Sadda Haq 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Yoyo says how you know manish wrote it? Jiggy says yeah someone else has put it here. Rajveer says here are his signatures. Parth says fake signs are not a difficult thing. SAnyu says I never bullied anyone. Rajveer says then why you came here last night? To scare him? sanyu says I came to apologize and pray for him. Randhir says shut up I wont leave you this time. PArth says whats the proof of all you are saying rajveer. randhir says lets check the CCTV footage. Rajveer says yeah lets go. When sanyu enters the room the CCTV footage gets blank. Rajveer recalls when he went inside the room. He trimmed out the CCTV footage after sanyu’s entry. Then He and his pal go in and wake manish up. Rajveer says sanyu has sent me to beat you. Manish says no please. rajveer says I don’t want to do this you are my brother. But if I leave you she wont let me stay in college. Manish said but don’t beat me. Rajveer said there is one way to save ourselves and seek revenge. Runaway from here and write a complaint letter. Write everything sanyu did to you and how randhir hit you. I will get it to authorities. This is the only way we have. Manish said okay I will sign.

Rajveer says now its sure that Manish ran because of sanyu. sanyu this is incomplete footage. Randhir says can’t you see its incomplete. yoyo says I knew he must have manipulated the footage. randhir says you manipulated it like manish. He grabs his collar and starts hittin. Yoyo is hitting him as well. PKC and Maya come in. maya says whats happening here? Randhir what were you doing? Rajveer says it was my mistake. maya says don’t lie speak truth. Rajveer’s pal says ma’am Manish left the college because sanyu and randhir ragged him badly. When rajvver exposed him they hit him. Here is Manish’s letter. Maaya says come in my cabin right now randhir and sanyu.

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Sanyu says we never did anything to him. Ranhdir says all there proofs are manipulated. Maya says I will file ragging case against you two. Bring your parents tomorrow. Sanyu says we didn’t do anything. maya says say that to cops. sanyu says it was just an accident. Randhir says she just slipped. Maya says that letter is a strong evidence and I cant ignore it. randhir says I never hit him. maya says I can’t ruin FITE’s image. Randhir says I can write a fake letter and file a case against. maya says all the proofs are against you. sanyu says please give us one chance. Randhir says first college should investigate. Maya says don’t tell me what to do. This is serious case of ragging. Now leave. Maya calls someone and says bring the list of companies coming.

SAnyu is depressed. randhir says sit here we will sort it out. sanyu says we are stuck in what we never did. Randhir say calm down we will get out of it. sanyuu says no one will believe us. Randhir says everything will be fine. SAnyu says all are dreams are over. randhir says its going to be a police case I should break his legs. sanyu says we will be rusticated and arrested. randhir hugs her and says you think I will let you go to jail? Let me contact vardhan sir. He calls him but his number is out of reach. randhr says whenever we need him he is out of range. but I will solve this matter alone don’t worry. Randhir says I will break his legs. sanyu says that will make the matter more complicated. all the guys come there. sahil says what did maya say? randhir says she will file case against us. Jiggy says jail? Yoyo says that’s my place let me see how will these juniors do all this.

rajveer says you wont even get a diploma. All the guys mess up with the juniors with rajveer and start hitting them. PKC comes and says what are you all doing? you are all seniors what is this? Sahl says they are all lying pkc says this already a serious case. Jiggy says it was our mistake sorry everyone lets go guys. They don’t let us breathe here. Yoyo says I wanna ride a tractor on him. I will stay four years more here and kill him. Vidushi says in heart idiots whats the point of making a scene. Better for me some of them are getting rusticated I will geta job easily.

Scene 2
SAnyu and randhir are in canteen. They overhear someone talking it jails for 5 years to rag someone. randhir says we will talk to juniors and tell them that he is manipulating them. Sanyu says we need solid proof. Randhir says lets go to cctv room. In the room sanyu the footage is blank after sanyu entered the room. SAnyu says after his I wore him a blanket. randhir says let me check the hardware and see if we can retrieve the video. Randhir says rajveer removed the original hardware. sanyu says but we can tell authorities that he has changed the hard disk.

Sanyu and randhir are sitting on bench. priyali comes and say I never expected this from you ma’am. in your fight with rajveer you let manish go to medical room. I regret that I had mentors like you two. I am ashamed to call you my mentor. manish was innocent why you dragged him in all this. all you know is to bully someone not to make them progress. I wish never become like you. Sanyu sits in tears. Randhir hugs her.

Maya calls randhir and sanyu. She shows them a letter in which all the juniors have given statement that they have been bullying them all now. sanyu says that’s not true. maya says police will handle all this, its out of my control.

Everyone is worried. Parth says we can’t prove that he has manipulated cctv footage. Jiggy says and manish wrote a letter. randhir says we have to convince manish. Jiggy says I have his number. randhir calls him. manish says why have you called me. randhir says please listen to me. I just wanna talk to sanyu. sanyu takes the phone and says I never shoved you. manish says why don’t you just leave me alone. stop haunting me. His dad takes the phone and says who is this? SAnyu says I am sanyu FITE student. He says how dare you to call him. He is in depression because of you. I will file case of harassment against you. Stop haunting my son.

yoyo says my relative is inspector let me call him. sanyu says I left my home fir FITE and look whats happening with me. Yoyo says he asked me to stay away from this case. He said the case is very strong. sahil says who is so powerful to get us out of this. what should we do now. randhir says there is one person who has power, renuka saniyal.

Precap-maya says when cops arrest you, you will rusticated. Maya calls someone and says bring the cops in. priyali comes in and says stop ma’am. before you call cops listen to this. she places her phone on table.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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