Thahaan (The Unknown Love For Each Other) Episode 5

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Thanks the readers who are commenting for my ff..I became very happy on seeing ur lovely comments guys.. thank u so much for encouraging me.. and please do comment for every episodes..thanks once again.. here Priya back with the fifth episode..

The episode starts with in Pandey nivaas,
Krishnakanth thanked Bhabuji for accepting her daughter with the stammering problem..
Bhabuji: Vasunthara is so kind-hearted.. so she will not consider stammering as the big problem of her bahu..
Vasunthara overhears it and started moving slowly to her room by recalling Thapki’s words…On reaching the room she closed the door and started talking with herself by seeing the mirror..
Vasunthara: How I did not know that she used to stammer.. (She recollects her conversations with Thapki) I did not talk with her for a long time.. This is my mistake.. I should have known her completely.. but what to do now..I will not accept this stammering girl as Dhruv’s wife.. I will never put my son’s wife life in trouble.. I have to stop this marriage..But how can I stop it..If everyone came to know about the drama that I have played with Naman then I will lose my respect.. Then Dhruv will not accept for marriage anymore.. So I have to use this chance and make Dhruv married..till now Dhruv does not know with whom he is going to be married…But with whom.. surely not with this stammering girl(she remembers Shraddha)(FB plays- 2 years back
Vasunthara: I am ready to accept you as my bahu..but my son is not ready for marriage..
Shraddha:Its okay mummy ji…I will wait for him as long as I can..when he accepts for the marriage just make me a phone call..
FB ends..)

Vasunthara: Yeah…I will call her..
Shraddha:Hello mummy ji.. how are you?
Vasunthara: Am fine.. today you have to come to Pandey Nivaas with your father..
Shraddha:But mummy ji..why suddenly?
Vasunthara:Dhruv accepted for marriage.. and remember one thing you saved my life once..(she told astrology drama to her but have not told anything about Thapki)
Shraddha(happily): Okay.. thank you so much mummy ji..atlast you made it..
Shraddha’s mindvoice (Oh.. wow.. I am going to became a rich and famous girl..)
Vasunthara cuts the call and started talking with herself
Vasunthara: But what will I do with Thapki’s family.. I can’t able to send them back simply..(she recalls Thapki’s words- “I need not to see his face..I just want to save your life”) (Then she recalls Bihaan’s words-“I can give up my life just to make you smile maa..” )Okay…then I have to play the same drama with Bihaan too..

In Bihaan’s room,
Vasunthara:Have you got ready?
Bihaan: For what maa?
Vasunthara: Today you are going to meet your would be wife na..
Bihaan(surprisingly):Maa..I did n’t get you..
Vasunthara: Yesterday ,I told you about the astrology condition to you right?(Bihaan nods) Then I have to get a girl for you also who saved my life once right.. So you are going to meet your life partner today..
Bihaan hugs Vasunthara and told: forgive me maa..I thought you forgot me as your son..
Vasunthara(acting):How can I forgot you as my son…You are my own son Bihaan..I will never forget that..(Bihaan cries happily)..In order to tell you surprisingly I did not inform you yesterday..(Vasunthara breaks the hug)
I will send her to your room so that you both can get to know each other..
Bihaan: I need not to know her maa.. whoever she is ..She saved your life once and I will accept her for sure.. (Vasunthara smiles fakely and went away)

Shraddha reached Pandey Nivaas ..
Vasunthara greets them.. Bhabuji and Dhadhi maa surprisingly asks who are they.. ? Vasunthara says she is also my future bahu.. I will send my bahu’s to their respective husband ‘s room .. Dhadhi maa smiles at her..
Vasunthara showed Dhruv’s room to Shraddha and Bihaan’s room to Thapki..
They started moving.. Bhabuji asked so that you thought both of your sons to get married on the same day..Vasunthara says yes and this is the surprise for you people..Bhabuji smiles at her..

In Bihaan’s room, Bihaan is doing exercise and Thapki enters the room with tension..
Thapki(tensedly): Ex..excuse me.. Bihaan turns to Thapki
Thapki:Tum? What are you here?
Bihaan: Oh madam..I have to ask this.. what are you doing here?(he stepped forwards,On seeing this Thapki gets scared)(Bihaan’s fast music plays..)
Thapki(tensed):Don’t come f..f..forward (she lifts the thumbles and hold it nearby her shoulder)..if you come forward I will throw it on you..
Bihaan stepped forwards(music still plays..)..Thapki stepped backwards and stops by hitting the wall..Bihaan came close to her.. he touched her hands..In tension Thapki closed her eyes..He gets the thumbles from her and keep it on the ground..
Bihaan: Oh madam…why are you giving reactions like that I am going to misbehave with you.. I just came close to save you.. I knew that you can’t able to hold the thumbles for long amount of time..
Thapki(thinks of something): teek hi..
Bihaan: Tell me what are you doing in my home and in my room (Thapki sees his photos in the room) my Maa told that my would be wife is going to come ….before she is going to come just leave the room..(Bihaan thinks something)(Thapki thinks something)
Bihaan: Are you my bride?
Thapki: Are you my groom?
They became speechless..

Bihaan’s mindvoice: Oh..I had lot of fights with this chuk chuk gaadi.. If she is going to reject the marriage proposal means how I will make my Maa’s life safe?
Thapki’s mindvoice: he never used to like me because of my stammering problem.. if he is going to reject this marriage proposal then how I will be thankful to Vasunthara maa..
Just then Vasunthara enters the room
Vasunthara: Whether you both talked with each other? Whether you people like each other? Or shall I stop the marriage..?
Bihaan: Nai..nai..maa…wo… actually.. you need not to stop the marriage.. I am ready to marry her..(Thapki looks on shockingly) She saved your life maa..How can I reject her?
Vasunthara: Just because she saved my life you need not to marry her..Tell me whether you liked her..
Bihaan: Yes maa..I liked her very much.. She used to be fast in her work.. she will make her minus as plus.. she used to help others..She used to respect the elders in a good manner..(Thapki looks on shockingly..) She will be suitable for our family maa..

Vasunthara(surprised): you are telling this much things about her in 5 minutes..
Bihaan: Just through her face and her eyes..and you know na maa..what happened in Dhruv’s party.. (Vasunthara nods fakely)
Vasunthara: Thapki,whether you like him.. you need not to tell just because for me..please just tell me the truth..(Bihaan scaringly looks at her)
Thapki: w..w..what actually Maa..I like him very much (Bihaan happily surprised).. He used to me more talkative and fun.. She used to save the people who are in danger no matter what weakness they are having and no matter what an enemity he is having with them.. (Bihaan looks on Thapki..Thapki looks on Bihaan …They had an eyelock… na na naa plays…)

Vasunthara smiles fakely and left the place..
Bihaan: wo… actually I told these things for maa’s sake..
Thapki: its okay..I also do the same..
Bihaan: Tell me one thing..I am her son.. so I can accept you for her sake but why you are caring for my maa..
Thapki: what actually..(she was about to tell that maa saved her life once but Kiran came there..)
Kiran: Oh… are here…I mean my future bhabi.. (Thapki confusedly looking at her) What actually B for Bihaan Pandey is my B for Best Bhai (Bihaan smiles at Kiran) Bhabi I have to tell this.. you are looking very pretty ..(Thapki smiles)

Okay come with me..Dhadhi maa calls you down..Before leaving the place Thapki turned to Bihaan and smiles at him..
Bihaan’s mindvoice : What is this Kiran told.. whether she is looking pretty ..(he rubbed his hairs on the back head with his hand and smiles)
The same day evening, Vasunthara called Bihaan and told: You go with Thapki and choose the ring for engagement ceremony.. Dhruv and Shraddha already chose for them..(Bihaan looks at Shraddha)
Bihaan’s mindvoice: Why this girl is looking like a negative role in serials.. whether she is going to became my bhabi?
Shraddha: Hai Bihaan..
Bihaan’s mindvoice: gajab..her voice is also like negative role’s voice..
Shraddha: Hellllo Bihaaann..
Vasunthara: Let’s talk later.. Bihaan go with Thapki and come soon.. Today Thapki family and Shraddha family will be staying in our home.. so after finishing the work bring Thapki here itself..
Bihaan: Jii maa.. (Bihaan signs Thapki to come)

Precap : Bihaan and Thapki had argument with each other in Jewellery shop.. Bihaan left Thapki alone in the road in some anger.. goons started attacking Thapki.. Thapki cries..

If you people liked it , please let me know by your comments guys.. Thanks for reading..
Possible doubts:
Whether Bihaan will save her?
Eventhough if he saved her, whether Thapki will forgive him for leaving her alone..?

Here is the link for previous episode..

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  1. Navami

    Really nice episode drr keep writting best of luck

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      Thanks Navami.. thanks a lottt

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    hai priya…I like it.especially I like bihaan’s speaking style to thapki.

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  3. You just nailed it….its such a beautiful part.if you can pls update next part soon…

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  4. Wow nice episode……

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  5. Divyasri SivaKumar

    a very good one dear..its awesome..great job

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      Thanks Divyasri Sivakumar … thanks for commenting regularly..

  6. Priya… wat a episode yaar… u just rocked it… bihaan luvs his mom alot.. the way u convey the feelings r awsme… great.. waiting fr nxt part update soooon…. tc dear….

    1. PRIYAMK471

      Thanks Crazy girl.. Thanks a lot for reading and commenting regularly

  7. Komal chauhan

    It is a really pretty episode.I really like it.

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      Thanks Komal chauhan.. thanks for reading and commenting

  8. Wow nice epi…keep writing

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  12. Tats really nice the way u write…i jst loved it..i wish u aso cn b a the creator of tpk…cauz u more realistic n lovely compare to tat dumb cvs of tpk…anywayz keep writing honey….

    1. PRIYAMK471

      Thanks Thenkani.. thanks for reading and commenting regularly..thanks for the unconditional support..

      1. im the one must thnk u jst for make day lighten up…tq so much to make thahaan in real in my life dear 🙂 pls continue it i wil b alwayz support u dear 🙂

  13. Jacqueline Nicole

    U really burned it dear…. first of all thanks for the daily updates..u gt amzng writing skills yaar.. keep writing .. write whatever u wnt but pls na dont drag thahaans fight ….

    1. PRIYAMK471

      Thanks Jacqueline Nicole.. thanks for reading and commenting regularly…. thanks a lot for unconditional support..

  14. niece …waiting for thahaan scenes….

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