Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

ALiya says that tell me whatever you want to say, I am right here. Dhruv says that I told you not to come while Aliya says that we are Fab5 and we will deal with this face to face. Aliya says to Cabir that we can’t blame Harshad for everything as we are equally evil. She requests Cabir to take the case back while Cabir says that I am struggling everyday and how can I take the case back. Aliya says that I have met him and he is really sorry for what he did. Muktii says that you really trust the crocodile tears of you brother and says that Harshad can never change and he is only using you.
Aliya says that if I am really stupid than how can I believe that you can quit the pills. Manik comes in and says that keep to the point. Aliya says that if by best friends don’t help me than I don’t believe in the Fab5 anymore. Manik tells her not to be ridiculous while Cabir says that like brother like sister. The fight between Aliya and Cabir goes on and ALiya leaves. Dhruv says to Cabir that what are you doing and Manik takes his side while Cabir gets angry and leaves. Dhruv says that what is happening today while Muktii says that you started it and leaves. Dhruv asks Manik of what he has done as he is just helping ALiya out.

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Nandini is looking at the sky thinking about the time she was with Manik. Abhymanu comes and she gets scared and asks why he always makes an entrance like a ghost. Abhymanu says that he comes like the time unannounced and looks at the stars and asks which one is Manik. Nandini says that lets not talk about him and he asks her to talk about Muktii. Nandini says that she rejected you so why are you still following her. Abhymanu says that he doesn’t quit and asks if there is a job which Nandini can offer him.
Nandini offers him jobs related to music while he refuses saying that he can’t do any of those. He says that apply some jack while Nandin says that she is not Manik. Abhymanu says that there is a reason his name comes to your mind and tells her to look in her heart. Manik is thinking of why the Fab5 is fighting over Harshad while Nandini tells Abhymanu about her and Manik.
Abhymanu says that people like you find the logic on love as there is no such thing. Nandini says that love is supposed to be beautiful and tells how her mom and dad were. She says that in Manik and me it brings out the worst in us and causes us pain. Abhymanu says that let me think about it as the biggest regret would be you throwing it away. He leaves saying that he has an appointment while Manik accidently dials Nandini number.
He hopes that it didn’t connect while Nandini also thinks that he might have dialed it by mistake. Manik says that everyone would soon realize how stupid they are reacting to this situation. He looks at his phone again and again and then gets a call from Soha. Soha says that I am waiting to see you and reminds him about the party. Manik says that the party got cancelled while Soha requests and Manik says that he is not feeling well. He cancels the phone saying some other time.
Nandini is wondering whether to call Manik and gets a call from Soha. She tells him about the party being cancelled and at first Nandini gets happy but then says that it is sad to hear it. Soha says that what if I surprise him by going to his house while Nandini says that he hates surprises. Nandini says that you don’t know how he is and gets violent when he is angry. Soha says that she will take her chances and cancels the call.
Muktii is talking to Cabir about ALiya said to them. Cabir says that it is like he is watching the worst nightmare while Muktii says that I also can’t believe it as we are on the edge of a break through. Cabir talks about getting a house and Muktii says that she will also come. She then gets a text from the rehab and Cabir says that I will be fine.
Soha comes to Manik’s house and sneaks in the house though the watchman told her to wait. She hears Manik saying that he is sick but says that you don’t look sick. She comes in the room and offers him bear saying that when I am ready to party I party. Nandini comes to Manik’s house as well and the watchman says to her that he is sick and can’t meet anyone. She leaves and says that Soha’s car is parked outside. She throws vase down and comes in the house as the watchman comes to pick it up.
Manik says to Soha to on a walk with her while she says that why go on a walk….. Manik takes her hand off and says that the setting outside is much better. Nandini comes in and Manik is also walking with Soha when Nandini hides behind a curtain. Soha says that the bedroom was much better and he asks if she is a creative person. She replies positively and then asks Manik if he likes games like soccer, tennis etc. Manik says that we can watch a few romantic movies while Manik says that he doesn’t like watching movies as well. He stands up and sees Nandini and agrees with Soha to watch the movie.
Soha is about to leave when he says that let’s just switch off the lights and create the atmosphere. He turns on the stereo and stands next to the curtain where Nandini is and grins. He puts his hand and is about to take the curtain off while Nandini is scared.

Precap: Aliya says to Dhruv that how can Cabir and Muktii talk to me like that. She says that Cabir had a fight with his mother as her mother couldn’t handle him being gay and it was not because of Harshad. She says that if the court takes the decision then he will be sent to prison for 7 years. She gets a call and tells Harshad about it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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