Do you like Jiji Maa’s current track?

Star Bharat’s Jiji Maa recently got a huge twist. Falguni got saved from Uttara’s shoot out, but got struck by a lightning, which made her lose her memory. Falguni is now seen as a five year old child mentally. She turns too innocent and also misses the track of her biggest enemy Uttara Devi. Falguni assumes Uttara to be her mother. She gets loving Uttara and believing her the most, even when Niyati tries to show her Uttara’s wicked face. Niyati attempts to keep Falguni away from Uttara’s plannings. Uttara takes advantage of Falguni’s memory loss and acts like her mother to trouble her further.

Uttara warns Niyati against revealing her truth to the family. Niyati gets helpless for the sake of Falguni, whose cure just lies in the hand of Uttara. Niyati requests Uttara to help Falguni regain her memory and normalcy. Uttara plans to get rid of Falguni forever by making Falguni harm herself while obeying her commands. She starts faking love towards Falguni and uses her emotions to drive Falguni towards problems. Niyati witnesses Uttara’s deceiving tricks. Uttara limits Niyati from helping Falguni. The memory loss track gets some fun moments apart from the daily drama. Do you like Jiji Maa’s current track? Let us know your opinion.

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Fed up of all time victory of uttara… Koi sach uska samne hi nhi aata hai…. Bus villian jiti rehti hai, uper se gayetri ki death bhi dikha di…

  2. The show is wasting its time by getting away from the idea of getting uttara punished for her crime. It is bogus that falguni had evidence yet they kept strecting the show but not exposing it. Losing interest.

    1. I think Uttara should get punished now nobody can get away with all this crime surely its about time her family members should realise come on star bharat wake up

  3. Completely lost interest. Why do we have to show someone getting troubled all the time?
    Looks like they r just stretching the serial one way or the other.

  4. Lost interest. The men are portrayed as dimwits, Jayant should know of Uttara character and in spite of SUyash knowing about the ‘rich’ people before marriage, he cannot connect the dots. Falguini memory loss is a tired-out story line borrowed from other serials.
    Let Falguni. In her memory loss, find the lost will and give it to her friend vidhan who shows it to SUyash and together they begins their own investigations into Utarra.s background.

  5. Such a waste of time!! Uttara seems to get away with anything. Always having the upper hand in all the evil she does to Falguni and Niyati. The men in the family are so dumb that they cannot follow up on any lead or issue raised in the serial.

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