Saraswatichandra 9th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 9th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor telling Vidyachatur and Kumud that Saras lost his memory as he got heavy hit on his head. Vidyachatur asks is there any solution. The doctor says Mrs Vyas can get his memory back. They look at Kumud while she cries. The doctor sys he took Kumud’s name while he is semi conscious, so only she can revive his memories, try to remind him of whatever happened till now, only you can help him in his treatment. Piya……………..plays……………..They bring Saras home while he is still on the wheelchair. Saras looks around and asks Danny his name. Danny says Danny Vyas, we share a same surname.

Saras asks whose house is this. Vidyachatur says ours, think its yours. Saras asks where is my house, can you find out where do I live, so that I can go back to my home. Badimaa says its in other city. She says we will send you back when you get fine, till then you think this is your home. Badimaa sees Kumud crying. Saras asks why did no one came to take me, my family would be worried, please make me reach them. Vidyachatur says your dad, Laxminandan Vyas, is my good friend, I have informed him that you are at our house. When you get well, you go your home. Vidyachatur asks Kabir and Danny to take Saras to the guest room.

Danny says yes and takes Saras. Everyone is upset. Kumud thinks of the doctor’s words. Vidyachatur tells Guniyal not to tell Saraas anything, why did this happen with him. Badimaa says everything will be fine, he should not say he want to go from here. Vidyachatur says such patients can get irritated and get mental balance disturbed. Kusum says Saras identifies Kumud by a feeling and now she will help him in knowing everything. Badimaa says we don’t have much time Kumud, no one else can help him, you have to help him as he is your responsibility. Kumud goes to kitchen and thinks how Saras went inside the Jarokha. She thinks of Badimaa’s words.

Anushka sees Kumud crying and turns to leave. Kumud sees her and asks her to come. Anushka cries and says Didi, you can tell me anything, but what happened with Saras, I know you won’t wish to hear anything, but I just want to say, forgive me if possible, I m sorry. Kumud holds her hands and says I have forgiven you, Danny told me everything. She says I know what was my state was yours too. She says I wanted to get Saras back and you wanted your brother. How could I say your pain is less, I m sure if you knew this, you would have not done this.

Anushka says but I m also responsible for this accident. Kumud hugs her and says not you, but the situation, and it has to change, as you are not alone now, we all are with you. Rohit can’t harm you, nothing will happen to your brother, we will bring him back safe.

Kabir looks for some thing in Anushka’s room. Anushka comes to them. She sees Kabir and Danny. Danny asks did she get any call from Rohit. She says not yet, maybe he will call today. Danny says even I think so, but don’t let him doubt that we are with you now, we will find your brother now. Danny blesses her like an elder brother. Rohit calls her and they stop leaving from her room. Danny asks her to say yes to whatever he says and talk. She talks to Rohit on speaker.

He asks did anyone doubt you there. She says no, I told them you went out for urgent work. He threatens her about her brother and says my work is not over, as Kumud and Saras are still alive, so I will keep your brother with me. Danny signs its Rakhi day tomorrow. Anushka says she wants to see her brother tomorrow. Rohit says this can’t happen. Anushka insists and requests him to make him meet Avinash. Rohit agrees and says I will tell you where to come, if you act smart, it will be last rakhi for you. He ends the call. Anushka tells Danny and Kabir about Avinash and worries.

Kabir says don’t worry, you will get him tomorrow, its our promise. Danny says yes, we will bring him back. They leave. Anushka cries. Saras sleeps in his room. Kumud comes with milk and cries. She thinks she decided to be away from him, but not without him. She says I asked you back for our family, I will remind you everything. She holds his hand and keeps it on him. She wipes her tears. He asks who is it. She says milk, its night, have it and sleep. She lies beside him closing the lights. Saras shouts asking her to leave. Everyone come and ask what happened. Saras says this girl, was trying to lie beside me. He says see maybe I m married, or love someone, whoever you are, please stay far. He asks her to leave.

Badimaa says fine, now no one will trouble you, sleep now. Kusum asks Kumud to come with her. Danny asks Badimaa to see how Kumud was worried. Vidyachatur says don’t worry. Saras says say straight, you want to go to Kusum. Everyone look stunned.

Saras appears normal and tells everyone that he is doing this to explain Kumud that fate can never make them apart.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. kya bath hai saras what an acting yaar just amazing .per saras when kumud findout that ur acting then she will not leave u.per koi bath nayi it will be interesting to watch.and who is the negative character.finally ur stunning saras.and theme song of show is superb.

  2. thank god saras ka memory wapas aa gaya luv u luv u saras 🙂

  3. Oh God, I just want this show to go off air. It’s so boring

  4. Raza Manzoor

    Saras wapas aagaya .. Feeling Very happy. KYA BAAT, KYA BAAT, KYA BAAT.

  5. oh god …saras ws actng……mmmm.kumud won’t leave u……saras luv u so much…….

  6. Guys whether saras quiting show r nt

  7. O..haha..

  8. what an acting Saras..ARE YOU LEAVING THE SHOW?Love you Kumud..Nigal nalla jodiyanu..-malayalam

    1. Where r u from???

  9. Saras don’t live show any way.Without you show will be boring.luv u Saras & Kumud.

  10. Wow! Saras what an acting love you

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