My shadow my companion -It’s all about Sanskar Episode 23

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episode 21

Episode 22

Episode 23

3 years later

Swara’s POV

Without pointing on an exact spot, my vacant eyes are staring far away. I am vapid, this atmosphere is vapid, everything is vapid…. My spectacular life turned vapid .This 7 months old vapidity solely goes with me. I was lost in my thoughts. The bubbles on the top of water is breaking frequently, seems like it want the tea powder, I added some.

Suddenly someone wrapped through my waist. I am stunned, my eyes were widened…. That same magical touch!!!….. Sanskar, my mind muttered. For a while, I felt that he is back. In a jiffy moment I understood the fact, it wasn’t him. A mother can identify his son’s touch It was my Jay… Who have all the features of my Sanskar.
He was looking above means looking at my face meanwhile he was standing upon a small chair there. He is looking at me with a sweet cute suspicious and mysterious smile…… Jikku, stop this kibosh okay?? if you are thinking that you can trap me in your smile then you are wrong. You wanna play in river water right?? and definitely I won’t allow that.

His eyes started filling???……. Mumma I want to catch that big big big shark…….

He said with enlarging the size of his imaginary fish meanwhile his head leaned a little. My cutu was in a long white kurta. He is becoming inaniloquent. My one hand is sufficient for lifting him. He is too small. I lifted him and walked to the dining room. Seated him at the dining table. There I saw Sanskar’s chair. Here everything is the memorabilia of my lost world. His chair, his belongings this house the paths we walked together and his kids. I am remembering that day now too

7 months ago

Sanskar’s POV

The spirit inside me is admitting a naked fact that

Yes I can see him in this speculam. As a result of his words a mild pain arised from the core of my heart. Swara, Shadow, my trio, my dreams moreover my client. What is his fault. He is awaiting for me far away. In Chandigarh.
In this belief that I will arrive and save him

I acquired a hand full of tablets and consumed,it killed the pain and I surrendered myself over the bed, I felt dizzy and slowly fell asleep. Apparently an hour later she awakened me for lunch. Might be the last one. Even I don’t know I will be back or not. Uncle was serving food
There Jay was sitting on my lap and I am feeding him. My jealous Queen na My Jeeva. She is enviously staring at us. She jerked him acquired my lap.”?He is my Papa”.
Jay: No no he is my Dad??
A bulb flashed in my mind
Kk Jeeva I am your Papa and Jay I am your Dad
Poor fellows they don’t know both are same. I fed both of them.
Papa mujhe bhi please☺
Janus cute begging

Jeeva di ko doon??
I asked her suggestion

Haan Papa do di is my favourite?. She kissed Janu
I fed her, there Jay is rudely staring at Jeeva??
Dad, bhaiya is my favourite feed Bhaiya too
K I fed him too
K ab Mumma kiski favourite hai?? Swara’s interference

Mumma Paapa ka fav hai. We both fed each other, our laugh explored in the whole house


I made her lie on the bed. She closed her eyes, my lips touched on the middle of her chest. She puffed slightly and pulled her body above… Swara.. I called her…mm…. She slightly moaned… You are looking gorgeous in saree……she smiled meanwhile closing her eyes. My lips touched on her lips, they both battled for each other. The desire for each other is increasing. Slowly slowly the cooperation from her side ceased entirely. My vacant eyes filled with tears. I kissed on her forehead. Might be the addiction of sleeping pills is began to work. This is the final wrapping Swara. I wrapped through her waist and kissed on her belly button…. I am sorry Princess I just wanted you to be happy till my last breath. I can’t afford your tears. Pardon me if you can. It is the time for my departure, I can feel it….. I was dare to leave but she was holding my hand. Painfully I separated my hands from her and left
I lighted a diya near the idol of serpents. Please take care of them. They don’t have anyone except you. If my prayers are honest then please fullfill my wish god.

Janu, don’t forget to light a Diya in our sacred grove

K Paapa

She nodded yes. I was lifting Jeeva…. Jeeva give Anandu eggs daily and don’t touch him okay. He is too short tempered…….

Ok Papa be back soon okay.

What shall I do dear. I wanted to be with you all but…….

I just took a look at Anandu…… Take care of them please. Khyal rakhna sabka. Shesh naag hain na tu mera…..

Shadow was studying inside. I asked him….. Shall we go for a walk… He nodded yes….
I am tightly holding Shadow’s finger. How small he was?? Now have reached near my shoulder. “Hii Dad n Son Where are you both going ?”A passenger asked.”No we are just….” I excused.

“Shadow, we aren’t walking like this na. Once upon a time we walked daily. Bottom to top we discussed everything. Tab hamhare paas kuch nahi tha. I belongs to you and you belongs to me.”

Then your Mom arrived

We forgot to spend time for each other.
Shall I ask you something

Sha: y r u asking permission Chunky, ask me

“Main tumhara khyal ache se rakha tha na”

Sha: I doesn’t complained you Chunky then y r u asking this. You are not just my Dad. You are my best friend. You gifted me my lost Mom and Dad. Blessed me with siblings. Then y r u asking such worst interrogations. Mujhse koi galati hua hai kya??……

I stood on my knees…. No my dear dear Shadow. I just asked you…..
If I will die….. That second!! He covered my mouth with his arms… Chunky stop this nonsense. I removed his hand with a smile,… Shadow, I will tell you a story the story that I never told you before….

Once in my school days, there was a career guidance class there. Me and my friends didn’t attended class. In fact whole class didn’t. Such a boring class u know. I sleeped, somebody studied, someone did project work, some pupils were busy in their gossips. Suddenly principal arrived and that dragon led us to the auditorium. Ohh come on I am Sanskar Maheshwari ??? Me your Mom and Dad the trio sinked and hide ourselves in the canteen. Our running was terrible like we are running midst of battle field. Her yelling terrified each and every corridors, If she will find us na ohhh I don’t know…. At last we got saved somehow. But when we reached the ground we acquired a basket full of mangoes. For you, it is a small thing but for us it is more than a treasure. Look I got a basket of mangoes. Semi ripened mangoes???. Mangoes, chilly powder and salt. Tasty trio combination???.
Our lives are also like these combination, our khatti meeti zindagi.

We said, due to that dragon we got some mangoes. Not only we shared the mangoes but also love and happiness. If she doesn’t arrived then maybe we would have spoil that precious moments. Might be I gotta a good sleep. Krishna said na that everything is happening for good. So Shadow be positive always.

He was crying in front of me. I wiped his tears

People are loving trees cz of it’s shade.

I took his hand on my hands

Shadow, please be my shade. Please take care of all these. Please be a Lodestar for my Jay.

I begged in front of him but I am stunned to hear his reply. It was quite unexpected for me that my small Shadow is now a grown up guy

Shadow: Chunky, but Shadows have only the right for dying with it’s owner. They can’t be a substitute but I will take care of everything cz as a son it is my responsibility. As a brother I will take care of my Jay but I can’t be like u cz… you are unique.
Please don’t leave us Chunky ur Shadow will die…. I hugged him for a last time

Swara’s POV

My evening, I am far away from my evening. I lost something, I gained something….. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari was a totally joyful lady 7 months ago. She was completed with her happy family. God y me, y r u choosing always me. You gave back my rejoices n you gained it again. Why??? What I did…
I am only remembering that broken kiss… After that…. After that he went missing
as usual he worn the case post that we don’t know what happened. Cops found out his wallet, mobile and driving licence. They said with unsaid like let’s assume that Sanskar Maheshwari is no more now.

Jikku poked me.. Mumma where are you lost…. I nodded “nothing”…..
Uncle came with a cup of mushroom soup
??? wow Yummy yummy…..he was blabbering by seeing the soup. It was his fav dish. Sanskar’s also…..
Appuppa( they’re calling Nair Uncle Appuppan means grandfather in Malayalam) please request Mumma lemme go to river???

Unc: Beta it’s too late we will go tomorrow.

Aryan came to him and feed a spoon of soup even the soup is flowing out from his mouth. I wiped it by the tip of my Saree
Aryan: But Mom I heard that the shark went back to sea??
Jay:?? really Bhaiya………
Ary: really
He said with feeding him an another spoon
Jay: Then I will go to sea post dad’s arrival
….. Then he whispered in Aryan’s ears……we won’t take Jeeva with us???…….. The unexpected moment he suffered from a back attack.Jeeva grasped his hair with her both hands… Poor Jay……??? how dare you to say that. Papa’s fav is me. He will only go there with me.hai na Papa… She asked to her teddy bear.
I am still remembering that day.
I just refused Jay to touch my guitar. My revengefull Monster gifted him a new guitar next day. Like a typical mother I said, Sanskar you are spoiling my children. There Jeeva also wanted something. He gifted her a teddy bear. Told her that when ever she will miss him. She can interact with this toy. The things she said will reach to him. Now too she is walking with that teddy bear.
He gifted Janu an expensive pen. Now remaining is his Shadow. We marched to his room, he was reading a book of wildlife photography.

Shadow, wanna go to Africa ??

Sanskar asked with noticing it’s pages.

Yes Chunky but……??

Sans: but camera ke bina kaise chalega….hai ki nahi??

Sanskar showed him a new camera.

???His eyes were sparkled like fire flies. He reached the seventh sky.

I said, Kanha it’s not necessary to go Africa. Here your Dad made a forest already na. Here you can find animals even in the red data book too??
Sanskar stared me rudely

Me Sanskar Kanha our trio ,Uncle
We took a family montage

But he is doing partiality. There he gifted remaining 3 with expensive things and my Jeeva!! In one side he is admitting that Jeeva is his fav and look what he did?? An ordinary teddy bear!!!

Sans: I know what you are suspicious about.

He showed me the doll’s bill
? Omg 1.7 lakhs…. “Are you crazy??
1.7 lakhs!! Just for a doll .Sanskar these are unnecessary expenses”

San: If it is for Sanskar Maheshwari’s daughter it is necessary. It is specially made for her. She is my most favourite daughter how can I do partiality.

Kanha’s gift, it’s okay. He is mature and It is his passion but the other gifts!! They don’t know how much valuable those things are. Jay don’t know the spelling of guitar and he gifted him a guitar. Expensive pen for Janu!!! She just started to write some sentences with pencils. Finally look such an expensive doll for Jeeva. She solely know how to destruct things.
He wrapped through my waist….
Actually I have a gift for you also… Before I can ask something he arrayed my waist with a waist chain.
Sanskar tum na??

Sans: Hamesha Sambhalkar rakho isse cz I can make you feel that I am wrapping through your waist always.

You are really naughty

I concealed my face on his chest. You aren’t making us feel the necessity of anything Sanskar. Even in your absence too.

Today too people will say if we will approach them for something necessary…. Are you Sanskar Maheshwari’s wife/children toh pehle kehna chahiye tha(You can say it early na)…..If we will ask something about Sanskar they will bow their hands. Will say….Agar Sanskar nahi hote toh kya ho jaata…. I am learning from them more about him. Now I am understanding that y the children of that orphanage is calling you Santa. You were filled their Xmas with lots gifts….. You left us without biding a goodbye. Now I am in our wooden house where we conssumated for the second time. I sat on the bed amid of pool. His white shirt was lying there…. I smelt it. Now too it has the same odour, his odour. I covered my face with it and sobbed much I wanted….
His promises-
In our olden days we will stay here and will creamate us here. There too we will sleep unite. None can separate us……..

Voices aren’t spurting from my vocal chords…. Vaada todna tumhara aadat hai na…. I shouted with staring at the shirt….. Where ever you are, please come back Sanskar otherwise ur Vampire will die…..

To be continued……..

Dear guys my phone is cheating me again and again I don’t know when I will be back and the mango incident is really happened in previous Wednesday between Me and my friends Sangeeta and Roshni

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  3. emotional chapter
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      Wait and see my dear Sanju, please keep reading

  4. yaar…u made me cry….excellent ..this is the best emotional episode that i read till now….i love the way u express their emotions…did u write any other ff than this????

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      Yes I wrote an another but it was totally immature dear

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      Thank you Anu

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    ????? where is sanskar??
    Wat waz dat ? Y saddy saddy update i dun lyk sad chappies….

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      Sorry dear and about Sanskar!!! Wait n c dear

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    sukamanallo alle?

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      Thank you dear for your comments
      Pnne sukm Sanskar varumo illayo wt n c dear

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      It’s depend upon the situation dear

    1. Manjula20

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