Some Colours Of Life …… Chapter 7 – Sanchi Vs Riya

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Previously on “Some Colours Of Life”

She heaved a huge sigh and sat in front of him. “I know you’re doing all this coz you want revenge for that prank call.”

**So she know that well ???**

“That’s why you offered this job to me in the first place. Wait! No. Not offered. You blackmailed me to be your secretary.”

He frowned ???.

“But it did me good. I wanted a job desperately and you gave me that. I needed this. For that, I’m very greatful to you. So no matter how much work you give me, I’ll do them without complaining ???”

Kabir was touched with her words. But he didn’t want to show it to her. So instead he said, “You’re getting emotional on me” rudely.

She laughed off ???. “Maybe I am. But Mr. Kapoor, just because I’m greatful to you, don’t think for a moment that I like you. I still have the same impression on you the very first day I met you ???” she finished with a smirk and walked to her desk.

“I don’t want you to like me! ???” Kabir too added with a smirk when she sat behind her desk. Nodding to him she resumed her work. But unknown to her, he was frowning at her. Even he, himself unable to realize the reason why he’s irritated right now.


After confronting Sanchi about why she’s not getting angry with the workload Kabir’s giving her, he somewhat became good to her. He wanted to make work too much but didnt have the heart to do so after what she told him. That means he realized it’s childish to hold a grudge for a stupid prank call because, reason 1) she don’t get angry with what he’s doing. Reason 2) she’s good at her job after Ms. D’souza. It’s not easy for him to find a secretary who would just do her job ???.

One thing Sanchi had noticed is that sometimes Kabir ask her to reschedule his previously arranged appointments abruptly and he disappears from the office for hours. Sometimes he doesn’t even come to the office at all but he make sure to get all the info he needs. Once she asked about this from Ms. D’souza.

“So he didn’t tell you why he’s disappearing?”

“Yeah. Sometimes for hours… Sometimes for days. Today he came after 3 days. ???”

“You’re still new na. He’ll tell you eventually. I can’t tell you anything till he tell you”

“No probs Serene…… (Just added a name for Ms. D’souza ???) …… till then I’ll let my imagination go wild ???.”

“So what does your imagination tell you? ???”

“That he might be spending time with his fiance ???”

Serene couldn’t stop her laughter. “??? No no Sanchi ??? I can’t even imagine Mr. Kapoor… ??? that’s really impossible ???”

“Why are you laughing? ???”

“What have you learned about him till now?”

“He’s khadoos!! ???”

“We should not talk about our boss like that, but yes. He is khadoos. And he’s same with Ms. Riya too”

WHAT!! No way!! ??? but why?”

“That I don’t know Sanchi. But he’s like that. He doesn’t like people getting too close to him.”

“But they’re getting married for God’s sake!”

“Well… that’s Ms. Riya’s problem”

“Hmm… Wait! You said her names Riya right? My friend’s step-sister’s name is Riya too. Never met her. But he says she completely snobbish. So full of herself. ??? wonder how this Riya is…”

“She’s like that too!!” Serene exclaimed much to Sanchi’s surprise.

“Wow! The first I heard you talk like this ???” she said playfully.

“You’ll understand when you meet her. She behaves like all of us are her slaves and she’s the queen of the world!! ???” Serene sounded so irritated.

“??? She really must be something to get you angry like this ???”

“Laugh all you want. But I hope you won’t get in to trouble with her.”

“Okay okay. I’ll be aware of this Ms. Riya ???”

It’s been a month and a half since she started working now and today’s the fated day she meet Riya for the first time. She went to take her lunch break and when she came back, she opened the door as usual without knocking coz it’s her working space too as much as it’s Kabir’s. Just as she opened the door, she was greeted by a girl who had her arms around Kabir’s neck and he was trying to get her arms off of him. This is the first time Sanchi saw Kabir with a girl which surprised her. The girl was surprised by her sudden visit and Kabir took that chance to pry her hands off of him.

“Don’t you know how to knock? ???” came Riya’s angry voice.

“She’s working in here too” Kabir defended.

“Um… um… I’m sorry sir… I’ll come back later…” Assuming it’s his fiance, Sanchi was turning around to go and give them some privacy.


She was startled to hear him call by her name for the first time. “Sir?” She asked gathering her words even though she’s still somewhat in a shock.

“Everything ready for the meeting with the investors?”

“Yes sir. It’s in an ho-”

“I’ll be going then!” When Kabir tried to leave Riya stopped him.

Riya had a puppy dog look. “Kabir where are you going?”

“It’s important Riya!”

“What about me then? Am I not important? I came to spend some time with you!! You know I’m going London tomorrow!”

“I’m busy Riya, can’t cancel these meetings.” He went out expecting she’d be gone by the time he come back.

But how wrong he was. Riya didn’t went back. Instead she stayed behind and started to ask questions from Sanchi. Like when did she start working here and all. Then she asked the question she wanted to ask from her since she saw Sanchi. “Why are you inside his cabin? Ms. D’souza had her desk outside. ???”

“Mr. Kapoor said that he’s planning to remodel the floor. So that’s why I think.” So far, Sanchi thought Riya is nice unlike what Serene had warned her. So she decided to tell her something that weighted her mind for a long time.

“I want to apologize to you for something ma’am”

“Apologize? What for?” Riya asked in a boring way.

“Couple of months ago, you got a prank call remember?”

Now Riya got interested in what she was saying. She still haven’t forgiven that stupid prank caller due to whom she almost called off her engagement with Kabir. She had asked him to find out who it was but he ignored her. “How do you know about it?”

“It was… it was me…”

WHAT??? ???” Riya got furious with the revelation. She grabbed Sanchi by her neck. “YOU? IT WAS YOU? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHAT THE HELL YOU DID? MY MARRIAGE COULD’VE BROKEN!!

“I’m sorry ma’am. I really am. It’s was a-”

Riya pushed her harshly. “WHAT WOULD I DO WITH YOUR SORRY? ???” She slapped her angrily.





Sanchi stumbled with the sudden force. Someone steadied her holding her hand.

“Riya what’s all this?”

It was her boss who spoke up. She tried to step away but his one hand was holding hers and the other is on her cheek which she just got slapped.

Riya tried to grab her again. “Let go of her Kabir I won’t spare her!!”

“RIYA!! don’t you dare!”

“Kabir!! You don’t know what she did!! She-”

“Get out!” He said in a dangerously calm voice.

“But Kabir-”

GET THE HELL OUT!!” He screamed out.

Riya ran out crying ???.


He came back from his anger when he heard Sanchi wincing softly. He looked down to see she’s trying to free her hand from his. His grip on her hand had tightened before as his anger raised causing her pain on her hand. He released her hand and yet didn’t take away his hand from her cheek. “Don’t cry…” he murmured lightly examining her cheek. “What happened?”

She lifted her tear stained face to meet his eyes ???. “I told her I’m that prank caller…”

His eyes widened. “Are you mad? Why did you do that?”

“I just wanted to say sorry for that…”

“And see how well that sorry went?” He said sarcastically indicating her cheek that now turned red.

“I didn’t expect her to react that way…”

“That’s Riya for you. Now you’re on the top of her enemy list” he said jokingly but Sanchi got more saddened.

“I’m sorry sir…. it’s because me you two fought. I’ll apologize to her…”

“Why would you apologize? You already did for that call and now it’s her fault! She shouldn’t have slapped you!”

“It was my fault. If I didn’t prank call you that day, she wouldn’t be so angry… it could’ve break your engagement sir!”

“……” Kabir was silent for a while. “She’s an idiot. Haven’t you said it yourself that day? If she had thought rationally, she’d understand that it was just a stupid prank ???.”

She stayed silent not saying to what he said. “You should go now sir. Go and lift her mood!”

“Why would I do that?” He asked frowning curiously tilting his head to a side.

She laughed ??? at his curious expression. “She must be upset… She ran out crying…”


“So you should go and talk to her! Make her feel better! You’re her fiance na!!”

He heaved a long sigh. “Sanchi… I don’t go after people who are crying. And most importantly, I don’t pacify crying people. If they want to cry, they can cry as much as they want and after that they’ll stop on their own.”

She stared at him surprised. “You don’t care if anyone is upset and crying?”

“Isn’t that’s what I said?” He asked with a slight frown.

“Then what are you doing right now?”

Confused with her question, he wondered his eye a little. Noticing that he’s still holding her cheek, he took a step back immediately letting go of her. His eyes widened in shock.

She gave a light smile and changed the topic wisely. “You have another meeting in an hour sir. I have kept the files on your table already ???” she walked to her table and Kabir too went to his. He opened a file to read but his mind wondered to what happened earlier. **Why did I? Why did I do that? I don’t care if anyone’s upset. The only person I ever cared was maa. But why did I try to make her feel better when she’s crying? ???**

**How can someone don’t care? He does care. He’s not just showing it. But why isn’t he going to Miss Riya? ???** Sanchi glanced at him to see what he’s doing. She laughed to herself silently. “Sir?”

“Yes?” He answered with his eyes on the file.

“Can you tell me something?”

“What is it?”

“Why are you reading that file upside down? Is that the new trend? ???” she asked innocently trying to suppress her laughter.

He glanced back at the file and got embarrassed to be caught like this. He glared at her to cover it ???. “Cancel all my meetings for the rest of the day!” He ordered rudely.

“But sir-”

“No buts and what ifs! Just cancel them! And you!! Take the rest of the day off”

“But I have work to finish sir!!” Sanchi was panicking with his sudden behaviour.

“I don’t care! Finish them tomorrow!!”

“Okay…” She agreed meekly and made all the calls to cancel his meetings. **One second he’s nice, and the next second he’s mean!! ???** After that he shooed Sanchi to go home and he himself went too.

On the way back home, it changed his mind about not wanting to pacify Riya, and drove to the Malhotra Mansion. **She was riggt. I’m going to marry Riya. I can at least try to be nice to her. Right?**

He found Riya crying in her room. “Riya?”

Surprised by his visit she got up from her bed. “Kabir?” Her face broke in to a smile and she hugged him tightly. He patted her shoulder uncertainly, not knowing what else to do.

“I’m so happy you came!! I knew you’ll understand I’m right!”

“Let it go now Riya. Why don’t we go out for dinner today?”

Let it go?” She broke the hug. “How can I let it go? If you know why I’m angry, you’ll fire her Kabir. She’s that prank caller!!

Kabir didn’t react as she expected. He calmly said, “Yes. I know”

YOU KNEW?? ??? You knew and you didn’t tell me? I told you to gind who was it again and again!! You knew it was her and fidnt tell me? If you knew it was her, then why didn’t you fire her?”

“She didn’t know it was my number at that time. It was a mistake.”

“Her mistake could’ve break our engagement!! I want you to fire her Kabir!” Riya was adamant.

“I can’t do that. She’s a good employee”

“I don’t care how good she is or not! You have to fire her and that’s it!!”

Kabir was listening to her very patiently. But now she crossing the line of his patience. “Riya, I told you I can’t do that”

“You can’t or you won’t?” She demanded angrily ???.

“I won’t!” He yelled back.

She scoffed at him. “Why won’t you? What’s your relationship with her?”

“Listen to me now Riya. And get this staight in your head. How I work, whom I take as my employees, are none of your damn business! Not now, not even if we’re married. I don’t want any connection between my professional life and personal life. Got that? ???”

Coming out of Malhotra Mansion, he slammed his hands angrily on the steering of his car. “Why did I listen to that stupid girl? Riya didn’t even care that I actually came to see her. She only wanted to get her fired! Damn it!!” He drove off angrily.

……….Sanchi’s home……….

Sanchi was working on her laptop when Sunny came with a bowl filled with chips. “Di, maa asked me to give this to you” he said stretching his hand to take a another chip. His sister slapped his hands away.

“If maa sent this for me, why are you eating from it?” She asked with fake frown.

He looked down sadly and then grinned ???. “Because you’re my di na. My sister never say anything if I steal her chips. Coz she the nicest person in the world!!”

“Awww ??? how much more butter will you put on me?”

“As much as it’s needed to eat these chips ???”

“Badmash!” She side hugged him.

“So tell me sis, how’s work? Your boss is still giving you a hard time?”

“Not really…” She went to flashback mode of that afternoon. “I don’t know… he’s nice but doesn’t like to show it.” She said lost in thoughts ???.

Sunny had a playful smirk ???. “It’s the first time I hear you say something good about him. Are you starting to like him or something?”

Her face turned horrified ???. “WHAT? no way!! He’s not that much nice. Besides, he has a vamp fiance”

“He’s engaged? Tough luck! ???”

“Oh shut up! ???”

“But why she’s a vamp? ???”

Sanchi told him about their unfortunate first meeting. She skipped the slap part though. Sunny may be younger than her but he really is overly protective towards her.

“So she yelled at you and you were listening silently? ??? you didn’t lose your temper? ??? I’m impressed di…!!”

“Kya karoon yaar? It was my fault. I really am guilty for that call. ???”

“??? first you can’t show your khadoos boss who’s the real Sanchi Mishra. Now his fiance ???. I’m sure if they have seen you in tashan avatar, they’ll get scared of you ???”

“??? definitely! Oh I forgot! How’s school Sunny?”

“Too much homework. That’s not surprising. Other than that… pretty much okay”

“Good. If you want anything tell me okay? Extra classes or anything. Don’t bother maa. I’ll handle everything. Okay?”

“I know di. I’ll tell you..” he said quietly knowing what a hard time his family going through.

“Hey, what’s with the long face?” She pinched his cheek.

“Nothing di…”

“So…. you don’t want more chips? ???”

“Who said that ???”


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