Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 66

Chapter 66
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After few days..
Ragini is making food in the kitchen for Swara when AP comes in..
AP: Don’t forget to mix poison in the food
Ragini turns and gets shocked to hear that
Ragini: Maa?
AP: Of course beta… You can do this and why won’t you? Ur biggest enemy is back… now we all will love her more and not you. Right?
Ragini: Maa, why are you doing this?

AP: Because you started it.. Yesterday I didn’t say a word because I knew somewhere you might have been right.. but after knowing the reason why you did this, it’s a shame on me that I thought you to be mature.. how easily you played with our trust..how easily you fooled everyone That day I asked Laksh to understand you. I asked him to understand your pain but I never knew that you had no pain you had jealousy just jealously… and if you hated Swara so much then the day when Sanskaar threw her, why did you acted to be so concerned for her?? Why did you do ur drama then?
Ragini: No maa.. I genuinely cared for her.. actually I never stopped caring. It was just that I was angry on her. Maa haalat hi aise the ki humme yeh sab karna pada (Maa, situations were lyk this that I had to do all this)
AP: What? Wow Ragini. Since now you have no reason to explain urself .you are blaming the situations… achha tell me what kind of situations made you do this
Ragini: During teej, the way you made me feel special was something different. The way you dressed me up, the way everyone treated me was just unexpected… that day you actually made me realise how important I’m to you.. believe me Maa that day I decided not to get Swara back
Laksh listens this and enters saying Then it’s entire my fault..
Ragini: Laksh?
Laksh: I had asked Maa to do all this… I had asked them to give you more attention, to make you feel more special but you.. you misused it…

A fb is shown of the same..
The night before teej. Laksh sees Ragini crying with a photo of SwaRagini in her hand. He goes to AP and asks her lighten her mood the next day by surprising her…
Ragini is amazed and she realises what she did… The spatula falls from her hand and she is in shock.. They both leave..
Swara comes for breakfast and Mishti serves her. Parvati signs Mishti and she calls Sanskaar thru her phone … He comes from behind with a rose and presents before her…
Sanskaar: Miss, your breakfast is incomplete without this beautiful rose..
She sees him and gets up to leave but Sanskaar makes her sit and sits beside her
Swara: Excuse me?
Sanskaar: You can’t leave your breakfast… It’s not good for your baby…
She calms down listening about her baby.
Sanskaar: Please have.. And Maa can also have something to eat.. please
Mishti nods and Shekhar Parvati smile.

A fb is shown
The previous night when Swara goes in her room after refusing to go with Sanskaar, Mishti gets discouraged and asks Shekhar as to why he supported Swara… Shekhar says that it was the only option by which Swara could stay with them. If they all forced her to go with Sanskaar then she might have left GM again… Mishti agrees as to what he says and they plan to convince Swara and make her understand Sanskaar’s situation… the next morning they inform Parvati about this and later tell Sanskaar about the same. Sanskaar agrees and says that he can do anything for her and will get Swara back anyhow…
All have breakfast and Swara coughs in the middle. Sanskaar immediately gives water and rubs her back. She stares him and Shekhar sees how much he is concerned for her.. Sanskaar says to Swara that water.. it will help and not staring…
Swara drinks and sees how the way how he gave water to her and rubbed her back.. she goes up..
He gives a thumbs up to them..
Mishti: Sanskaar, do u think this will work? Shona got up when you came how will she react later
Sanskaar: Maa that’s my lookout. You don’t worry.. and I promise nothing will happen to your shona my Swara. Ik her.. she’s a bit stubborn but she doesn’t knows that even I am her husband and I’m more stubborn than her…(makes a funny face)

She laughs and he smiles… Swara sees this and goes in her room
Swara remembers how sanskaar reacted. She keeps her hand on the belly.. after sometime she packs her luggage and goes down..
Sanskaar is still down with Mishti Parvati and helps them in making food. Shekhar sees her amd calls them…
Sanskaar: Swara yeh?
Swara: You wanted me to come with you.. Right? Even you all wanted this na? Say!!
They nod
Swara: Fine.. I’m coming with you Mister..
They get happy..
Swara: No! Don’t get happy and don’t think this will be the beginning of our relation ..no not at all.. .. I’m coming because I don’t want you to come here every thing. Baba wanted you to convince me.. right? And hence this drama. So I want to stop this in the very beginning. I’ll come with you..
Mishti hugs her and says: Shona, I was waiting for this to happen.
Swara: Maa, don’t keep hopes. Because nothing will be lyk before.. sorry

She looks on and says after seconds
Mishti: Shona, Whatever happened it’s over now. You won’t agree and deny hundred times but he is your husband… you both cannot live without each other. And remember one thing… he had filled all the gaps of your life. Sanskaar won’t leave you now and I promise that.
…. Shona, never let your baba’s name go down because of your small misunderstandings…. You are right in your place but Sanskaar doesn’t deserves this hatred from you.. please Shona.. don’t let circumstances increase these distances between you both. You both suffered a lot now unite soon…
She blinks her eyes and goes to Shekhar. He blesses her and hugs her.. Parvati gives her some bangles and says: I couldn’t give this to you when you both got married because of the things happened then.. but today it’s like your second vidaai so take them.. Sanskaar… I need not say anything to you.. take care of her the way you used to do.. never leave her side again…
Sanskaar bends down and takes blessings…they both leave.
Sanskaar informs AP and everyone gather in hall.. Ragini waits for them.. SwaSan enter the house.. Kritika welcomes them and Sujata asks them to rest for a while…
Ragini goes to meet her but Sanskaar comes in middle and says: She is tired. Come later
Ragini: But Sanskaar, I want to meet my sister
Sanskaar: Can you please stop with this sister drama?? If you cared for her so much then why tortured her so much?
She is silent and gets teary eyed.
Sanskaar: Any answer??
She leaves…

RagLak room
She cries and Laksh taunts her
Laksh: Why this now? Jo karna tha voh tumne kar diya… bas ab bandh karo..
Ragini: Laksh atleast you try to understand. Please. If y’all do this then what will happen to me?
Laksh: You must have thought this before betraying ur sister. For Swara, you were the only source from whom she expected help. And you….. why am I even talking with you? When u cared about no one then why should I?? Huh…
Leaves…she falls down crying..

Next part: Laksh pushes Ragini. She walks on the road. Swara feels pain

Good and bad news both
Good news: RagLak to be one soon.. Bad news: End of TSS soon

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