OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 2)

A young man enters the coffee shop smiling at all ppl present there..and walks over to his favourite corner… He sits lost in thoughts watching the rain trickle down the window glass when a girl happens to distract his thoughts..

Episode 2:

The man was startled by her loud voice…and looked towards her… Staring into her beautiful daring eyes….and said.. “Yes..miss”
The whole coffee shop was now gripped with silence.. Nobody spoke a word or moved… All eyes were on to them…

“Actually.. I m outta time.. You see and coffee was a must.. But–”

“You may sit.. But don’t even try to talk to me.. I dont like loud spoken girls..”

The girl rolls her eyes up… Thinking as if she was interested…and pulls the chair back to sit… All the while making noise.. Much to irritation of the guy…
The boy went back into staring out of the window while waiting for his favourit coffee– black coffee….
Just then… The girls loud ringtone broke out another spell of silence in the coffee shop..

Politely saying sorry… The girl started talking loudly to her friend over the phone..while glancing around the coffee shop… Noticing everyone was lokking her way… She reduced her voice to a vry low level… Yet sometimes forgetting tht she has to speak softly n gently outside ..

The girl was in her early twenties.. A tiny yet so beautiful girl… No one would think of her to have such a loud voice… Thought the boy… And resorted back to looking outside the coffeee shop… While sipping coffee and shivering as though it was snowing outside…

Upon cutting her call… The girl called out to the waiter…
“One cappuccino please”

As loud as ever… The boy already irritated with her incessantly loud jabberings..and childish attitude..turned himself to face her..
He noticed she was wearing reading glasses… Reading a book and typing into the computer screen…
He knocked the table at her side to distract her.. And politely said…
“Miss..could you please—”
While doing so.. He bymistake hits the coffee cup ruining her paper works…
“God!! What the hell is your problem??? It’s my life.. I am gonna do what ever i want… As long as its not related to you… You need not bother… Already you have created enough trouble for me… I haven’t come here on a date with you… It’s a small place.. N i had no option rather than to sit with you… And yes.. I know i talk loud n childish…”
She picks her papers up from the table and checks if they were much damaged…

The boy stood freezing… His eyes welled up..but controlling his emotions… He sat back and turned his chair towards the window… Trying not to add trouble to the girl any more…

The girl arranging her stuffs..sat down to sip into her coffee…

The rest of the evening was spent quite..none bothered about the other..
The coffee shop was a common place to botg of them… But yet it was the first time they saw each other..
And first would be the last they thought..
Totally unaware of what uncertainty their fates had written for them..
Sipping into her pipping hot coffee, the girl stole glances at the guy…watching him quite inquisitivly as he sipped into his coffee…– somewhere in her heart she felt empathized towards the innocence behind his charmingly handsome face…. — as though he had already owned a place in her heart… As though he had belonged to her… She felt bad to speak rudely to him..
Meanwhile the guy was already gone paying his bills… Disappearing into the darkness of the lane…
The girl immediately walked up to the waiter..paid her bills.. And enquired if he comes here always…and if he did… At waht time..

The waiter was curious to know why?
To which the girl snaps back saying so that she could avoid coming to the coffee shop during those hours..

The girls walks up to the florist and picks up a beautiful bouquet and pins a sorry message to it inscribing her beautiful name at the bottom of it… “Sonakshi bose” … And drives all the way to the coffee shop..


  1. Hasfan

    Wow the episode was awesome i must say you have excellent writing skills plz post next one soon i’m eagerly waiting for your story

  2. Awesome episode dear post the next episode soon.

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    it was short nd sweet
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  5. Amazing ff with superb writing skills…. I’m eagerly waiting for the next episode…..

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