SWARAGINI: The story begins again… [1]

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*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* CHAPTER 1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-
Part 1: https://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-story-begins-introduction/
Part 2 : https://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-story-begins-prologue/

After the sunrise, at the end of aarti, children start going out in small groups after taking benedictions… a beautiful girl in yellow embroidered kurta on a blue shurdar, her long black hair assembled in a gracious one side braid and her wide big eyes, black framed by a pair of glasses, were focused on the prasad she’s carrying in her opened palms, her small nose retracts smelling some uneasy scents and before she realizes, she crashes in another girl who was running from somewhere… they both scream falling on the ground.

“- can’t you see in front of you when you’re walking!!!!”
The second girl shouts sitting on the ground pressing her back painfully, in denim overalls and plastic boots, her messy silky black curled hair covering most of her face can’t hide the anger in her black eyes.
The first one sits searching for her glasses, she puts them on shouting back:

“- ME!!! It’s you who were running blindly like a mad girl! How… WHAT’s THAT ODOR!!!…. AAAAAH!!!!”
She screams seeing her pick up a big fish and a fishing rod from the ground and stands up backing off from her holding on her nose about vomiting!
“- kya hua? It’s just a fish!”
“- AAAAH!!! Don’t touch me, Bengali!!!!”
“- Oh God, Marwadi!!! It’s like if touching you was my life’s dream!”
Glaring at each other, they are about fighting when two responsible arrives separating them.
“- what’s going on here, you both!?”
“- madam ji! This Bengali was menacing me with that thing!!!”
“ME!!! Madam ji! This Marwadi has crashed on me like a rocket and is liar!…”

“- ME LIAR!!!”
“HA YOU!!!…”
They starts fighting again, the two educators separate them holding each one of them behind her back…
One of them admonishes the girl considered as the model of education in the whole camp:
“- Swara!!! How dare you? What are those manners… I’ll call your parents!”
“- but Trishna-ji, it’s not my fault, I was joining the others for breakfast when she arrived from nowhere with that thing in her hands!…”
The other responsible holds on the second girl’s ear scolding her:
“- Ragini! What have we said about going the river without a responsible adult? You want me to call you parents!”
“- but Mina-ji! It’s not like if I was on its banks, I was on the solid stone bridge that…”
“- that can be very slid when it rains… ! and ARE YOU ARGUING WITH ME!!!”
Ragini closes her eyes in pain showing her tongue, Mina ji frees her crossing her arms on her chest giving her a dead look, she holds her ears and says:

“- sorry Mina-ji, I’ll not go there alone another time, promise”
“- it’s not from me that you’ll have to ask sorry but from your friend, Swara”
“- MY FRIEND!! This…”
At her angry glare, the small girl pouts looking to the soil and approach her comrade holding her ears again saying:
“- Sorry Swara… I really didn’t mean to scare you with the fish”
“- it’s ok!”
Trishna ji asks Swara with a severe tone:
“- you have to say sorry too… Ragini isn’t from your culture but it’s not a reason to consider her like an enemy…”
Swara looks up to her elder then join her hands saying:
“- Sorry Ragini… didn’t mean to hurt you”
The two responsible smile and ask them:
“- now, a shake hands”
The two girls make a step back their eyes wide opened in revulsion.
“- Swara! Ragini!… chalo… shake your hands!”
The two girls holds her hands behind their back refusing clearly to obey…
“- but Trishna ji!! Her hand is… she was holding her fish…”
“- and I don’t shake hand with a person who doesn’t accepts others!!!”
“- I have no problem with others, I don’t bear your manners!”
“- who are you judge me!?… did I say something about your perfect future bahu’s model”
“- it’s always better than your messy vagabond’s look !!!”
The two camp’s responsible sigh in frustration it has been the same daily problem since that two girls came a week ago… separately they are model girls but together!!!
As usual, they finish in the director’s office… but today he takes a final decision…

Ragini finishes the aarti offering prasad to all family members, Annapurna and Durga Prasad give her their benediction smiling, Ram uncle salute her politely but as her usual, Sujatta aunty takes prasad without a look to her. Seeing her going away she looks on absent mindly, Laksh’ tickles her playfully making her frown… she turns away giving prasad to Adarsh bhaiya and Pareneetha babhi. When they let them alone, Laksh faces her having his benediction too, he frown too noting that she’s still not looking to him.
“- kya hua, Ragini?… did I do something?”
She looks up to him feeling guilty about his worried gaze, she puts down the plate and hugs him landing her head on his chest saying:
“- excuse me Laksh’, it’s not you… I’m just…”
He folds her in his arms tightly caressing her hair:
“- you’re still upset about that nightmare…”
She nods silently:

“- you’ll never change… our laddoo is already a young demoiselle and you’re still a baccha!”
“- I don’t know Laksh’… I’m not feeling well about that summer camp, why did you send her there? She has never slept out of home since her birth!”
“- Ragini, laddoo is too closed on herself, she has to see the world out of the walls of that mansion or badi… you’ll see nothing can happen with Swara there!”
“- Swara babhi?… you ate nothing at all?”
A maid in uniform clears the dinner table from the not touched plates. For all answer, Swara smiles kindly to the middle aged woman.
She stays there for a moment, the vivid images of her nightmare are hunting her. “Images” isn’t really what it’s about, it’s more the feeling of chocking, drowning… dying… yes, a feeling, a killing feeling of terrible event!
Sighing, she decides to get out of her silky pink dressing gown she’s still in and put on her respectable lady’s outfits.
After a second shower in hope to clean off her morose ideas, she chooses a long blue long dress embroidered with white shining pearls, sitting in front of her mirror, she puts on her makeup, her assorted earrings and necklace… she brings her hand to a mark on her front side… a sequel what hunts her nights.
Tears pearl at her eyes looking down to a little girl framed photo… her malicious shining eyes and wide smile make her smile too, she caresses the sweet little face whispering:
“- I miss you, Shona!”
A man’s voice in her back replies:
“- So you miss your Ragini and not me… princess!”

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    1. MAHIRA

      thank you so much dear 🙂

  1. loved it mahira

    1. MAHIRA

      aw! thank you dear Ria… hope you’ll like what comes next 😀

  2. What’s that yar… So interesting… I thought that this should never end.. Loved this… Curious n still confused about many thing… Plz update soon dear ????❤❤❤

    1. MAHIRA

      confusion will slowly be cleared as much as the story advanced, it’s normal it’s just few shots in the begining and there whole 10 years to fill^^
      thank you so much dear 😀

  3. Rosey

    It’s really amazing yaar

    1. MAHIRA

      THANK YOU SO MUCH Rosey… hope you’ll like the following chapter 😀

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    1. MAHIRA

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      1. Jannatul.Nayma09

        Update soon….. Eagerly waiting fr the nxt prt…. ??

        Can u tell me ur another ff name cz i wanna read them??? ??

    2. MAHIRA

      i’ll try to write as quick as possible^^
      my other stories are:
      and :
      SWASAN: If this is your love, my Prince… Then, please hate me!
      which are the 1 st and 2nd season starting after the 6 months leap in time at the end… didn’t like the ending track, so i created an alternative one… i’ll send you a message with links

  7. Hey Mahira di……
    I like this new concept but its quite confusing also…… plz keep some nicknames for the new generation and the ff is showing after “10 years story” right ???
    Well done ???

    1. MAHIRA

      it’s planned of course… both chote Swara and chote Ragini will have nicknames… you think Laksh’ can call his daughter Swara? or … shut… let’s wait and see 😀
      yes it’s 10 years after ^^

  8. G.Chandu

    Aww…!! Story was cool!! Kid swara, kid ragini as marwadi and bengali!!! loved it…!! Swara husband is sanskar only right??!!!

    1. MAHIRA

      I wanted to inverse roles for once… little Ragini is a replic of Swara while little Swara is replic of Ragini…. OR NOT… we’ll see :p
      Swara’s husband… hum… he called her princess… so…………………
      thank you so much dear ^^

  9. Raina

    you are making me confused didi! but i am too curious to read next part, post it soon, this part was awesome

    1. MAHIRA

      Raina my dear chote…
      like i said above, confusion is normal, it will be cleared slowly chapter by chapter when the story will be set in place… for the moment it’s just a presentation of characters and their life…
      thank you so much dear^^

      1. Raina

        didi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you never informed me that you are writing an another story, even when i saw the promo post, i didn’t knew that you were the author, then through the link, i read both intro and promo and then only came to know it was you! *pout* you could have informed me na? what if i would have not felt like reading it? then i would have missed your story na?…..anyways i hope there will be no need for me to buy one more tissue for this story separately!

    2. MAHIRA

      *holding my ears* sorry chote… didn’t thinj about informing you, i thought you read the both first chapters …
      i think i will just write those 2 stories for the moment, it’s hard to be in 2 complete stories you know…. the other one is a continuation of the serial while this is a whole different track from the middle of story…
      for the moment no need for tissues… but when truth will come to be known… soo…..

    1. MAHIRA

      thank you so much my dear 😀

    1. MAHIRA

      thank you so much Sneha 😀

  10. Aasthu

    confused….was that summer camp thing something from the past???? is Ragini’s truth out?? nightmares??????

    1. MAHIRA

      Aasthu… in the introduction i explained that the story is the same as in the serial from begining until the fall in river scene on Swara’s and Laksh’s marriage….
      The story here starts 10 years after that exact moment… this is what nightmares are about… and no , no one knows what Ragini did 10 years ago… both have a little girl in her life… and Swara named her daughter Ragini / Ragini named her daughter Swara…
      the little girls meet in summer camp …

  11. aww love naughtiness in rag plzz give raglak scene next part soon don’t be. late be regular plzzz

    1. MAHIRA

      Raglak will of course be in the party…. don’t worry 😀
      Swasan too…
      i’ll try to be regular… as i’m writing another fiction, so i’ll post alternatively…
      thank you so much for reading dear^^

  12. Nice..tc..

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      thank you so much dear 😀

  13. Deeksha

    Awesome dear……. Continue soon

    1. MAHIRA

      thank you Deeksha my dear 😀

  14. Good one

    1. MAHIRA

      thank you so much dear Tani 😀

  15. Gayathri.visu

    Very Very interesting Mahira… Swara’s husband is Sanskaar only na?????? Please say it….please. Waiting for the next one…

    1. MAHIRA

      hum…. wait and see *showing tongue*
      thank you so much … will try to finish the next chapter soon so you can know :p

  16. Mica

    who is he ? Swara first husband ???? muahhhah *devil laugh

    1. MAHIRA

      my twiny devilious behen Mica !!!
      pervert naughty girl… can’t say before next chapter…
      but if he’s Sanskar, it will definitly be with a big surprise too…

    2. MAHIRA

      and Mica…. you didn’t read the 6th episod of the other fiction yet???

  17. Sweeta

    Excellent. …soooo interesting. ….
    Very excited to reading it
    Loved it

    1. MAHIRA

      thank you so much dear 😀

  18. A.xx

    nice and loved how ragini is bengali and swara marwari xx

    1. MAHIRA

      Thank you so much : D

  19. ahaan
    new version of swaragini
    so swara/ladoo is the daughter of raglak
    and ragini/shona is the daughter of swara and mystery man(he must be sanskar)
    but why is the new generation also swaragini after the fight/mishap between the old swaragini
    who is the man with sanskar?
    both couples have daughters
    where is sanskar?
    tell me
    tell me
    telllllllllllll meeeeeeeeeee
    so many questions
    i’m sooooooooooooo damn curious
    there is no answer

    swasan are only meant to be one
    nobody else

    plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss post soooooooooooooon diiiiiiiiiii
    this curiosity will eat me alive

    1. MAHIRA

      Myna my dear…. Haha…. Happy to a track making you so curious… Old and young swaragini will be both created this story…. Past has been buried in that river… But what if it opens again after 10 years… ?
      How it can affect everyone s life?

      1. u are giving me creeps di and increasing my curiosity

  20. Simi

    Awesome ??

    1. MAHIRA

      Thank you my dear simi

  21. Shifa96

    It’s awesome di

    1. MAHIRA

      Thank you so much dear shifa

  22. Adishu

    I got it… swara is raglak daughter n ragini is swasan daughter…. correct na…. do please update the second episode of this n that ff too…….

    1. MAHIRA

      I’ll finish schizophrenic writing the 2 stories at same time… :p
      I’ll try to finish the other first then this one… Be patient please…
      And ha… You’re right.. Now has swara got another husband like suggested by naughty mica :p

      1. Adishu

        what’s schizophrenic….. n another husband what a joke…. I can never in my life believe that swara is married with someone else n have a child also…. this thought is just horrible for me…. n I know that it’s horrible for u too…. n u also very well know that if u did that then ur followers will only kill u :p :p…..

    2. MAHIRA

      If you kill me who will tell me why is sanskar doing what he’s doing in the other fiction :p

      1. Adishu

        hmmmmm correct… no problem I’ll kill u when the story ends okkk….. haha :p :p:p……

      2. Adishu

        when will u post next part Di????

    3. MAHIRA

      Aditi my dear I’ll try to finish the other’s fiction chapter for tomorrow… This one for Sunday inshallah

  23. Kakali

    Mahira Di,, Goshh u r just tooooo shameless n yumpossiableeeeee… God Swara’s husband.. huah haa haaaa… !! Sanskar.. huh m going nuts.. !! Loving this.. curious to know about the next parts.. so u definitely have to update soon..!!
    TC Di.. !! Loved it a lot.. it’s soo awesome.. !! Continue soon.. !! Thnk u ;-*

    1. MAHIRA

      Kaky my dear! so happy you loved it 😀
      And ha… I’ll try to finish the chapter as soon as possible… have the other one’s to finish too ^^

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