Bandhan 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
DArpan says ganesh I am going to dance you have to stay here alone. Be careful and stay away from fire. I wont be scared if someone hurts me but I cant see you hurt. Just take care of yourself. Darpan leaves. Shaku comes in with many candles. Ganesh stands up in fear and starts screaming. Shaku says you are so clever? Now tell me how genius are you. SHe is brining the candles close to ganesh. She places them all around him. SHe says you woke darpan up and you want her to win. since you came in my life you have ruined it. Let me see how she wins now. you will stay here and I will annoy your sister to much that she will forget walking. Ganesh is screaming.

The first girl comes to dance. Naraini sits with bhao. He says don’t you find any other place? She says I wanna sit here. are you scared? you shouldn’t. This little girl believes you are a nice man. bhao says kids are like God. She is right, I am a good man. bhao says stop talking about past I have told you before and this is last time I am telling you. I have changed in all these years. Naraini says the dog’s tail never gets straight. bhao says you came here to change me? Go ahead try It. Whole world lives in misunderstanding, you should too. Naraini says I am telling you don’t repeat your mistake, don’t break this girl’s heart. I have changed and I wont pardon you this time.

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Darpan and other girls are doing rehearsal. Meethi and shaku come there and say come kids have these samosa. Shaku says darapn come take it. Shaku says come to me from that side. She has placed nails in darpan’s way. A nail pricks in her foot. Darpan screams her foot is bleeding. ganesh screams. Naraini and kajri take darpan to the room. kajri dresses her wound. Kajri says how will you dance? Darpan says I will. naraini says I will cancel your name. Darpan says no I will dance don’t be scared I will dance. naraini says in heart She has God with her.

hosts announces pinky and darpan’s name. shaku says go and dance darpan is not coming. they see darpan coming. shaku and meethi are shocked. First pinky goes to dance. meethi says why is she here again? what will we do now? shaku says I don’t know what she is made of. Shaku says I have a final trick. meethi says really? Shaku says only pinky and I know it. Pinky is dancing well. meethi says how is she dancing? Shaku says I taught her darpan’s steps and songs. I gave teacher 1k to make pinky first. Two participants can’t dance on same song. darpan says what should I do God. The candles blow and ganesh comes out. He sees pinky dancing on darpan’s song. Everyone applauds for darpan. next is darapn. naraini says what will you do darpan? ganesh goes to the musician and takes a disk. He shows it to everyone. The musician takes it from him and changes it. Darpan says I will dance with heart. She goes on stage. She says don’t be sad for me after seeing my bruise God has given me so much power that I can’t feel the pain. I am doing this dance for ganesh. darpan starts dancing. Everyone is amused. She is dancing fast and very well. Bhao drops some juice on his shirt. darpan’s foot is bleeding. Bhao goes under a fan to dry up his shirt. Ganesh peeks’ in bhao’s room and recalls parents dying. Ganesh follows him in corridor. darpan is still dancing. Bhao comes back and sits on his seat. Everyone claps for darpan. ganesh stares ar bhao.

Precap-darpan says if ganesh wasn;t with me I wont have won this prize. I dedicate my prize to ganesh. hosts asks ganesh to come on stage.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ganesh you are so smart you make this show worth watching…despite the crappy storyline

  2. this soap is not interesting anymore I wish it could come to an end quickly

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