MY SHADOW MY COMPANION – It’s all about Sanskar Episode 24

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Episode 24

Swara’s POV

This is the day of Atonement. I am at the proximity of the owner of this world, for avowing my all deeds and misdeeds. Devon ke Dev Mahadev. How Parvati ji rescued this stubborn stoic??? He is the Terminator. Saying that the security of Sindoor is also assigned to him. I just touched on my forehead and My eyes took its all fiber for looking at that huge statue. It’s world’s 2nd highest statue of lord Shiva…..
I am at Muradeshwar

The time is reaching near to morning eleven. Sun is turning to a dictator over his lady love. Might be his thousands of hands are scrambling her unite. I ascended four five steps. Uff I am so tired, I just stared at the remaining huge hill of steps. Swara come on ascending is difficult descending is easy. Just chill and come on. My inside inspiration is awakening my body. Slowly slowly I did that hot potato. There my eyes were knotted upon the big idol of Nandikesh. It’s big but not more than or equal his Lord’s statue. His lying is indicating the obedience towards his Lord. Lord!!! yes my husband was also a lord. My lord, Aryan’s lord, some orphans’s lord. He was just a common man. His life resembled like an open book but people are bowing the hidden almighty in him.. His own brother said it once.

He was hugging Sanskar’s photo. Tears aren’t coming but it is evident in his voice that he had reached the limit of weeping….”Swara, almighty was close to me but I was searching for him in Mandir and Madina. I am not a good brother even I am not a good human being……….

He is jabbering something something.This life is too small. We all are same feather birds, all of us are walking to the same destination.It is known as death. Life isn’t constant, it is impermanent. If we will kick the bucket world won’t cares. Life must go on. None is bothered about our absence but each death is creating an unhealable scar in some human minds for some time. Here an another truth unfolded
We got to know about what happened actually in Parineeta Bhabhi’s murder case.

Laksh : Swara, I prepared myself to a living corpse. I always downcast in front of my own mass. I am not capable of throwing eyes over them. There they are looking at me teary eyed but what can I do for them, I am just helpless. Abruptly a man arrived like the messenger of God. God will leave a proof in any crime but this was unpredictable. The man is a secret eye witness. Adarsh Bhaiya told him to hide the truth and he offered him a huge amount. But he confessed all he had seen by his eyes. The court declared to put Bhaiyya behind bars. Outside of the court Bhaiyya tugged that man’s collar

“??? You Bastard how could you do this how could you cheat me. I gave you a huge amount na.”

Then I am shocked to hear that man’s reply

“You assured me money but Sanskar Maheshwari gifted me a new life. I did all these for my daughter who is suffering from a mortal disease..
He told me, you can’t build a palace over someone’s grave…. He gave me some money….”Tell the truth, this is more than the previous one and don’t be afraid. I am a farmer, I will sow and harvest. This is the fruit of my hardwork. I want my brother safe”

I was feeling awkward apparently an hour later I understood the another horrible fact that poverty is corroding us. I felt ,my life is meaningless.
We had lost our wealth. Dad consumed everything for my withdrawal. Only due to me his trust crippled and faced a huge loss. It’s all are happening coz of me. We started to live in Baadi. There also Sanskar saved us. A mysterious stout fellow is offering us money unconditionally. Finally I found out that he is the staff of Cafe Sayan. Sanskar had sent me a letter

Dear Lucky,
First of all I thought that I will ask your apology that’s why I tried to kill but I don’t know that moment will arrive or not. I transferred some money to your account. No worries it’s not black but white money. That is the fruit of my hardwork. Take it as a debt. Let’s start it from the beginning.Money is not a matter for me but I want my brother a successful man who don’t need anyone’s support therefore you have to give me it’s interest and compound interest. So Bhai run your behind dreams and Be happy always
With love

A ringtone passed me and it led me to the temple again. Sun is becoming short tempered. Ohh this is the next interruption… Heyy Shiv ji. How many interruptions are midst me and you. A big queue???… This is a big temple like any. There is also temple for Shanishwara here and as usual for Shiva. This linga is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. I acquired my place in the series of people. I returned to my past, recalled my old vapid memories. Maa Baba BM BP Raglak… Whole Kolkata came for taking us back. I couldn’t deny them… Maa said, Swara are you crazy?? who will take care of your children. You and your children can’t live without the assistance of a man.

BP: I know you can’t even think of anyone except Sanskar therefore we are telling you to come back.

Rag: Yeah Swara who will be here for you and them except us

Lak: I am thankful to my brother and this is my turn for giving his children fatherly love

BM: Swara, the things that we did have limitless boundaries please give us a chance for our redemption.
I wanted a support ,my Monster’s support…. Sanskar where are you please come back I want you more now. If you can’t come here right now then okay please give me a signal that you are with me……. I couldn’t stand properly. Tears are rolling from my eyes and my body is also weakening. I was dare to walk from there suddenly?? it happened. My waist chain knotted with the wardrobe holder like he is tightening the grip. It memorized me his touch….”Hamesha Sambhalkar rakho isse coz I can make you feel that I am wrapping through your waist always”……. I puffed in destiny’s sudden action. He fulfilled his promise. Yes He can’t leave us……..

You gave me the bravery Sanskar. A little thoughts led me to my further works. I introduced them to Uncle and told them his A-Z things that I know. Then we explored your school, orphanage and old age home. Introduced them to Sister Shobhita and Father.
It was getting late, Janu lighted a Diya in sacred grove.
Rag: Swara I know y are you doing all these. For proving this na that you don’t want us coz you have everyone here…..

Their thoughts went to that destination where I thought but my thoughts were entirely different.

“No Ragini, I don’t mean to be like this. Do you noticed something???

I introduced you many people…. Who are they?? What is the their relation between me and my children. I don’t have any blood relation with them. I don’t did anything good to them. Then too they are loving us. Respecting me as their sister or daughter. Why??? Because love is reflecting here. It all happened because of one man. He is my husband my Sanskar….. He invested love we gained love including it’s interest and compound interest.

Badepapa, he isn’t making us feel his absence haan dard zaroor hai. I am dying for meeting him. Expecting his call at each moment. I am living in this belief that he will be back once cz I know he can solely live here and die here. He can take his last breath here.

I showed them the key bunch,

Badimaa, do you see this??? It is given by Sanskar. Told me that he is believing that I will never loss the right again. I have to be his wife till my last breathe. So I have to take care of all his doings which he left in the mid way.

Lak: Swara technology is well developed you can also do it from there na

I heaved for a while

No Laksh there are many works here that I can’t do that from there. It has to be light a diya in this sacred grove daily otherwise snake curse will follow our generation to generation and I have to take care of all that orphans.
If the climate will change children might be fell ill. This climate dissolved in their blood
I turned to Maa.
What did you said Maa?? That we can’t live without the assistance of a man??? Don’t forget you were also a single mother. Here I can see him everywhere. He had created these all were alone. Then none was with him even me too. I know it then also he have no complaints no conflict….. I can’t insult his hardwork Maa

Laksh, no worries…. They are Sanskar Maheshwari’s children.. if destiny cursed them with a misfortune then life blessed them with a fortune

It is called bravery…. Slowly slowly they will learn to live…….
I was busy in my speech suddenly we heard Janu’s screaming

Mummaaaaa save me

Omg what was that…. Adarsh Bhaiya is threatening to kill my Janu. What shall I do now???

To be continued…….

I know what you are thinking but it won’t happen here. Sanskar won’t be back for saving his Janu

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  1. G.Chandu

    Fantastic…loved it…!! Superb…!! Where did sanskar go?!!! When are you going to reveal it??!!!

    1. Manjula20

      I will tell you dear. Next will be the last

  2. Hey led it but why this Adarsh came back

    1. Just for forwarding the story dear….

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      Thank you Sus

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you dear please keep reading

  3. valare adhikum ishttapettu

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      Thank you Sneha ini oru episode kude ullu will really miss you all

  4. Simi

    How adarsh escaped??
    Amazing chapter dear..

    1. Manjula20

      He just eloped dear

      Pnne katayil chodyamila???

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you dear

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you Anu please keep reading

  5. amazing
    bring back sanskar plz

    1. Manjula20

      I will bring him back in the next episode and it will be the final keep reading dear

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