hear Ragini’s name. Laksh gets angry and he holds his collar asking How dare you take Ragini’s name?
Sanskaar: Lucky, you won’t believe in me.. no one will do.. But once just ask Daadimaa, what she has to say
Parvati: Dp ji, Shekhar, Sanskaar is right…. only Ragini knew where Swara was and she met her twice…
All look at Ragini but Laksh still doesn’t believe
He goes to Ragini and says: Ragini, is this the truth? Say Ragini say!! Tell me is this the truth or they are lying?
Ragini: Yes… It’s the truth
Shekhar looses his balance.. Sanskaar holds him.
Sanskaar: Baba…
Laksh looks at Swara who is lost somewhere and then at Sanskaar…
Laksh: Why did you do this? Why!!!?? (Shouts)
Shekhar: Ragini, what was the need to torture us to this level? What wrong did we do? Did we do something which you didn’t like?
Mishti: Ragini, you have been close to me more than Swara though she was away from us for 20 years! We never compared both of you.. gave equal amount of love, care…. everything then why did you gave ur sister so much pain
Sujju: Ragini, your parents are saying something… reply them
Ragini: Haaa!!! Hummne yeh sab kiya! (Yes. I did all this) (shouts) I kept swara from everyone because I hate her…
Swara looks at her

Ragini: Yes! I hate you Swara. Because you were reason why everyone ignored me.. you were the reason why my Maa and papa had to divide that love! Because of u they loved me less. Its all because of you. You are reason for my change… behind my every step… you were the step. Even Maa and papaji… did the same.. Lavanya had separated Laksh and me but you were with them.. hence they loved you! Okay agreed! But what about me? They had only sympathy for me because I was there to be daughter in law… Even after coming in that house I never got the love which you got.. why!?? Why was this discrimination between us… why was this discrimination between the daughter in laws of the same house… why??
Laksh: Ragini, what are you saying?
Ragini: Yes Laksh…this was the reason why I shouted on you that day!! Swara was the reason why I couldn’t give time to you.. to our relation… She is the reason
Sanskaar: And was she the reason behind Akriti and my relation? Was she the reason behind us staying together since a month?
Karan: huh?
Sanskaar: I’ll tell…. Ragini, say.. what was the reason behind this?? Say
Swara: Sanskaar stop it.. please
Sanskaar: Swara I said.. she might be ur sister and you can forgive her but not me… Ragini will you say or I’ll say?? Okay I’ll say…. Few days back, Akriti Laksh and me went to XYZ market to search for Swara… that day one more person was present with us… while we were finding Swara, that person created another separation between Swara and me .. and that person was Ragini
Akriti Laksh remember that incident when suddenly Ragini came and manipulated them…. Laksh gets angry and slaps her
**thad thad**

All are shocked… Swara asks them to stop it and says: Sanskaar laksh bas karo please.. I’m with you all. Then why you need to punish her. She is my sister and there might have been some reason behind this… and ..
Sanskaar: Seriously Swara you think she did this for some good? Why can’t you see through her…? She hates you and she admitted it. What more do you want? ..
Swara: Sanskaar… i don’t mean that…. I’m saying…
Dp: Swara, beta i understand u but whatever she did is also not done! She lied to us to you… kept u away from u even after knowing abt ur condition.. you can forgive her but not me.. So as Sanskaar said before punishment is necessary even if it’s my son or daughter…
AP: Ragini, I won’t say anything to you nor I’ll shout at you… Just one thing… after what Adarsh did with Kritika, Sanskaar with swara, I felt Laksh won’t do this with you. But I was wrong.. because he did something which you didn’t expect.. and you did something which no one expected….
She cries.

Ragini: Maa, Sorry… I did this because I genuinely felt that I was correct… I had no grudge against her but after what Laksh did, I couldn’t control myself! Sorry
Dp: Laksh did this because you did wrong with your own sister… And what sorry.. for what are u sorry.. since the moment Swara came here, you haven’t even apologized to her. You have just spoken ill .. that’s it….
Shekhar: Dp ji, I don’t know what to say… But I’ll apologize from her side… Whatever she did… sorry
Dp: You shouldn’t… please don’t…. just like you even I gave her a father’s love… and today I understand how it feels… i can understand ur condition… and I wont let you get embarrassed more… Ragini won’t live her. We will take her to MM
Laksh: Papa…

Dp: Laksh, think about Shekhar ji then abt anyone else… how might he be feeling… the one whom he thought to be the saviour was actually the stabber… Ragini’s betrayal has already shaken him badly… I don’t want him to suffer more… Ragini will come with us.. that’s my final decision…..
Laksh: Okay papa… if this is ur decision then listen to me also… Ragini don’t get happy by hearing this… papa has allowed you in that house but not in my life… after this don’t expect me to love you like the way I use to do.. don’t expect any mercy or any kind of softness from me… no… I won’t do anything for you…
Dp: Shekhar ji, now we shall leave
Shekhar: (folds his hands) I got my daughter back after 6 months… I want to spent some time with her… please
SwaSan look at each other. Mishti looks at this
Mishti: Shekhar, you got your daughter back but think about Sanskaar once… will he be able to live without her even for a second?

He nods hesitantly and asks sanskaar to take his love…. he gets happy and hugs her..
Swara: One minute Sanskaar. Kis hak se tum mujhe lekar jaa rahe ho?
Sanskaar: Swara? What you saying?
Swara: Yes Mr. Maheshwari answer me.. how can you take me back when we have relation with each other… don’t you know that we both are divorced?
Sanskaar: What are you saying?
Swara: Truth. Remember, the day when I screamed on top of my voice that I am innocent, I’m innocent, did you even hear to my once? Even once did you try act maturely no na? You just believed on what was shown to you. For you, proofs were more important than ur wife!

Sanskaar: Swara?
Swara: Sanskaar, you think I have been waiting for you from the day you left me? No no you are mistaken. Because the moment you threw me out, I understood that you have ended all ur relations with me. In fact not only you, every member of your family did. Except my sister. I knew that she won’t leave my side no matter whatever happens.
Ragini looks at her emotionally. SwaRagini plays…
Swara: She always wanted us to be together. So technically, u r at fault.
All are shocked and surprised by what she said…
Sujju: Swara, yeh ke bol rahi hai? Ab tak toh theek thi..
Swara: Yes Mom, u r right. I acted to be alright till now because I knew I had no option other than this.. I had to come with him because if I refused, then you all would never come to know about Ragini and her games… that’s the only reason I came with you.. and if u think I came because of our relation.. then ur wrong.. why should I come when we have no relation?
Sanskaar looks on.
Mishti: Swara, very few people get their love back in their life.. you are one of them. You lost Sanskaar and today when he is coming back, then why are you running away?
Swara: Maa, every thing is correct but what about trust? Whatever he did that day clearly showed that he had no trust in me. How easily, he believed in everyone. How easily he thought that I’ll kill me own father in law.. the family who did so much for me, how could I even think of hurting them??
Cries.. Sanskaar goes near her and cups her face.. she pushes his hand and says: No Sanskaar. I won’t come with you… and that’s final..
Sujju: But Swara your child?
Swara: Mom, I was alone till now and I am independent enough to raise up my kid without his father..
He keeps staring at her…
Mishti: Shona, handling these nine months and handling the new born is totally different… without Sanskaar how will you live?? How will ur child live without his father?
Swara: Maa, I won’t go. That’s it
Shekhar: Mishti, if she doesn’t wants to go, let it be then. I can keep me daughter with me… You all can leave..
Sanskaar doesn’t but they take him..

Next Part: Swara fights with Sanskaar. She enters MM. Sanskaar asks Ragini to stay away from Swara

I won’t keep this sad part more.. so the next chapter will be the end of this hatred and most probably the end of TSS…
And just for a clear picture, chapter 69 will be last.. so abuse/comment on me as much as you want to.. and If you all are thinking that I did this change just to Keep the story going on and on and on then you guys are wrong.. you ppl can’t even imagine what it takes to write a story (there may be many writers also as readers, but I’m including the fact that I’m a science student)
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  7. Awesome dear.you end this ff awesome dear.i have little sadness for your post going to end today.but what can do i know how tough is science because i am also science student.Anyway all the for your bright future.k bye dear.i am waiting your next post

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