Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 64

Chapter 64
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Swara doesn’t react to what the lady says and turns to go in but just then she hears someone saying Swara
She turns to see. .
Sanskaar Parvati are standing there. Swara is shocked to see them while they are shocked to see her pregnant.
Both have a eyelock…
Tere Liye plays….
Sanskaar goes near her and says: Swara, you…

Swara: Tum yaha?
Sanskaar: Of course. I’ll be here… Because we never left for airport
A fb is shown where Sanskaar gets up and starts walking here and there. He sees a dupatta behind the wall and realises it to be swara’s. Later after leaving he peeps in and sees her face. He gets happy and goes in then.
Swara: But why have you came here?
Sanskaar: To take you back Swara. (Cups her face) Swara, I won’t say anything except for a sorry. Sorry for what I did and sorry for whatever Ragini did
Swara: Ragini?
Sanskaar: She kept us separated more than what we were destined to. She lied about you being pregnant. She never told us about you being here. I’m sorry. I couldn’t do much for you. But today I promise I’ll correct every wrong done by here.
Swara: But she told me about Akriti and you
Sanskaar: What? Akriti and me?
Swara: Yes… She told me about you both being together.. since a month…
Sanskaar: What rubbish? Me and Akriti together? Impossible. I bought her home a week back
Swara: What?
Sanskaar: Yes. What did you think?

Swara: I thought you have moved on and want to start a new life. Hence I didn’t came to you even after seeing you
Sanskaar: See me? When? And why didn’t you came?
Swara: Yes Sanskaar. I saw you in that XYZ market with Akriti and Laksh. I don’t know what u all were doing but that day Ragini said that Akriti and you were together
Sanskaar: She said this? (Angry) you saw me? Swara this is rubbish complete rubbish. Ask Daadimaa. I was never with her
She nods
Sanskaar: Swara, please come back with me… Please come. Let’s go back to that house which is waiting for you…

Lady: Swara, Now all your misunderstandings are clear. If today you won’t go with him then you’ll cheat yourself. Go. Swara go
Sanskaar bends down and kisses her belly. He hugs her and Swara smiles. She hugs Parvati and they leave. Before gttng in the car, he says
Sanskaar: One minute Swara. Before reaching there I want to do something.
He calls Laksh, AP but no answer. He calls on the landline but again no one answers
Parvati asks to call once again but again no one answers. He gets tensed… he calls Sujju. She picks
Sanskaar: Mom, within 10 minutes, reach at GM. I’m coming. Badimaa is there. No one is picking up there you go there and see what’s the matter. And inform Badepapa to come there asap. You also reach
Sujju: But beta hua kya?

Sanskaar; You reach there. I’ll come and everything will he clear
He cuts and drives…
Swara: Sanskaar, what s the need of telling everyone about Ragini. You found me, our misunderstandings are clear, we both are together back. What more you want?
Sanskaar: What about the reason behind these separations? What abt those tears which she gave you? What about those lies she said just for her stupid reason. Huh? You might forgive her, but not me. She might be ur sister and may he due to that relation you won’t be able to punish her, but I can’t stop.. I’m sorry
Sujata informs Dp and they both reach MM.
AP: Sujata, you here? Ji aap bhi?

Sujju: Jiji, Sanskaar called me and asked to come here asap. He called you all but no one picked up
Ragini gets tensed while everyone check for their phones. No one gets them except Shekhar. They are puzzled…
Sujju: Jiji, I’m very tensed…
Ragini: Chachi, what was Sanskaar saying?
Sujju: He didn’t said anything clearly, but he just said, I’ll clear everything.. That’s it
She fears and thinks: Sanskaar and Swara met. They both know abt me now…
After some time…..
Sanskaar reaches GM. He helps Swara to come out. She eagerly waits to see everyone. Everyone waits for Sanskaar…. They both enter the house. Mishti sees her and says: Shona….and is then shocked to see her belly… Everyone is shocked…. but after a second they get happy too…
Ragini avoids eye contact and Sanskaar stares her. Even Parvati is angry! Mishti runs and hugs her
Swara smiles fakely… she looks at ragini. All meet her and apologize for whatever they did…

They make her sit.
Sanskaar: Badepapa, remember once in childhood, lucky and me were playing and we hit a uncle with a stone.
Dp: Yes beta. I remember.
Sanskaar: And that time, you had punished both of us…
Dp: Yes beta. But why are you saying this today?
Sanskaar: Because today also, you would have to punish someone… from us
Ragini fears and Sanskaar stares
Dp: What?

Sanskaar: Lucky, what punishment had Badepapa given to us?
Lucky: He had thrown us out of the house for a day
Sanskaar: So Badepapa you keep one such punishment ready. Because very soon, you will need this
Dp: Beta, what are you saying?
Sanskaar: Badepapa, Swara was in this city, from past six months. She couldn’t leave this city and maybe this was her destiny. She was here, with all of us, but we couldn’t find her. Because someone was present among us who didn’t wanted me to reach to swara
Sanskaar looks at Ragini and Laksh at Akriti. Karan supports her….
AP: What? Who did this? Who didn’t wanted this to happen?
Sanskaar: I’ll say mom. But will you be bear it?
Sujju: Sanskaar, say the name. Now…
Sanskaar: Ragini
Next part: Laksh gets angry …. Shekhar falls down.. Swara shouts at Sanskaar
SwaSan fans: They met… RagLak fans: They broke
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