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Shastri Sisters 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor telling Karishma and Astha that the cut is very small, and Karishma is fine. Karishma asks him to tell the opposite to everyone, and make her dad more angry on others. Astha smiles and says you are very smart. The doctor says I don’t understand, I will do and tell everything to Lalit. Karishna threatens him of her power and he agrees to lie. Astah says you have done all drama here, but what if Rajat does not come. Karishma says he will surely come. Rajat and Minty come to meet her. Minty apologizes to Lalit for their mistake. Lalit says its not mistake, but its crime, and you will be punished for it. Rajat says I m already punished seeing Karishma in this state, I m regretting and want to apologize to her, let me meet her.

Bua ji scolds her and asks why are you regretting, you married someone else infront of my daughter. She says you made fun of my family, Karishma is fighting with death because of you, we are unable to see her. She cries and asks him to leave from here. She says I will also do something to get peace and then regret to live. Minty asks her to think from Rajat’s side, he can’t think of anything in such state. Rajat requests Lalit to let him apologize to Karishma. Astha tells Karishma that Rajat has come. Karishma asks doctor to be ready to become actor, and no one should doubt on him.

Lalit says no need, go from here, before you reach home, police will come there. Minty cries. The doctor asks who is Rajat here. He says Karishma is not well, the wound is very deep, she was near dying state. Everyone is shocked. He says Karishma wants to meet Rajat. Lalit says I want to see my daughter. The doctor says you can meet her and leaves. Lalit signs Rajat to go. Rajat comes to Karishma. Astha says she took your name and was giving her life, how did you marry someone leaving Karishma. Astha scolds him and acts infront of everyone. Bua ji cries seeing Karishma.

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Astha asks Rajat to see Karishma, she did so much for you, and what did she get. Rajat holds Karishma and she opens her eyes. He says I m sorry. Karishma says if you are happy marrying Anu, why are you saying sorry to me. She says I fell in love with you, don’t worry, I will tell Papa not to change his decision and stop enquiry. She says Papa and Lalit nods. She asks Rajat why did he not tell her before, he broke her heart infront of everyone. She cries and says congrats.

Rajat leaves. Minty says it would be good when you came as my bahu, but we have a mistake at my home, and I will correct it, you take rest. She greets them and leaves. Shastri ji thinks about Anu and how she always took care of him. He recalls how she refused to come home with him. Devyaani and Peeya get a bag. She says she packed everything belonging to Anu, if he needs anything to recall Anu, he won’t get anything, shall I keep anything. He says I don’t need. He says I m not angry or annoyed with Anu, she has taken a decision to walk alone, I m just respecting it.

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Devyaani says nothing like that. He says the children who does not listen to parents, loses the right way. Devyaani says Anu was not able to prove anything walking on right path. He asks what did she prove now, she did not agree to come home with me, but I will listen to her and send her belongings. Devyaani says I know you love her the most and Anu also loves you. He says it was true till yesterday, the truth is different today, you all also start packing now. Peeya says why. He says we will leave this house as soon as we get a new one.

Bua ji cries and Lalit takes her outside. Astha asks doctor to leave too, as patient needs rest. Karishma tells Astha that I was thinking Rajat will leave Anu’s hand, but Anu did not lose. Devyaani brings Anu’s bag downstairs and Neil holds it. He says I will take it, it is now responsibility now. She asks him to take good care, else she will not leave him. He asks is uncle still annoyed? So you are angry, do you want to bring it out on me? She stops him and thanks with a smile. Neil leaves. Anu thinks about Rajat and sees her mangalsutra. She sees her ghantbandhan and recalls her marriage pheras with Rajat.

Rajat says Anu and I can’t be on one side dad, you have to decide on whose side are you, me or Anu? Anu says if I can’t prove myself innocent till tomorrow, I swear on my mum, I will leave from here without saying anything.

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