Sasural Simar Ka 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
A car comes and stops outside bharadwaj house. Driver says we have reached. The man is sleeping with hat on his face. The driver shakes him to wake him up. The man on front seat is also wearing hat. He holds driver’s hand. He says your meter is running what you want now? The driver says you have been with me in taxi for three days now leave me alone please or my wife will run with my neighbor. THe man on back seat says 50 50. driver says what he mean? The front seat says she must have run or will run after seeing you. The man on back seat says give him his money and tell prem his pal is here.

Simar hugs roli and says calm down you are already not well. sid says you know her she feels for you. Roli says how can they blame you like this? why will we abduct them/ Roli says I wont let anything happen to you. Simar holds her hand. The man comes in and says prem lives here? prem says yes I am prem. He shakes hand with prem. He says you can call me calendar. It nice to meet you. Prem says my boss has come to meet you. He is your friend aman. Prem smiles. mata ji says who is he? prem says he is my friend he was my classmate. sujata says is he the same guy who was your best friend in university prem says yes. Mata ji says go bring him in.

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Prem goes out and asks calendar where are you coming from? He says we have been roaming in Delhi for 3 days. Prem says where is aman? he sees aman buying samosay. Prem says aman. Aman goes and hugs him. prem asks how are you? He says I am find. Prem says in Delhi? He says nomads have no place. prem says you shocked me. Aman says you should get shocked. Prem pays the bill for his saomsay.

Aman comes in and meet everyone. Mata ji asks him to sit. Rajhinder says its nice to meet you. what you do? Prem says he is psychiatrist. He solves problems that are secret for people. He keeps roaming around the world and researches on people. Aman sees roli and says aren’t you part of this family? never saw you before. Prem says she is roli she met an accident so her face changed. aman says oh roli I am your fan, sid you are so lucky. He says mata ji I can’t stay at a place. I keep roaming here and there so when I came here I thought I should meet prem. I have no family. I came here partially from and more for family love. mata ji says we are all your family. He says thank you mata ji and touches her feet. He says just pray for me what I came here to do I fulfill it. mata ji says show him guest room. canelnder comes in with bags and falls down. He says look at my size and look at the bags. Where to keep it? Prem says come with me. Aman says prem talks me mostly about you. He praises your food a lot. Why don’t you get me a tea. Simar says I will bring you tea. mausi ji says why doesn’t aman treats this calendar.

Prem and aman are laughing in the room. Calendar places the luggage. Aman says yeah tell me whats the problem. prem stands up. Aman says tell me. prem tells him everything. He says this is all so complicated. simar comes in with tea. prem changes the topic. Prem says hpw many days are you here for? Aman says shame on you. I just came here and you are asking me all this. prem gets a call and goes out. Aman says simar prem told me all that happened to you. you can trust me. Now think and tell me you didn’t go to bus stop, simar syas I am sure I never went there. He says now listen what I am going to tell you. don’t tell anyone. We met on 17. I came here because of that meet up. I was going to America for research. He says you were like you needed my help. simar syas I don’t get it all. He says on 17 at 2:00 am. your car stopped on a signal. I saw you and recognized you. I waved but you were just satring at me in anger. I said I am prem’s friend. I showed you prem’s photo with me. You startled me then. you said who prem bharadwaj? Why are you inviting your death by talking to me? Lets go driver. simar is shocked. Aman says I don’t know if it was you or not. we have to solve this matter, and find what happened on 17. simar syas this isn’t possible. He says she might be your doppelganger or maybe it was you not in your senses. Its a problem if the second option is true. simar says I am not mad why would I go out of night. He says I am sorry but someone is keeping an eye on you. Simar says there can be only one person vkrant but he is in jail who can it be? aman says whover it is I will catch him but till then you have to conceal it from everyone. simar says I think we should tell them. Aman says in these cases you should be careful. you are on his target and when he gets to know that whole family know about him, he can attack anyone. just keep calm, he abducted daksha and leela. this shows he is keeping and eye on you and your house.

Precap-simar says I am worried for leela and daksha I will go to jail for them. aman says I have a solution that will tell what happened on 17.

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  1. what a stupid…..mata ji ko nahi pehchanta bt roli ka face kaise pata ushe ???????

  2. Ye lo bhulbhulaiya film ka track shuru hogaya h.kya be

  3. ur right bhulbhulaiya type sound intresting…..!!!!!!!

  4. huuhhh….bad story line…
    thought atleast simar nw gna b happy 4 few daz…bt no….agan she’s into pbm……awards must b gvn 2 d creative team 4 letting not a family 2 b hapy atleast 4 some time………

  5. Does this story does not sound like the movie Bhool Bholiya.
    where Akshay played the same role as Aman

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