My secret admire »DevAkshi« Episode 16

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Hi guys Rithika here,
Sorry for being terribly late, actually my article got deleted 4 times and I was too lazy to write all over again and I was even busy with republic day programs and stay backs and what not so I was too lazy to type. Sorry again…


A man whose face is covered with a muffler enters Bhaiya ji’s house unnoticed by anyone. He slowly beats the goons standing around the house without making any noise. He comes to hall where Bhaiya ji and others goons were seated and talking something

Bhaiya ji : Birju, we should do something I won’t get peace till I kill that Dev
Birju: But what can we do Bhaiya ji, we can’t even harm that girl because I don’t want to see myself in chote ji’s place
Bhaiya ji : But I think that girl is really not important to him otherwise he would’ve come Here by now to save her
Birju : No, no Bhaiya ji I’m sure he is fooling us, he loves that girl very much

The man hears them and removes his muffler; he is none other than our hero; Dev, he smirks hearing their talks

Dev : Well u r right

He says this with a smirk and Bhaiya ji and Birju look up hearing the words and were shocked yet surprised to see Dev

Birju : Dekha na Bhaiya ji I told u he loves that girl, he was fooling us, see he came to save her
Bhaiya ji : Haan he came but will not return back because he will die, I will kill him
Dev : Are any astrologer that ur predicting to kill me huh! Tell me where is my Sona
Bhaiya ji : (laughs sarcastically) What do u think, if u ask about her we will tell u huh!
Dev: Oh! (looks around)Sona, Sona, Sona..Sona

He shouts her name loudly and Sona who was in a room hears his voice and gets happy

Sona : (happy) Dev

She runs outside the room and finds Dev standing in front of her shouting out her name, she gets happy yet teary eyes seeing him. Just then Dev’s eyes fall on her and he gets happy to see her

Dev : Sona

He takes her name with so much love and moves towards her, he was about to touch her but..

Bhaiya ji : (to goons) Ay!!! Hold that girl

The goons hold Sona while she struggles to free herself from their grip

Sona : Leave …leave me

Dev gets angry and gives a kick to the goons holding her, the goons fall on the floor. He stamps his hand hard in anger that the goons scream in pain

Dev : She told u to her leave right? Can’t u hear her??

Sona smiles whereas he beats, punches and kicks the goons black and ble
Birju gulps in fear while Bhaiya ji gets angry and takes a wooden stick and beat it on Dev’s back, but the stick broke. Dev turns and smirks punching him hard, he beats every one black and blue and he eyes turned were full red in rage that he was continuously beating them up. He looks at Birju who was hiding behind a pillar in fear, he goes towards him and punches him hard causing him to fall on the floor

Dev : How dare u kidnap my girl, my love huh!

Birju : Arey I’m sorry, I’m sorry

He keeps on beating him in anger, Just then police comes there along with Vicky, Elena and Ayan. Sona gets happy to see them and runs towards them and hugs Elena

Inspector : Mr. Dev u leave them to us

Dev nodes and leaves them. He glares at Bhaiya ji with anger and he gulps in fear. Inspector arrests them and they leave from there. Dev turns and looks at Vicky, Elena, Ayan and Sona. He goes towards them

Dev : Vicky, how come they r here??

He says this questionly pointing at Elena and Ayan, before Vicky could say anything, Elena interrupts

Elena : Actually bhai we came to know that u were just acting to be calm to save Sona, as Ayan bhai and I went to Vicky ’s office, There we heard his conversation with inspector for arresting bhaiya ji and all

Dev : Oh!!!!
Ayan : Waise Dev u should’ve told me, u know I’m a good puncher, I would’ve given them nicely
Dev : Good puncher or punch eater??? Huh!
Ayan : Is punch a chocolate like munch ??

Dev looks irritatingly while Vicky and Elena laugh and Ayan looks on confused. Just then Dev’s eyes falls on Sona he smiles and goes towards her, Sona sees him coming towards her
Sona : Ele I’m feeling sleepy, let’s leave na
Elena : Haan okay Sona, come
Dev: Sona….

His words left incomplete as she looks at him angrily and leaves from there, he feels sad thinking about his slap to her. He wants to apologize to her but feels sad seeing her anger. Soon they leaves from there


Sona’s room

Sona was hiding looking at Dev’s room via window. She was giggling seeing the restless Dev whose eyes were fixed to her window wanting to see her but she wants to tease him because he teased her enough

Sona : (giggles) Dev u teased me enough now it’s my turn Obhodro

She thinks something and smiles teasingly and leaves from there


Dev’s room
Dev was waiting to take a glance of his love. He was going here and there in restlessness to see her, his love his Sona, just then his eyes falls on Sona who just came outside the mansion and seated on a chair. He gets happy to see her

Dev : Thank god I saw her chal Dev abb mana ussai

He shakes his head and leaves from there…

Outside the mansion Sona sees him coming and smiles teasingly, he comes and sits beside her and looks at her who was giving a angry look turning her face

Dev : Sona

He takes her name with so much love that she wanted to melt in his arms then and there. But composes herself and acts angry. He gets sad seeing her anger because he know it is his fault, he shouldn’t have slapped her. He looks at her cheek where he slapped her and touches her cheek lovingly. She was startled by his sudden touch as she feels goosebumps in her stomach

Dev : I’m sorry Sona, please talk me na, I slapped u right. U slap me too hundred times more I’m ready, but please talk to me, please Shona

He says this caressing her cheeks lovingly, she blushes feeling his touch on her soft skin but still acts as angry and jerks him, he gets sad

Dev : Sona I’m sorry na, promise I won’t repeat this again, please talk to me

Just then Sona’s mobile rings, she lifts it

Sona : Haan, hello Natasha
Sona : (happy) What tomorrow is college feast. Wow!!!!
Sona : (surprised) Oh, how cool!! Mandy is proposing sandy in the feast, otherwise nowadays boys doesn’t care to propose the girl they love, huh! (says this gazing Dev angrily) ok bye..

Dev hears them and sees her who was gazing him angrily saying those words at that time he realized that he never proposed her. He thinks something and smiles. Dev looks at Sona who was still sitting giving a angry look. He turns her and takes her in his embrace hugging her tightly yet lovingly while she was surprised by his sudden action but blushes and was about to hug him back but stops and jerks him off, she gets up and was about to go. He smiles and holds her wrist not letting her go he to gets up from the chair and pulls her closer to him, looks at her beautiful doe eyes lovingly which was giving him angry look he smiles and places a kiss on her cheek where he slapped, she widens her eyes. He smiles and whispers in her ears

Dev : (whispers) I’m sorry sweetheart, My love, my darling sweetu talk to me na

Sona looks at him angrily and pushes him and leaves from there

Sona : Huh! I thought he will propose me at least now, but no. Stupid, idiot

Here Dev smiles thinking something


Hows it please give ur views

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  1. Darshini

    Wow Rithu…it’s awesome dear…
    Waiting for the proposal…
    Post soon dear…

  2. Niki645

    Awesome Rithika!!!!

    Such a sweet episode!!! Loved it to the core!!
    Awwwwwww…… Dev is so cute…. Sona.—- don’t tease Dev so much na!!!

    Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls post soon!!


  3. Angel20

    Amazing! Seriously loved it very much?? Post the next one soon!!

    With Love❤

  4. Awesome episode dear post the next episode soon as possible

  5. Dessertqueen

    Hii guys… Its a lovely story..keep up the nice work … 🙂

    by the way… I m new here and jst yesterday posted my first episode of devakshi fan fiction… Though the characters were introduced.. Names would be given later… It is comprising of less characters… Hope u guys would be interested in reading it.. I d k y or how or wht shd i do.. That my fan fiction appears in the serials written update page… If anybody knows… Plz hlp.. 🙂 your cooperation is solicited..

    Here is the link to the episodes…incase if you r interested… 🙂

    1. Welcome dear….And while submitting the article u would have clicked to written updates option….but instead u have to click to fan fiction option….?

  6. Aarti32

    Awesome..But u’re ritika bhatia then y rj?? If I may ask..

    1. Rj12

      It’s nothing like that actually I just put rj12 just like that, I never thought of my name initials

      1. Aarti32


  7. Great episode. Pls post next episode soon.

  8. Hasfan

    Wow the episode was awesome….
    Waiting for next part post it soon plz….

  9. V.V.harshita

    Hey hey it was really awsome rithika…..I hav no words and I know Dev is planing something different to propose her and plzs plzs post soon

  10. Erina

    Awsum chap again sweety ???????????????l
    Post soon Egarlyyy waitingggg for next chap ???????????

  11. Wowowowowow it was too god plzzz post next episode soon

  12. Awesome one rhitika…. Really superb Love,

  13. Anjali333

    It’s awesome ritika
    Can’t wait for proposal

    Please please please update soon

  14. Simplesweety1

    I Know! I Know! That What’s He Thinking ‘Bout! 😉 Loved It! Update Soon!

  15. Priya12

    Rithu, sry 4 the late cmt…epi was awesomeeee…..I think dev is gng 2 propose sonakshi in a different manner … waiting 4 it…post the nxt epi soon

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