My Shadow my companion – it’s all about Sanskar Episode 11

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Sorry for the delay actually I was busy wid my internal exams and I was really disappointed with that off air news , I can’t loss my Swasan. Really hating to open fb someone is arguing that it’s confirmed and someone s not. I don’t know how can I leave without them. If they are leaving then I have a humble request
Helly n Varun please come back with an another show (n please ColorsTV par hi aana meri ghar mein other channels nahin milta ???)
Upcoming episodes also might be delay gyz cz my public are starting at 29th
Please forgive me

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Episode 11

Swara’s POV

I was sitting on a big rock amid of the river. Aryan s sleeping on my lap. Once he slightly opened his eyes and smiled at me.
R u feeling hungry, I asked while patting on his head. He nodded no with a feeble smile but I know it’s a lie. After all I am his Mom u know.
“Aryan How much do you love me??” Hmm my childish interrogation.
He smiled vainly then kissed on my cheek.

Mom I am loving you a lot . You know something?? I was awaiting for you. You are exactly like my Mamma. It’s not in ur external appearance but in ur internal beauty. I am loving you but I can’t do that like my Dad. He always used to talk to ur pic. His talk will start with ire then his tears will vanish it.
I had decided at that moment that I will make you my Mom. You seemed like loving and caring in photos n now look you are. Aap bohot cute ho Mom.
I pinched his both cheeks

You Devil u r really resembles like ur Dad.

Then we talked about his studies, their heaven , farms, school, Nair Uncle………

I was lost in his loquacious nature. My 10 years,it’s not wasted Sanskar. Might be God suffered me for being his mother.After all these years always seemed like a labour pain.

My little one is talking to me. He is sitting in my lap. But I am unlucky, I have missed his childhood. Kaash mein iss Kanha ka Yashoda ban sakun. I tightly hugged him then kissed one of his cheek from behind. Slowly he fell asleep again.

I was also feeling dizzy and was unable to remain my eyes open. I also fell asleep in a sudden
A couple of minutes later I felt pain in one of my earlobe. It seemed like someone is biting there.

Aahh , unknowingly I shouted startled.
It was him, my naughty hubby.
Sanskar tum na??

What happened Mom??
Aryan came for my rescue.
Nothing beta tum so jao. But he caught Sanskar red handed.

?? Chunky y r u ill treating my Mom.

He pinched Sanskar’s ear.
Don’t dare to hurt my Mom

I stared at Sanskar like I achieved my goal

And look you both , I want my bro and sis
I can’t wait anymore. So give me fast okay and yeah I was awaited for your arrival Mom. Ab mujhse aur wait nahin hoga

He said it such an elder progenitor like he wants his grandchildren so soon

Sanskar pinched on his ear

??? bade bade batein mat bol mat bol

Then punched on his thigh?

I brought some corn for you. Go ? go n eat it

Aryan: But Dad I don’t like corns.???

The cat turned rat??
He crouched his head due to helplessness. Meanwhile his Mom consoled him

Don’t worry beta we will prepare corn pulao together

?? corn pulao s it yummy ??

Yeah yeah off course. He was really curious
His eyes were widened in curiosity.
I gave him some small works for the preparation.
He kissed both of us
in rejoice and left.

We both of us
in rejoice and left.

We both were alone at that place. I know he will do something now but I couldn’t look at his face. I peeped at him while playing with the tip of my saree. God I found something fishy in his glare. Swara bhaag bhaag
Mind is stimulating me to run away. I escaped from there with an instant courage. Solely God know how I got such strength in a hurry.

But He is Sanskar who don’t know how to loss.
He dragged my hands and pulled me towards him.Then kissed on my bare neck from back. His hands were writing poems on my belly. He is passionately kissing me and I am helpless. I was forcefully closing my eyes.We both were in an another world. I was feeling something magical. I want this but this not a right time and place. Unintentionally I am doing this. My hands pulled his head more towards me. My body is not letting me to go from him. I know he is also not in his senses.
I have to extinguish this fire of 10 years otherwise this Terminator will burn me.
He turned me towards him. Then held my chin and also dare to kiss my cheek.

Sanskar le lemme go. Aryan will catch us red handed.

Gosh I am stammering

Don’t you think that we have to approve his humble request ??, he muttered

But I jerked him and escaped.
At last I found my haven under a Coconut tree.

Sanskar no Sanskar
No please please don’t do anything

But he was coming close to me. I was really afraid and started panicking. Words were stuttering. Whole body is sweating and shivering.

Sanskar look Aryan is there.

But I only noticed lust in his eyes. He came close to me. Now there’s little distance between us. He suppressed me like hell
Before I should say something our lips were knotted to each other.

No I can’t leave him. Whatever I don’t care about it’s after effects. I just wanted to be with him. Our lips were greedy for each other. Slowly slowly the greed reached its highest peak. We are breathing hardly He pulled my waist towards him I pulled his head more close to me. We both were closing eyes. Sometimes moon peeped amid of clouds.
He forgot everything, I forgot everything. Now nothing left between us. No hate, no disease, neither self respect nor morality. No dignity and no reputation.
There isn’t any past here and we aren’t worrying about the present and future. We don’t know what is life and what is death.
And finally neither Swara nor Sanskar.

If something left here then it’s only 2 souls who have united a few minutes ago. They don’t know anything but they wanted to be together forever.

Slowly slowly we regained consciousness. Unwillingly our lips began to separate. His hands started unbending my belly. Finally his lower lip touched mine for a last time. Both of us opened our eyes slightly. I blushed
Ohh I resisted him till now and what happened between us??. I started leaving but he wrapped my tummy from back then rested his chin on my shoulder. I crouched my head due to blushing. He again kissed my cheek.

Sanskar chodo na ?

Hmm chod raha hoon par agli baar soch na bhi mat

I nodded my head like an obedient kid.


3 of us made the pulao together. And about the groceries??? Do you remember he purchased it from that grocery store. I was feeding my Kanha but he snatched my hand and consumed.
Uuuhhh he is naughty more than my Kanha. Now look he is not ready to leave my hand he is biting it?. I made Kanha sleep and lied him inside the car.


I failed to find Sanskar there. Finally I found out him sitting on a rock with tilting over an another one. He was staring far away sky.

My naughty prince r u sitting here. I called you. Didn’t you heard me???

I also sat beside him then started to talk with him but he was totally silent.
Mr Maheshwari I know how to recharge u. I took his hands and placed on my belly but he was totally silent. Is it that death fright caught him again ???

Swara hum yeh sahi kar raha hoon na?

I gave him a side hug

My head is resting on his shoulder.

Arey budhu we are husband and wife. Then y r u thinking about right and wrong??

He sighed

Swara u r trusting my unguaranteed life. You know Swara I am fearing to fell asleep too maybe I won’t wake up. Death will take me away with him. I am not worrying about my Shadow now, I know u will take care of him but I wanna live with you . I will be lucky if I can.

Sometimes I am feeling that my return was a big mistake. I am assuring you a new ray of hope without any base. Please Swara please go back. I can solely give you pain and you always suffered because of me. I’m not a good husband I’m not deserving anything from you

Tears are emerging from his eyes. I took a hand full of water from Kaveri and splashed onto his face. He was stunned in my sudden action.
He furiously slapped me. Actually I expected this, you know na that he is short tempered

Here I seriously talking to you and do you really thinking that I am kidding ???.

He was dare to go but I held his hand. And he again seated there.

No Sanskar you aren’t kidding. Your pains were came out from ur mind but did you noticed it??, Some tear droplets were also came with it but these water droplets took also your tears with it now your tears are not existing. What did you said life s unguaranteed not urs Mr Monster Maheshwari every lives are unguaranteed
And look ur sadness turned ire in my sudden action.

I touched on the slap mark.

Look u can notice it here. A miracle is also like this Sanskar it will b sudden and unexpected. These water drops vanished your pain and tears ,like that once ur miraculous recovery will definitely happen.

He stood like a culprit
Then began to cry like a kid

Sorry, then a tight hug

Chodo na Sanskar pyar ka dard hai meetha toh hoga hi. It will remain in our sweet memories

To be continued……..

Please pardon me if anything immoral in it

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    Manuuuu… hiks…. i don’t understand hindi part….
    yeah life always un granted ….

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    Loved it…
    Bt i didn’t lykd dat slapd part

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      Chodo na yaar u know na he s short tempered and it was important for the situation. I just wanted to show that how his emotions got changed

  7. Chanu

    U r right mann dr..
    I dnt knw hv ll I live with out my swasan… 🙁 🙁 🙁 huhuhuhuh…
    im soo sad nw..
    I hv a request. Plzzz dr dnt end writing ffs of swasn,,, or else ill die 4 sure..

    first im soo sry 4 late cmnt dr… I hd a headache and I ws bzy…
    lvly epi dr.. I lv it soo much..
    swaras thoughts abt his devil.. its rly heart touching.
    She feels like dat 10 yrs pain as delivery pain..
    and my sanku cried. Huhuuh..
    im soo sad.. bt my swara brng him back.. bt he slap swara.. huh?? Dats bad ha…
    Their family tym swasan parts all r soo god dr..
    I lv it..
    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. I too dear hw cn I live widout dem
      I couldn’t write a touching line so d episode delayed
      I just wanted to change his emotions yaar
      I wanted to show that how his sorrows turned ire
      And you know na he is short tempered
      Late cmmnt s k dr
      Hw s d marriage
      R u n fb

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  8. amazing…!!loved it..!! Actually I missed few episodes earlier as I have exams…!! i am shocked reading sanskar has disease…!!

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