Mehyra ff – Ae dil hai muskil – Chapter 1 (new beginings)

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Location lucknow
nehal got up and saw the time, it was almost 10 in the morning. Nehal came running from her room after getting ready and ran to her di’s room.
Her di was still sleeping , if it was 2years ago, shock was the word nehal could have got but not know, in this two years nehal has seen her sister turning from shy to bold, weak to stronger, and also pratical, they got shifted to lucknow before 2 years without telling anyone in the town, not even mehak’s friend sonal, nehal did not like lucknow as it was not high fi as her hometown, but her hometown has given mehak di and her pain in the name of love, ajay leaked the pictures of her in net after knowing about mehak’s broken marriage with shaurya khanna and her family which was facing taunts because of no fault of mehak di, had to face more because of nehal’s fault, so seeing their families trouble mehak and nehal go away from their hometown so that their family does not face any taunts but the question was where will go and how will their surive without job, but the problem got solved as nehal got scholarship in college plus internship in one of the best companies of lucknow and coincidencely mehak got a job offer in one of the best restuarnt of lucknow as the chef with home to stay was given free, both nehal and mehak wrote a letter to their family not to search them as their want to heal their wounds and their will come back when needed, their pratical even to lead their life and went away, as nehal remembered the past , tears formed in her eyes, she wiped them and turned to see her mehak di sleeping, di wake up it is elven ur restuarnt meeting nehal shouted, mehak got up in hurry and shouted back to nehal ” have u gone mad, that’s why i did not want to party with ur friends but u conviced me by telling u will wake me up, see what happened”

mahek ran to the bathroom leaving laughing nehal, when came out of her room mehak found nehal setting the table for breakfast, mehak shouted again at nehal ” don’t have college to attend”,nehal smily said ” di college at elven not at ten thirty” that’s the time mehak realised the believing nehal, she didn’t realise to look at the clock at all, mehak gave a angry glare to nehak for which nehal softly said di if i could have said the real time to wake up , u could slept more and get up late skip breakfast ,run to the restuarant , as u are not good at running u could have missed the meeting, we could become homeless and ur health could have suffered because of ur skiping breakfast see i saved ur wealth and health said nehal for which mehak started laughing . Dramebaaz u will never change said mehak after finishing breakfast , any way lock the door before leaving the house and went away.
Khuranna’s resturants group

as mehak entered,” hi beautiful” was the first thing she heard, mehak turned to see boss ‘s flirty son was standing there , the arjun khurrana only son of her boss and heir of khuranna, arjun had shifted lucknow for holidays last year only for one month upon his father’s request, proud of his charm arjun charmed every girl in the restuarant except mehak, from that day mehak was challenge for arjun to prove his charm of charming any girl and to satisfy his ego and pride, so he convinced his father that he wanted to stay to learn more about business , mr khuranna was more than happy to hear this but was unaware of arjun’ s intentions handed the business to him, from that time onwards arjun tried every method to woo mehak by showing his richness and charm but mehak was not affected at all. Mehak was fed up of arjun’s method’s of coming close to her, and wanted to complaint to her boss but was afraid that her boss may misunderstand her as nor she is so beautiful that arjun trying to woo her was unbelievable to anyone, as mehak came out of her thoughts , she found arjun staring at her and asked what do u need arjun , arjun replied u , i mean a date , mahek replied back why do u want to go with me, there are many girls dying to go with u and did u bet with anyone or i am challenge for u as i am not affected by ur charm, arjun was shocked and replied ” what about love, maybe i love u” mahek started laughing , arjun asked what’s so funny , mahek said ” love till itself is funny, love will not sound nice from u rich people mouth especially from u, for how many girls u have said this, do you even realise how many hearts have broken, u boys only break hearts, come to point do u want any food recipes from me , should i tell everyone u charmed me also ,ur great , i think we are late for the meeting already , let’s go my time is precious so i donot want to waste it by thinking about stupidity of love” mehak walked away leaving shocked arjun behind.

Precap: shaurya’s life and mehak feeling

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