NAITIK & AKSHARA SINGHAINA : Parents of Naksh & Naira . Setteld in Mumbai for Naksh as his business is there. Very caring parents who want their children to be happy

NAKSH SINGHANIA : Eldest of Naitik & Akshara . He once used to be a happy go lucky guy.. but a incident in his life changed him into a completely arrogant businessman. He now only wants his family’s happiness. Engaged to keerti only for his parents sake

NAIRA SINGHANIA : Younger to Naksh . Studies at USA. She is a dancer. Apple of the family. Most cared by the family. She loves her brother naksh morethan anything


MANISH & SUWARNA GOENKA : Parents of keerti & kartik . Setteld in Udaipur. Suwarna is their stepmother but loves them morethan anything. Kartik has issues with her while keerti loves her so much. Manish is a perfect businessman & a father

KEERTHI GOENKA : Eldest daughter of Manish & suwarna . A happy go lucky girl with a kind and innocent heart. She is engaged to Naksh. She loves Naksh all by her heart. But she is unawar about his feelings towards her

KARTIK GOENKA : Younger to keerti . A perfect possive brother who only wants his sister to be happy. He has problems woth suwarna, his stepmother. Yet he a good son to his father

Other characters will be introduced soon

Hi guys… for the first time i am writing an Ff on YRKKH and my favourite couple KEESH..

I know that majority of you all are KAIRA fans.. for you guys i will also add some of their scenes too.

As the plot grows if you have any ideas or something pls comment me, I assure you that your ideas will be considered as the story develops and also please evaluate my story by your comments and likes


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  1. Fenil

    awesome start.
    waiting for next.

  2. Jasminerahul

    happy to see you back.missed your ffs very much.nice cs. waiting for the other ffs

  3. Rajvi_shah

    Keesh my favorite couple. Go ahead we all are with you.

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