My Shadow my companion – it’s all about Sanskar Episode 12

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Swara’s POV

The sweater is covering my whole body then too I am chilling. God how people live here. It’s too much, but this destination is really beautiful. I gripped on a big tree for support.The hair pins are visible from the top this cliff but fogg is concealing my vision.

Sun is biding good bye, he is showering his last rays over the hills. The atmosphere filled with something mysterious. Smoke like mist is revolving everywhere unfazed. Birds are ecstatically returning to their nest

Everything is awesome but Matarani this cold, it is getting unbearable.

Two warm hands wrapped through my twisted hands. Then pressed his lips on my naked frosty shoulder. I was feeling something magical from that touch.
Do you feeling cold now??
I nodded no to my Patidev
He tightened the grip again and rested his chin over my shoulder. His face seemed like a cute kid. I moved my lips towards his cheek and kissed him.

Where is Kanha?

Sanskar: Actually he went home for your welcome.

My hands were holding his head

“Sanskar s it necessary actually it is my home then why don’t you people treat my like normal individuals”

He hitted on my head

Nonsense, my Palace is welcoming it’s Queen.

And yeah…..

I think something has striked in his mind. He tugged my hands in a hurry

Where are we going ???

My Palace gonna welcome u
And my whole heaven??
Come on let’s check my heaven will welcome you or not.


He led me to a huge entrance. There I found a name board

SwaSAn paradise

I slowly stroked on it and retrospect. I couldn’t see him cz my eyes were filled with tears. He gave me a damn cute smile and came to me then wiped my tears with his thumbs
Nodded not to cry
Swara do you know it’s logic
I doubtfully stared

Swara n Sanskar = Swasan
I said without any hesitation.

Sanskar sighed

Swara It’s not u n me

It is 6 of us

6 of us means???

I asked, what is this 6 of us now

Ur ‘Swa’
My ‘San’
Aryan’s last 2 ‘an’

K what was dat remaining 3

Our 3 kids


Look Rani Saiba we have a son and I want an another son too. And our 2 daughters , 2 sons and 2 daughters equal equal ??
You have to gift me n that’s final
Main ne soch liya hai v ll call dem


??? ohh no how easily he concluded. Here I was dreaming about my 2nd child and look he finalized the trio ?? horrible

Suddenly I heard his weeping

I am greedy na Swara ???. Here my days are numbered and I am dreaming my kids

Whenever we are gonna happy he wanna shrug the death fright across it. Sometimes he is more than a kid. Swara please do something please change the topic but what shall I do now. That slap mark didn’t vanished till now.
I am really confused and tried the way for consoling him. Suddenly I seen him irked with some voice. He was really pissed off and covered ears with his hands

Eeehhh??? Chunky monkey Chunky monkey
I will kill these Parrott once

Ohh he irked with hearing that Parrott.

Actually it is singing Chunky monkey Chunky monkey ???

You named Shadow correctly , Lil Devil ??? actually he taught this useless Parrott my name. Whenever I will come back it will shout this Chunky monkey. ???

I started giggling, and thank you Seenu u helped me to change the topic. Ohh forgot to introduce her She is Seenu. Actually initially Sanskar kept her in the cage there Aryan taught her these words. Post her studies got completed and Monster started irking. He released from the cage. Thought that she will fly away but he was wrong. She settled here and who will bid good bye to this paradise. Seenu began to follow him everywhere and continued shouting Chunky monkey ??
Now she is a big turmoil for him.


I stepped my right leg inside the heaven. Post stretching his hands and closing his eyes he took a deep breath.

Hmmm Swara my paradise is welcoming you.
Smell this atmosphere
You can find the merging smells of different flowers
It for you

Try to know this lukewarm breeze
It is for you

There some golden shower flowers showered over me.

“Swara this is not April this season isn’t belongs to these flowers then too they blossomed for you. Take a look at the tree there is nothing left there”

Yes he was right there wasn’t a single inflorescence left there. Means??? His heaven began to loving me.

We moved forward, there I saw a red carpet of crimson roses and rose petals are falling off. It reminded me our helicopter ride.
That moment!!!! He lifted me in a sudden. I wrapped through his neck for reducing pressure. We are moving but also sharing a sweet eye lock. A rose petal rushed across our eye lock and I couldn’t open my eyes. Myself tried hard to deprive it neverthlesly couldn’t. Slowly slowly his warm breathe began to talk with my face. He hissed the petal off.

Sanskar made me stand in front of the door neverthlesly we are still in an eye lock. My hands were holding his shoulders. We both forgot about the surroundings for a while. Our lips moved to each other for a passionate kiss. His hands was holding my belly. Our eyes were closing


Somebody shouted. We regained consciousness and retrieved lips. That shy moment,we hide our eyes to each other. The voice belonged to an old man who came with Aryan.
He had heavy white beard and almost white hairs
Wearing dhothi and an ash color kurta, he was applied some sandal paste on his forehead I had seen some vermilion also in the middle of sandal paste. We felt shy in front of him. His glare showed a question mark like what’s going on here??

Voh voh Nair Uncle , I stammered

“? ohh beta u identified me”

Aryan: I told her everything about you

Thank God he didn’t noticed anything otherwise my impression ohh no ?

My Gruhpravesh s done
We hold our hands, rose petals were showered. I stepped inside my home. We looked each other. His lovely glare penetrated into my heart which resulted in my blushing. We were lost in that eye lock.

Beta I kept something for you.

Uncle gave a bunch of keys to Sanskar commanded him to handover it to me.

He did.

Swara this is only belongs to you. None will ask you the right over it. I hope you never loss this right.

But I found out some double meaning in his glare like never leave me. Don’t do the mistake again.


Sanskar’s POV

I spilled some whiskey to the glass from the bottle after shower. I know it is injurious to my health but I can’t live without it. Sanskar one zip please, my desire is bothering me. A rethought started to arise in mind suddenly
It led me to walk towards the window with a whiskey bottle and poured the fluid outside.

Jeeva dis is for you. You are my favorite so this is for you.

The second one

Jay , dis is for you cz I don’t want you be like ur bad Dad. So this is for you.

3rd bottle

Janu dis is for you coz I wanna be ur super Dad. If I become then u will desire a life partner like me in future. So this is for you

4th bottle

Shadow dis is for you only you fulfilled my life
If you didn’t exists this life would be meaningless. You followed me like a Shadow. My Shadow My companion. So this is for you

5th bottle

Swara this is for you. My unawares treasure, Today u made my family completed. My heaven blessed with a Fairy. Your love is making me crazy. I like to battle with you l love to love you. Do you remember that gunghour pooja day?? I told you something now I am repeating it.
You made this de trop glass piece to a precious Kohinoor. So this is for you.

6th turn

God this for you. You gave me everything. You led me to the acme of rejoice. You blessed me with an awesome life. You know what?? I won’t complain you about my disease cz u blessed me with such a beautiful life. You gifted me a son. You returned my lady love and look I have everything which is given by you. Please please please God please give me soon my Janu Jay and Jeeva. I want to see them pamper them and please don’t recall me so soon. I have to attempt for 3 times ??
I am aware of what you are thinking now. 3 attempts means extension of apparently 9 years . Sanskar ?? how wise you are???

Yeah yeah yeah yeah ??? Don’t underestimate the power of a common man.

7 the last and final turn

Gautam, my lodestar this is for you. I couldn’t see you but I know you can see me; you can hear me. This is for you .You are more than a God for me. You gifted me everything yaar. You gave me a son; made me walk on the right path; you glued my dreams with it’s wings. If you didn’t existed then I too. So this is for you.

Snake snake……..

I heard Swara’s shouting from kitchen and noices of some plates dashing…..

To be continued………

Friends today’s my exams and the next episode will be delay like this please forgive me. And I am so sad gonna miss my Swasan na

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  1. Mica

    Manuuuuuuuuuu… huh! all the best.. waaa.. wish the monster bitten by the snake and it can cure his cancer….

    1. Manjula20

      Mica he is suffering from a heart disease not cancer

  2. Simi

    Awsm dear..

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you Simi

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you Anu

  3. nice..all d

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      Thank you dear

  4. Arshaanya

    All d bst for ur exam…
    Loved it

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you so much Arshanya and tc

  5. Soujanya


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      Thank you Soujanya

  6. Dharani


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      Thank you dear please keep reading

  7. Simin

    Naughty sanskar
    All the best

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you Simin tc and b happy always

  8. awesome…!!loved it…!!

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you Chandu and why don’t you open an account it ll b convenient for you
      Sorry dear for late reply

  9. Chanu

    maNn dr..
    dis is awesome dr..
    soo lvly..
    super sweet.. rly I lv their swasan heaven.
    Soo sweet..
    and sankus expectations!!? 😮
    omg!! All da best.. 😉 😉

    Mann dr..
    all the best 4 ur exam..
    do well in it..
    we ll wait 4 u.
    lv ya

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you Chanu n really sorry for late comments
      I couldn’t reply you properly due to my exams
      How was the marriage
      B happy always dear

      1. Chanu

        Mrg ddnt end.. its in 7th!!
        Im soo exited 4 it and im doing all da preparations.
        Bt here our bride is working at hospital till 5th..
        huhuhuh.. im angry with her.

        ohhfoo… dnt say sry 4 late mnt and all..

        nw tell me how ws ur exam!!??

  10. Srusti

    Sorry Manu di i am a silent reader of ur fan fiction and I read ur ff from beginning and it was super and u have free time u can post next episode loved it very much and plz my sanky to cure of his disease plz

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you Srusti n m really so happy to knowing that I have a silent reader
      And I will cure him or not wait and see dear

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