Some Colours Of Life …… chapter 8 – What’s everyone doing?

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Previously on Some Colours Of Life……

“??? definitely! Oh I forgot! How’s school Sunny?”

“Too much homework. That’s not surprising. Other than that… pretty much okay”

“Good. If you want anything tell me okay? Extra classes or anything. Don’t bother maa. I’ll handle everything. Okay?”

“I know di. I’ll tell you..” he said quietly knowing what a hard time his family going through.

“Hey, what’s with the long face?” She pinched his cheek.

“Nothing di…”

“So…. you don’t want more chips? ???”

“Who said that ???”


Though she’s a new employee, Sanchi managed her work pretty well not letting her boss complain about her. Unfortunately she had many complaints about her boss. Too bad she has to be quiet about these unless she wants get unemployed. But an incident happened today which made her feel so helpless.

This morning Kabir got wrong file regarding a deal and it almost cost him millions if Sanchi hadn’t notice it on time. But what went wrong was Kabir threatened to fire the peon who brought the file to him. It was the fault of a person Ms. Mansi Agarwal, who was in-charge of the project.

Between the employees worked in KI head office, top to bottom, Sanchi managed to win almost everyone’s hearts except Mansi Agarwal. This girl hated Sanchi only because she get to work closely with Kabir, the sole heir of KI. In other words the man in her dreams. Mansi had been in the same class as Kabir when he was in high school. Once he had helped her on some lessons and she had developed a crush on him ever since. Of course Kabir doesn’t have any idea about this. He don’t even remember her. After college Mansi tried really hard and joined KI hoping that Kabir will remember her and would reciprocate her feelings eventually. But alas! That never happened. Riya became Kabir’s fiance and now a new secretary came and she managed to catch somewhat of his attention without even attempting even though she had been trying since years. No, she had no problem with Ms. D’souza. Ms. D’souza is always so professional but the new secretary sometimes do things that could get a normal employee in trouble but she always managed to avoid situations and Kabir too let her pass. This frustrated Mansi a lot. Well, like Kabir, Sanchi too don’t know this story but she do know that Mansi is trying to impress Kabir. Personally, Sanchi too like that coz even though Mansi disliked her, she liked Mansi more than Riya. So she thought if Mansi likes the boss, so be it! This is why sometimes Sanchi covered up some small blunders like this created by mansi, so that she won’t give a bad impression to Kabir. Mansi have no idea about this. If she had known, she would’ve took Sanchi’s help instead to hating her.

Enough of kahaani Mansi ki.. let’s come back to the problem at hand. Today, that important file exchange that was going to decide that peon’s destiny in KI was her fault. Yet she held silence when someone else was blamed instead of her. This irked Sanchi. Sanchi isn’t one to let something unjust happen when she’s around. But the unfortunate thing was if she directly tell it’s Mansi’s fault, Mansi will change the tables and escape because there aren’t any evidence. She was so upset because of that. In a way she blamed herself for helping Mansi secretly.

Though she thought all the time till lunch break, she couldn’t come up with a way to help the peon. Almost giving up she called her brother to check up on him. He wasn’t feeling well today and skipped school.

“Hey Sunny, how are you feeling now?”

Much better di. Maa gave me that disgusting drink she make with herbs. Though I hate it, thanks to that I’m better now.

“Hahaha ??? maa gave you bitter medicine!! I reminded her to give that to you!! I’m sooooo happy ???”

Are you sure you’re my sister? ???”

“You were so happy last time maa gave it to me. It’s your turn now!”

Just then Kabir came finishing his meeting with the board of directors. Something came to her mind suddenly. It was like she’s shooting an arrow in darkness. But when you have nothing, it might actually help you.

“But Sunny you should’ve at least find out what really happened!”


“Think about it, you got angry on Mohit but he might not be at fault at all. It could be Shanti who made the blunder.”

Di who is this Mohit and Shanti? Your future in-laws? ???

“You didn’t even try to find out what happened and vent it all out on poor Mohit.”

Di, did you hit your head somewhere? What are you talking about?

**Stupid!! Is that how you talk to your sister? I’ll catch you when I come home today!!** she screamed in her head unable to drop her act.

“I don’t know Sunny… But your anger will cost you something dear to you one day…”

Okay, I get it. You’re using me but all your dialogues are directed to someone else… ???”

**Smart boy! He figured it out! After all he’s my brother ???**

Let me guess… ??? is it your khadoos boss with a vamp fiancee?

“Why do you think so?”

You’ve been talking about him a lot these days ???”

**Forget it!! He’s not my brother!! ???**

Am I right di? ???

“Gotta go Sunny. You wasted half of my lunch break. I’m hungry, bye!!”

She hung up on him before he say anything else.

“Mr. Kapoor, I’m going for lunch. Is there anything you need?”

“No. You can go.”

He placed his arms on his desk and got in to deep thoughts. A while later his hand went to the intercom naturally.

On her way back after finishing lunch, a smile immediately made its way to Sanchi’s face when she saw the person coming from the opposite direction so happily.

“What got you so happy Mr. Shyaam? ???”

“Ah Ms. Sanchi..!! You remember what happened this morning? Mr. Kapoor called me and Ms. Mansi. Somehow he found out it wasn’t my fault but hers.”


“Don’t know. He apologized to me and gave a warning to Ms. Mansi to be careful next time. It’s unbelievable Mr. Kapoor said sorry to me ???”

“How so?”

“You don’t know him that much na Ms. Sanchi… Mr. Kapoor is a difficult person. It seems like ever since you came here, everything is changing ???”

“Since I ca-”

Just them Kabir’s door opened revealing Mansi. She pointedly glared at Sanchi and the peon Mr. Shyaam. She walked past them hitting Sanchi’s shoulder with hers.

“Don’t mind her Ms. Sanchi. She’s like that…”

“No. I understand.

**Mission acomplished!!** She happily took her seat throwing a knowing smirk ??? at her boss on her way to her desk. He looked at her irritated knowing it was her plan all along to make him see the truth between Mansi and Shyaam. “You don’t seem to have much work these days. ???”

“No sir, I have plenty of work to do ???”

“I don’t think it’s enough. You have too much free to…”

She didn’t like his words. **now what’s he planning?? ???**

She tried not to show any emotion and keep a poker face but he saw a flicker of change of emotion. Now it was his turn to smirk. “Sort out those files on your desk and blah blah blah ???”

“??? all this?”

“Is it less? You want more?”


He yawned fakely showing he’s bored. “Are you done? Get back to work then.”

**??? Khadoos!! Akdu!! Hitler!! Mussolini..!! How can he give me this much work? Stupid owl..!! He knew I was pointing out his mistake when talking with Sunny! But it was for the good!! How can he do this to me? ??? evil goat..!! Dirty cockroach!!Handsome fox!! …… woah!! Where did that came from? ??? no way! Not handsome!! Rude fox!! Yes!! Rude fox!! ???**

Kabir watched her discreetly for a while since he gave her extra work. Her expressions changed drastically from evil to extreme evil. **Oh, she looks scary ???. No matter, I’m the boss ???**

Just like that Sanchi managed to find ways to point out Kabir’s bad behaviour indirectly.

It had been 2 days since Riya came London. Ever since she came she hadn’t stopped complaining about Kabir’s new secretary.

“She’s behaving like that secretary is his girlfriend! ???” Veer secretly whispered to his sister.


“What? If he decide to marry this secretary girl I won’t be surprised! ??? How can anyone handle Riya? Maybe someone can but it’s definitely not Kabir Kapoor!!”

Priya was lost in thoughts, staring at the sky. She was startled when her husband suddenly hugged her from behind.

“What are you thinking? You look like you want to tie the sky and earth together.”

“I was thinking about what Riya said earlier, Sanket. ???”

“Riya? What did she say?”

“About Kabir…”

Sanket’s face turned worried. “What about him?”

“Riya said that he took another girl’s side and not Riya’s.”

“Well what’s so special about it? You and I both know he does care for Riya right?”

“That’s right Sanket but just think about it!! The person who hates whole girl kind will take a girl’s side? It’s unbelievably puzzling.”

“Well if you put it that way…”

“I really feel bad for him! What happened 5 years ago…”

“I know Priya… there isn’t a single day I remember it. But it’s been 5 years now. Kabir isn’t a child. He can figure what’s right and wrong for him. And we can’t do anything to stop him. You please don’t worry too much. It’s not good for our baby…”

She placed her head on his shoulder with a smile. “Don’t know why I feel like this, but… I fell this girl Riya was talking about isn’t just an ordinary girl. She’s gonna be someone very special…”

“Lets hope so!”

“Abae yaar!! I’m so bored! What should I do!! ???”


“Pragya you know how important this campaign is to me!! How dare you try to ruin it?”

“Dad, I didn’t try to ruin it! I’ll never even dream of it! Why are you saying so? What did I do?”

“What did you do? How dare you went out without permission? You didn’t even answer your phone! I had to send all my men because my daughter doesn’t have any brain!!”

“Dad… you’re talking like I did a crime! I just went sightseeing!”

“You could’ve go anywhere you want informing me na! I would’ve arranged your security and won’t be so worried.”

“But I’m not a little kid! I can take care of myself”

“Why can’t you understand Pragya! I have many rivals. When you’re alone, they would target you easily to get revenge on me…”

“But dad you know I hate to go with bodyguards!”

“Either you’re going with them or not going anywhere at all!! That’s final!!

……….End Of Flashback……….

“How shall I escape this place ???” she wondered aimlessly around the house. Tried to call her beloved boyfriend, but turned out he’s busy too. One part of the house was under construction. She saw the working men who came in the same uniform and an idea popped in her head.

She waited till she catch one of them alone. And when finally she did, she sneaked behind him and tapped his shoulder.

“Aaaaahh!!” The man screamed in fear.

“Abae ooo!! Chup kar! Otherwise I’ll break your teeth! I’m not a ghost ???” she threatened him. He got quiet immediately. Pragya smiled and patted his back. “Good. Now listen bro, I need your help.”

“O-okay m-ma-ma’am”

“Bring me a uniform like this and I’ll give you this money!” She waved a bundle of cash.

“U-u-uniform? Ma-ma’ma please ma’am, let me go. I’ll lose my job!”

“Bro, you won’t lose your job! You’re just gonna get a bonus!”

“S-sorry ma’am. I don’t want your money. This job is important to me. If I lose this…”

She smiled fondly. “You know what? You’re a good one. You didn’t accept the easy money in front of you. I like those kind of people. Let’s make deal then! I saw your supervisor giving you a hard time. Seems like he doesn’t like you.”

“Yeah, it’s coz of my girlfriend. He liked her but she chose me. So he- oh no!! I shouldn’t have said that to you ma’am!!”

“??? don’t worry! Now if you help me, I can say a good word about you to your boss and take you out of his clutches. What do you say?”

It really was a tempting offer to him.

“Great! If anything goes wrong, you don’t have to be afraid. You won’t lose your job. Just get me a uniform like this, and I’m not gonna use it for anything wrong. I just want it to get out of here. I won’t tell anyone that you helped me!”

Then he finally agreed to help her. With his help she got what she needed and informed Mrs. Roy that she has a severe headache and not to disturb her and went to her room. Locking her door, she quickly changed in to her disguise and climbed out of her bathroom window making sure no one sees her. After getting out of the house, she removed her disguise and wondered all over the city.

In the evening when Mr. Yadav asked for Pragya, he was surprised to know that she had been in her room all day without throwing any tantrums.

**She had a headache and asked not to disturb her? Now what’s going on her head? She has the mind of a devil. She’s definitely up to something! ???**

Mr. Yadav opened the door of Pragya’s room with another key when she was not responding. He saw a figure on the bed covered with sheets.



When no one answered back, he removed the sheet only to find Pragya there sound asleep. She started to wake up slowly. “Dad? You here?”

“Mrs. Roy told me you had a headache. Are you fine now?”

“Yeah I was sleeping all day ??? now I’m fine!”

“Okay. Come down for dinner…”

She glanced at her father who was going out and thought of her disguise fondly and decided not to use it daily to avoid any suspicions about her disappearances. “Oh! I have to talk to that guys boss too! Should tell what a good job he’s doing and help him!! ???”

Garv was in Chennai with all his cousins. It was a vacation organized by all the youngsters in their family. They planned to go all around South India starting from Chennai coz his eldest cousin’s fiance, a South Indian girl is staying there these days and they want her to join them too. Along with her, few of her cousins joined the trip too.

“Yeh kya hai yaar? Mujhe kuch nahi samajh sakta!! ??? …… (What is this? I can’t understand anything!!) ……”

“What’s wrong Garv?”

“Bhai!! Why did you fall for a Chennai Express? ??? I don’t understand a word they’re saying. They’re asking me to help them. How can I help them when I don’t understand what the hell they’re saying? ???”

“Hahahahah ??? even I don’t get what your bhabi says most of the time. I think she’s using their language to scold me ???. But unfortunately she understands Hindi and English so well ???”

“So you can’t say anything she doesn’t understand ???”

“??? okay okay laugh all you want. But if you fall for anyone here and get my fate, I’ll laugh more ???. Anyway, I’m gonna find my soon to be lovely wife. You enjoy here. Look around you yaar! There are so many beautiful girls here ???” his cousin went hitting his head.

What his cousin said did not made Garv happy. “What to do bhai? My Love is already someone else’s fiance…” he whispered to himself sadly.


“Alright everyone, listen up! I have to make an announcement. You all have been doing a great job. As you all know tonight there is a show for you all. We’ll be giving you marks for your performances and it will add on your total at the end of this course. Now let’s start grouping girls first.

Summer collection – Nora Mathews, Sarah Lawrence, Isabella Marino, Katie Jones, Devika Khurana and Isha Negi.

Beach collection….

“Isha!! I’m so happy we’re in the same team!!” Isabella, a pretty Italian girl squealed.

“Yeah me too, but that Devika is also in our team ???. She’ll try to do something to make Isha feel down.” Sarah, a thoughtful British girl in the team added.

“Aww.. you two really care for me a lot! But don’t worry, everything will be fine!” Isha grabbed them by their necks. “I love you two! We became friends so quickly and always helped me to deal with Devika Khurana. Can’t believe why she hates me so much! We both are from same country. Normally we should be friends but here we became enemies instead of friends. ???”

“Don’t mind her darling, she’s like that because she’s jealous of you.”

The event was going smoothly on the front but backstage, it was nearly chaos. Nothing was messed up but the assistants, makeup artists, lighting crew and many more are running here and there to make the event perfect. Finally it ended with all models and the designers on the ramp. Changing and gathering all their belongings was another impossible task. Isha was looking for her two friends, Sarah and Isabella. They were with her a second ago and now no where to be seen. Trying to call either of them, she was walking without paying attention to her surroundings. She collided with something and fell down.

“How the hell there’s a wall suddenly?” She mumbled annoyed rubbing her head. She heard a soft chuckling sound and looked up. **Oh my god!! The most handsome guy I’ve ever seen!! ???**

The guy crouched down. “I’m sorry Miss. It wasn’t a wall you collided with. It was me.”

“Oh!” Was all came to her mouth. Quickly finding her voice, she apologized. “I’m sorry it was my fault!”

“It’s alright. Let me check your ankle.”

“My ankle? What happened to it?”

“Well I saw it getting twisted when you fell. Don’t you feel anything?”

“I.. uh yeah. Now that you mentioned it..” She was so absentminded sitting in front of this mysterious stranger, she didn’t feel the pain her leg was giving.

He examined her ankle and twisted it.

“Aahhhhh! What are you doing, it hurts!!”

“Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing. It’ll feel better” he twisted her leg again. This time tears came out of her eyes because of the pain.

“I’m sorry I’ve hurt you…”

“It’s alright. Now I feel better. Thank you!” She got up with the stranger’s help.

“Just avoid those 2 feet high heels you girls always wear, for a day or two and you’d be fine in no time. ???”

“Yeah. But those aren’t 2 feet high you know! ???”

“Hahaha ???” he laughed making her dazed, again. “By the way I couldn’t introduce myself to you. I’m Dev Khurana. ???”




Both Sarah and Isabella yelled from the backstage entrance.

“I’m sorry! I gotta go now! It was nice meeting you! Thank you for helping me! Bye!!” Isha quickly yelled on her way out.

“But-” she was already out of his sight. “Didn’t even tell me her name properly!! ??? no… her friends called her Isha ???. Isha…. nice name…. ???”

A girl who looks similar to him came and tapped on his shoulder. “Bhai? Where are you lost?”

“Huh? Oh, hi Devika!! ???”

“Hi? First tell me did you watch me on-”

“Of course baby sis, I did!”

“You’re not lying right?”

“I wouldn’t dare to miss it baby sis. Besides, would you let me live if I missed it by any chance?”

“??? good point! And bhai, stop calling me baby sis!! ??? I’m not a little girl anymore!!”

“But you’re still a baby to me!” This earned him a glare from his sister. “Anyway, let it be. I saw another Indian girl here. You’re friends?”

“Indian girl? ??? There are no other Indian- OH!!! That one!! Isha Negi… ??? bhai we’re not friends and never gonna be!”

This surprised him. Normally his sister is someone who easily makes friends. But seems like she detest this girl Isha. “Why?”

“I just hate her!!”


“Let’s stop talking about her. C’mon, I’ll introduce you to my friends!!”

Devika dragged Dev to where her friends were. He politely talked with everyone, but his mind only occupied a certain beautiful girl whom his sister detested. He couldn’t tell his sister but the moment his eyes fell upon her, he was blown away. Not that he noticed her on the event. He first saw her when she fell down after colliding with him. **Isha Negi… will we meet again?**

Back in India, it was just another normal day. Everything was perfect until a sound disturb the two had their heads buried in their laptop screens.



Here it ends today. You can take Ravi Dubey as Dev Khurana and Anu in Naagin 3 as Devika Khurana. These characters will appear on the future. I know it wasn’ very entertaining today. But this fill up was necessary for the future. In today’s chappie, there were 4 mysteries that will unfold in the future. Next part coming right up tomorrow. See you then!! Don’t forget to press the like button and leave your valubal comments ???. Love you!! ???

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