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HII GUYS… Writing has been a passion for me always… I have read a lot of stories since childhood… which inspired me to write despite the hectic medical life….. I rarely get to read any fan fiction…as most of them have started long time ago…and i wont be able to understand any if i have not followed them from the start… Anyways… I love originality in my work… If any similarities are found.. Please do inform me… Iwould definitely like to any of any person having the same idea as mine… Or otherwise copying my own story…

Well.. Lets keep it simple… Not many characters are involved… And its kind of based on a true story.. (Of My friend) she urged me to write it into a story… While updating me about what is happening so i could form scences one after another… But i m going to make a few changes so as to avoid realistic coincidences..(though when i read it to her , she was laughing saying how did you guess as most of it actually did match though not all)

I know i m irritating u all with all the jabberings.. As u might b patiently waiting for the story to begin..
And here you go…

/////////// OVER A CUP OF COFFEE\\\\\\\\\\\\

It was one of those usual sundays, the coffee shop was busier than ever.. People buzzing all
around.. And the strong smell of all different types of brewing hot coffee filled the air with warmth and coziness..
A young handsome man enters the coffee shop and smiles meekly at all the people present there.. It seemed as though they have become his mate somehow…
This man would come to the cafe almost every day and sit in that very old rusted couple table at the corner of the coffee shop..below the glass ceiling… Right next to the glass window…
The waiter,his very well known, once enquired why he sat in this place always… To which he replied “it gives me more peace and light.”

The tall walls inscribed with different coffee flavours and other messages..containing beautiful rustic and century old paintings..had witnessed everything that happened through out the years of his adulthood… This very corner became the very essence of his life.. As if he could no longer sleep without having his favourite black coffee and hearing to the creaking sounds that the furniture made.. Smelling the coffee in the air.. And all the warmth the place holds..
He was lost in thoughts.. Staring out of the window.. Wtching the rain drops trickle down against the window glass and collect at the bottom..when suddenly..

“Hey!!Excuse me!!” exclaimed a girls voice.. Taking the boys attention towards her..

Boy says: “miss,could you please—-”
Girl yells at the boy…

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  1. Aqua

    I like it. Very well written.? pls continue

  2. woww…nice beggining…. im curious 2 read u r nxt part …… by the way i too like cofee
    despite of u r medical sheduld u r writing ff nd we do read it….
    luv u nd keep gng

  3. Dessertqueen

    Thanks alot.. I will surely continue this… And i hope i dont dissapoint u all… I needed a positive response to get more interested in writing… 🙂 Your prayers are most neccessary for me…

  4. Nivedha

    Wowow so cool continue pls I m waiting

  5. Awesome intro.

  6. Hey, Just today I got this link…. And it’s seriously awesome….. Its written on DevAkshi na…. So it’s more awesome….but this isn’t posted on krpkab page… Maybe u made a mistake while submitting your articles…. Anyways, it’s superb…Will love read more

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