Rate Shastri Sisters by its drama factor so far

Shastri Sisters is a story of four sisters Alka, Anushka, Devyaani and Peeya. The sisters move to Delhi from Kanpur after their father is transferred from Kanpur. They stay at Sareen’s house and while Alka was facing problems in the beginning by her psycho lover Rajeev, she married Rohan whom her family chose for her. While Rohan proved out to be an ideal husband, she still faces trouble by Rohan’s Bhabhi Astha. Alka has been fighting all odds and proved herself to be innocent and worthy of Rohan, and the whole family has accepted her. Anushka fell in love with Rajat, and Neil fell for Devyaani. While the love cross connection and misunderstandings worked well for the show for some time, the show then got back to Anushka and Rajat’s love track.

Then the show got a new vamp Karishma between Rajat and Anushka, and her scheming nature made Rajat blind and broke his trust on Anushka. Luckily, Devyaani and Neil are supporting Anushka in the right race, and the story got a new twist in the Shaadi Special when Anushka was kidnapped, and broke out the truth of Karishma to Rajat. He did not believe her, which made the sisters make a plan to expose Karishma. Anushka’s plan backfires and Karishma cuts her vein to make sure Rajat believes us and stays under bigger guilt of not trusting her. The marriage acceptance or rejecting was the latest track, where we finally got to see that Rajat has not accepted Anushka as his wife and goes to meet Karishma at the hospital.

While Shastri ji has cut off his relations with Anushka, the sisters are standing by her side, and luckily even Sareen and Neil have accepted her. Sareen believes Anushka is right and Karishma is wrong. Anushka pledges to expose Karishma in 24 hours and viewers will get to see some interesting plans by her once again. The drama is always high in the show, since it started in July 2014. The story involves around all the four female leads and their love interests. What do you think about the drama factor in Shastri Sisters? Let us know in this poll.

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  2. im sure anu ‘ll not b able 2 prove herself n hnc she leaves d house
    den rajat gets 2 know abt d truth n den searches 4 anu who would b kidnapped by karishma.

  3. m really unhappy by current track…. its ridiculous…. n so unexciting

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