My possessive wife (part-3)

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Hi……..Jaan is back with new episode. Thank you all for the support. And your precious comments.
Hope I am not disappointing you all

Sanskar’s POV:
Finally I got married to ragini. How much ever I tried to find diya before my marriage, I was not able to find her. but I am not among the one who accept defeat so soon, I will find her and make her beg for forgiveness, I will make her life worser than hell. I will make her regret for messing up with sanskar maheshwari. I will make sure that she regret the moment she met me, betraying me was her life’s worst decision ever.
I know in this process I will break ragini’s heart. She is such an innocent girl, she so cute, beautiful and she has such a magic in her eyes which attracts everybody. I just feel she is stupid, like which idiot will agree to marry the who she dint even see. I accepted the proposal only for the sake of my parents. Coz my world revolves around them, and I know I am their world. They did a lot to me, before I even ask they gave each and every thing I need. Now its my turn to keep them happy. I promised my mom to keep ragini happy. And I will keep her happy as a good friend. But I not as wife. Of course she will be Mrs.Sanskar Maheshwar to the whole world. She will get all the benefits, luxury and respect of being Sanskar maheshwari’s wife and the DIL of Maheshwari khandan. But I can only consider as my friend not as wife. I will be there for her as a good friend.
Today is our suhag rath. May be she will be expecting something but I will have clear the things to her. Before she starts dreaming about our married life, I will have to make her understand.
End of POV

Sanskar enters his room and locks the door. He see ragini sitting in the middle of the bed. Her face was covered with ghungat. She was twisting the edge of her ghungat in nervousness. Sanskar went to her, lifted her ghungat kept it aside. She was staring her feet.
San: ragini
Rag: (still looking down) ji
San: arey why are you behaving as if you are with the monster. Like beauty with her beast. I don’t think I am that bad. I know I am handsome, you can look at me.
Rag: (giggeld a little and slowly looked at his face.)ji
San: do you want to change?
Rag: ji?
San: arey yaar, say somrthing other than ji… ji…
San: go and change inot your night dress.

Ragini nodded and went to the closet. Their closet contain a small changing room.
Once she went sanskar talked to himsefe.

San: I cant break her heart. Her eyes can melt anaybody’s heart. No sanskar, you should tell her truth. Hope she understand.

Ragini came back after changing. Then sanskar went to change. He came back and saw that she was arranging her jews on the dressing table.

San: ragini I want to talk to you
Rag: ji sanskar ji.
San: first of all stop this ji mantra and call me sanky. And now the important thing, I cant accept you as my Wife.
Rag: you………you are……joaking….right?
Tears made their way in her eyes
San: no ragini. I know you are hurt. But I cant accept you as my wife.
Rag: (with lot of difficulty gaining her strength) w…..wh…why?
San: coz I don’t love you. Common we hardly know each other and we just me on our engagement, then directly marriage.
Rag: then……they why did you marry me?
San: just like you married me for your parent’s sake, I married you coz of my parent’s happiness.
Rag: plz don’t do this to me
San: try and understand ragini, I DON’T LOVE YOU.we can be friends. I will be there for you always as a good friend.
Rag: I want you as MY HUSBAND not as my friend sanskar
San: its sanky, only my loved ones can call me sanskar. And don’t over react. You were so foolish to accept me, without even knowing me. Don’t worry, just bare me for some time till mom gets well. Then I will convince her, and also we cant get divorce soon. So after some time I will divorce you and you can live your life.
Rag: marrying me was your decision but to divorce me you need my permission too. Which you can never get. You are my husband and I am your wife. And I will remain as your wife till my last breadth. You cant change it.
San: its up to you. But I know you will change your decision soon. Marriage without love is hell. And nobody wish to live in such hell
Rag: a wife has a power to change that hell to heaven. Its upto her to make her home as hell or heaven, and I will make mine heaven as you said I don’t wish to live in hell
Sanskar stromed out the room. Ragini sat on floor near the bed, resting her head on the bed. Tears flowed from her eyes nonstop. The entire night spent like this.

Precap: Ragini’s POV

i know all of you were waiting for their marriage. dont worry guys, i will give their marriage part little later.
Don’t forget to drop your comments. I will back soon with next part. Till keep missing me. Bye , TC and see you all soon……

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