Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vivan sadly says to himself that he loved Pari the most in this world and even left everyone for her, but she does not love him and loves a man instead who does not care about her at all, he will not tolerate it.

Radha wakes up in the morning and thinks why is she feeling so heavy. She sees her feet swollen and thinks in the early stages of pregnancy itself she is facing health issues, don’t know what will happen in later stages. She reminisces Vivan winking Pari and thinks she has to find out. She sees her swollen tummy and tells her unborn baby that before it is born, she will set everything right. Sghe

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Vivan sees Pari getting kids into school bus and waiving them goodbye. He asks her why was she so close to Jigar and warns her dare not to do that again, else he will not keep quiet. Pari asks him to keep away from her. she sees Radha coming towards them and starts acting, asks Vivan if orange juice was good and to come back soon after jogging. Radha stops Vivan and asks meaning of some word. He says he is getting late for jogging and runs from there.

During breakfast, Radha asks Gopi to pass jam bottle to her as she cannot move much. She gives it to her. Radha then purposefully drops spoon on floor and asks Pari to give it to her. Pari gives it. Ahem asks Vivan why is he not having breakfast. He says Pari sent sandwitches and juice into her room after workout, so he will have fruit. He says Pari knows his taste well. Everyone is surprised to hear that. Vivan changes word that Pari is intelligent and manages knows to take care of everyone well. Radha asks Gopi to give her 1 more parantha as she just ate only 4, she has to eat for 2 lives. Kokila says she is thinking wrong, pregnant women need to have healthy/nutritious food and even need to exercise, sos he has to walk for 20 min twice in a day. Vivan says he wants to give dinner party for the whole family. Ahem says it is a good idea. Once everyone leaves, Vivan says Pari that he is giving party to announce about their relationship. Radha sees them and thinks something is cooking up between them and she has to find out.

Jigar asks Pari how is she. She says she is fine and since she saw him in the morning, her day will be good. Radha gets jealous seeing them together and thinks why are they getting closer. Gopi hears that and says they are going in a right path and prays god to fill happiness in Jigar’s life. Pari thinks she will not leave Jigar go away from her life and will not let Vivan come in between them.

Radha walks in parking area of house and yells that because of Kokila she has to walk instead of watching TV. Kids come back from school and by mistake clash with Radha. Radha asks why did they push her. Vidya says they did it by mistake. Radha pushes her on ground and she falls. Gopi sees that, sends kids in and scolds Radha for troubling kids and warns if she does it again, she will punish her, asks how will she feel if someone does same to her child. Radha says she does not have to worry about her child. Gopi continues her scoldings and Radha leaves.

Pari asks kids how was their school day. They say it was good and tell about christmas celebrations in school, ask if they can celebrate at home. Pari says all gods are same and they can. Hetal, Kokila, and Gopi come there and say they are going to neighbour’s house. They come back and aer surprised to see whole house decorated with baloons and X-mas treee. Pari and kids wish them merry christmas. Kokila wishes them the same. Ahem and Pari/Chirag also come and praise it. Ahem says we have to attend Vivan’s dinner party today. Kids request Ahem to call Vivan here itself and celebrate christmas instead of dinner party. Ahem agrees and informs Vivan about kid’s party. Vivan gets annoyed but acts as getting happy and says will attend it. He then thinks Pari has done it purposefully. Ahem informs Tolu/molu that they are celebrating christmas party at home itself and even Mr. Khanna is coming. Kids get jump in happiness. Pari asks whole family to wear red colour dresses for the party. Radha thinks Pari has done this purposefully to stop everyone attending Vivan’s party, she will find out what Vivan wants to say.

Precap: Jigar says Pari that she has come to fulfill Rashi’s place in Tolu/molu’s life. She says she does not want to take Rashi’s place, but want to be kids’ mother though and love them like her own children.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Pari u are soooooooooooo nice. U r the best

  2. how many times is gopi going to threaten radha
    just punch her in the face or something no point scaring her over and over
    obviously doesnt work

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