Mahakaali 24th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati born as Kumari

Mahakaali 24th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shiv says when Kali will Wanasur as Kumari Kaniya everything will be justified. Nandi says he had your protection first. do you think he will sit now? Shiv says he should. If he isn’t seeing his mistake no one can stop him from his end.
Wanasure comes to his palace. He recalls all that happened. He says to asurs we have to win in this battle. These devs first promise us and then go against them. Mahadev and Mahakali promised me and now they aren’t protecting me. this is what they do with me. I will kill Mahakali now. Go everywhere and find out where a kumari is born.

Ganesh and Kartika come to a cave. Ganesh says I feel like something is weird. We came to shakti peer but nothing went wrong. Wanasur has only way to protect himself that is to stop mata from being born as a kumari. There is something. We have to rethink. Kartika says you are thinking too much. the cave blasts. A child comes. Kartika says Bairav. Kartika syas no one can enter temple till Berav is here. Berav says no one can enter the temple till I am here. Go back from here. Kartika says please try to understand. We aren’t here to argue with you. We have to bring mata back. He says that’s impossible. Go back from here. Kartika says we won’t go back until we have mata Jagbanda. Let us go in.

Nandi says to Shiv berav stopped Karika and Ganesh from entering the temple. Shhiv says Jagbanda devi has given Berav a promise to not let anyone in. He wont let them go in, Nandi says should I go and request him. Shiv says no this is Ganesh and Kartika’s test and they have to pass it alone.
Kartika runs towards Berav. Ganesh says stop. He bows down and says please listen. i know why are you not letting us in. I wasn’t letting anyone in either and I had to lose my life for that. ata did everything so I can be back. That’s the love of a mom and that;s why we are here. We can only go in if you allow us. We want you to see our journey. Berav holds his hand and sees his journey. Ganehs says ma told me how she was born. To bring her back we are doing all this. Will you let us in? Berav smiles. Ganehs says thank you.
Shvi says now they have solved that problem too. Kartika says I am sorry. tHanks for letting us in. He says you have to handle everything from here. Ganehs says with ma’s blessing everything would be fine. Ganesh says its about time. He says Jagbanda ma please come to us so ma can be born as kumari. Everything turns alight but nothing happens. Ganesh says I knew it wont be easy.
Nandi says another test for them? Shiv says Mahakali made Ganesh from her hands. He will understand the clues.
They look out from the cave. A storm rages on. Kartika says what does it represent? Ganesh says we will find the answers. The storm stops. Ganesh says see the signal. There are seven colors in rainbow. There are sever circles. There are three powers hidden in this.

Wanasur’s man says we have brought all the new born kids. He says I will kill them.
Shiv says he has forgotten who is the protector of this universe. wanasur goes to kill the kids. Shiv comes there. Shvi says you have no shame. You have crossed the limit of all the sins. You thought killing these babies will help you? They will all go home alive because Mahakali will be born and you will die.

Kartika says should Vishnu. ganesh says Shiv asked us not to tale help from any devta. Ganesh says I will put in my powers here. Kartika says I will too. They both put in their powers there. Mata jagbanda comes there. she says you both have done the last part. I am grateful for kids like you. Ganehs says thank you mata. Please use your powers and use it in the right direction. She makes a circle and it goes out.
Shiv says you will die Wanasur. Mahakali will be born any moment. He says I will stop her from being born. Everything falls in his palace and its on fire.
Ganesh says ma has been born. I can’t wait to see her. Mata jagbanda says your journey hasn’t ended yet. She is born as a human but you have to show her powers to her. My blessings are with you.

Shiv says Parvati has been born as a kumari. Nandi says I will tell this to everyone.

Scene 2
Kumari is at the beach. He says welcome as Kumari. Mata jagbanda comes to Shiv and says for wanasur to die kumari must see her powers. Shiv says if she doesn’t know her powers wanasur can’t die. She will know it.
Kumari sits by the beach. Her friends say what do you see in this sea all time? She says it is so pretty. Can’t you see all these waves. I see peace. Shee says you have answer to all our questions. Hope you find the one who has answer to your questions. Her friend says mahadev will have to come to answer your questions. Let’s go for pooja.
They come to the temple. The kids come to her. She gives them all parsad.
Precap-Kaniyaa Kumari and Mahadev meet each other. Ganesh and Kartika stop Wanasur.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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