My shadow my companion -It’s all about Sanskar Episode 22

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episode 21

Episode 22

Sanskar’s POV

Tu hai ki nahi…….. Har saans se pooch ke bata de phaslon mein tu hai ki nahi. Tu hai ki nahiiiiiiiii………

??? I know what you are thinking,

Swara left me, right??

No worries, nothing will happen like that. She will not leave me, I won’t let her go. And about this song….. Now I am standing in the location of tu hai ki nahi. Do you remember that beach in Malaysia where Jacqueline Fernandez is lying lonely. The beach, which have puny waves. Such a secluded beach….. We are in Malaysia and when I had seen this beach. This song is revolving around the tip of my tongue

Cholat nahi Janu….. Chocolate……

Cholat……..she again said. Shadow is teaching Janu

I nodded my head with a smile. I donno how 2 years have passed. My teeth less granny’s mouth were filled with numerous teeths. She started wearing frocks, she began to talk some words.
Mumma, Paapa, Baaya….. …….. Something something

She was doing a chocolate facial. Her mouth and surroundings were decorated with Chocolates…. Hey Do you want to hear her song. She will sing….

Janu beta please sing the dairy milk song

No no she is busy in making sand houses with Shadow…

K I showed her a dairy milk…. look her eyes are widening???

Kich me cos u eyes mich me…aee can ree u lis (meanwhile she is trying to open the wrap. Her eyes are blinking minute by minute)…… Ooo u fingetis…tyjjlllldsa to knn oooo….. she is singing Something something but according to her, she is the best singer in the world. Such a rhythmic song…. Shadow snatched the chocolate. Poor Shadow he just wanted to help her in opening but she started screaming and crying. The fake crying, just for the chocolates….

What’s going on here??
A feminine voice, I retrospect. Ohh Vampire….. I looked at her bumped belly. This time it is extra bumped…..ssshhh doctor ne kaha twins hai?? haan….. Might be my Jay and Jeeva.

Mumma Mumma Janu’s cholat???

She hugged her tightly and began to complain against my Shadow. Shadow gave her the opened chocolate. She stopped crying at the moment. Sometimes later she again befriended with Shadow and left with him for making sand houses

These 2 years…… Something got changed. Lucky got saved and now Adarsh Bhaiya is in jail. An eye witness confessed the truth finally but the cold war between me and the Maheshwaris are still lasting. K Bhai and this Malaysia ki chakkar kya hai?? You want it’s answer na. We are celebrating our baby moon here. Look she is complaining something.
“Your both lil Monsters are ill treating me. If he will stop, she will start hitting from the another side. Main ne kaha tha tumse ki Sanskar aisa mat karo mat karo??. Who will hear me. You did everything. Then and now I am suffering??.”…….. I was dare to kiss her. But she jerked me.. . …..Main tumhe apni aas paas hi phadakne nahi doongi? nonsense……. Suddenly she puffed slightly..
?? Look it’s she, I just scolded you and she started hitting. She is exactly gone to you Sanskar. Such a big storm???.

Jeeva is my favourite and Jay!!! It’s me… I mean he is exactly like me.

And when they arrived, my house turned a kindergarten. How was this home once. When I arrived here my companionship of loneliness accompanied me. Now, without biding a goodbye it left me. If Jay will discard crying Jeeva will start. If he will stop, Janu will begin….. Amid of all these she also has to teach Shadow. She forgot to forward her music. If I will attempt to talk about it she will say……….. Sanskar, leave it. I solely wanna b your wife. I want to live in ur shade and leave with you. I don’t want anything except you Kanha and our trio. And about my music, Jay hai na….. He will forward my tradition and dreams…. I am unaware of y she said it. Might be he loves her lullabies so…. He is Mumma’s pet but he is more inclined towards Shadow. When he was 2 hours old, unknowingly he was tightly holding Shadows finger. Then I understood that they can make a perfect bond. Moreover they are the two who are gonna living together under the same roof whereas Jeeva is mine. She is my girl.

Now no demands for children coz we have a little time in our account. 4 kids and three elders for taking care of them. Shadow is mature and he has sufficient knowledge for understanding the situation. Therefore he began to become independent. He was already independent but his time tables, uniforms, washing, …..all were depending upon me and Swara. He started to do all these himself.

And Janu!!!! Her needs were the big question mark in front of us. 2 and half years old girl. She can walk and run, such a dangerous age u know. Her disappearance is making us in trouble. Once she went missing at last we found her near the cliff. If a second late…..ohh no. Thanks for her Payal…it is the detecter for finding her. A full-time maid is necessary but will trust upon whom??? And they won’t be here for 24 hours. This was the exact time when I missed my family the most. Thank you Jesus, your divine brides helped us. Sometimes Sister Shobhita will take care of her. They will take her to the convent and disciples of that old age home are treating her like their own grandchild. Post evening Shadow will take care of Janu. For him, she is a big turmoil.
She will torn his textbooks and will play with his colors. Will pinch him, bite him…. Poor Shadow he will tolerate everything…..

And about my Jeeva, she is my brave daughter. More inclined towards me. She will go to Swara only for br*ast feeding and in my absence. She always liked to be with me. If some other will try to lift her she will cry. So none will try that Bhagiratha’s hardwork. She have Swara’s fair skin whereas my skin tone gone to Janu and Jay. My Jeeva is so much sweet and cute. My cutipie’s eyeballs were resembled like grapes.
It will run frequently always……..
Swara is telling that, it is the signature of naughtyness but I think, Swara’s observation skills are gone Jeeva. She smiled rarely. She gifted 99℅ of smiles for me. If she will open her micro mouth for a smile or else for a yawning
Then Shadow will giggle by looking at her teeth less mouth……. Hehe Dad look teeth less granny??….. He will show it to Janu also…..Janu look teeth less granny…… She will close her mouth and will giggle……???? Hehe teet les ganny…….
I will give him a small beat,…… Your teeth will arrive soon hain na Jeeva?…… She will blink her eyes. Her winking is making her more innocent.

My life was regaining it’s colors but……….

To be continued……...

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