Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila gets worried for Gopi and asks Ahem to call her. She asks Rashi about Gopi. Rashi says, Gopi wanted to come late so I came. Ahem calls Gopi, but she doesn’t pick his call. Ahem gets worried and calls the Landline number. He wonders where is Gopi. Kokila questions Rashi and asks her to tell exactly. Pari asks them to check her friendbook profile. Rashi says, she doesn’t have an account there. Kokila asks Ahem to call Gopi else they will go home. Hetal says, no one is at home. Kokila says, it is a matter of worry. Ahem gets worried. Vidya asks, where is mamma. Madhuben says, she will also come with them. Hetal says, we will inform you. Dhawal asks Ahem to inform him about Gopi. They leaves.

Rashi says, I don’t want to go. Urmila asks her to go else Gopi will tell a different story. Rashi says, she doesn’t want to go. Urmila says, you are not going switzerland and says I will meet you tomorrow. Rashi hugs her mom and looks at the house. She leaves.

Modi family come back home and looks at the house all messed up. They get shocked. Ahem calls Gopi and runs into his room. Everyone start searching for her in the house. Ahem calls Gopi on her phone. Kokila hears the phone ring at the house. Meera gives Gopi’s phone to Ahem. Ahem wonders where is she? Kokila says, something is wrong surely. Jigar says, we shall inform the police. Hetal says, we will call our relatives first and enquire about her. Ahem gets a call. He tells someone that she is not at home. Pari takes Gopi’s pics. Kokila scolds her. Pari says, she is uploading her photo on the networking site. Rashi says, she is saying right.

Ahem and Jigar go in search of Gopi. Vidya cries. Rashi consoles her and assures her that they will find her soon. Rashi gets a call from Urmila. She informs her that Gopi is not at home. Madhuben asks Urmila. Urmila tells her that Gopi is missing. Madhuben cries. Kinjal and Urmila console her. Dhawal goes to bring water. Madhuben cries badly. Urmila assures her that Gopi will be found. Urmila wonders where is Gopi?

Baa cries, Hetal says nothing will happen top our Gopi. Ahem and Jigar come back home dejected. Hetal and Kokila ask them. Ahem gets angry and tells them that he couldn’t find Gopi. Rashi says, we will call Masterji. She calls him. He comes home and asks why you all are looking tensed. Kokila asks him, did you see Gopi? Anurag says, when I went from here. Gopi and Rashi were standing here. Pari sees a earring stuck on Anurag’s pant and looks at Gopi’s pic in her mobile. Rashi too sees Gopi’s earring. Pari is about to tell everyone, but Rashi stops her. Pari and Rashi think that Gopi is being kidnapped by Anurag.

Rashi says, Gopi told me everything, but I didn’t believe my sister. I am sure that this man kidnapped my sister. She thinks what to do. She calls Kokila. Rashi comes to Kokila and asks her to come to mandir. She takes her inside the mandir. Pari shows her Gopi’s pic and shows the earring. Rashi asks her to look at Gopi’s earring stuck on Anurag’s pant. Rashi says, both are same. Kokila says, it means this master kidnapped my Gopi bahu. I will talk to him now. Rashi says, he will refuse surely. She says, we have to follow him. Kokila says, why he will kidnapped her? Rashi says, Gopi told me that he came for her. She said that Anurag was behind the attack on Ahem. Kokila is shocked. Anurag says, he wants to go to mandir and pray for Gopi. He asks them to inform him. He says, today is special day. He turns and thinks today he and Gopi will unite. I will take care of Gopi and never leave her. Kokila fumes in anger.

Kokila tells Ahem that they have to follow Anurag as he has kidnapped Gopi. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Telly Updates

    Hey Everybody yesterday there was some bad conversations and people impersonating our team, but i’d like to put that behind i wish you all a happy raksha bhandan
    Good Regards
    Telly Updates

    1. Hey guys this comment is not actually posted by telly team it is some others posting it using the telly name….if it was really posted by them then it will be appearing with a symbol of pen or something….use ur brains….don’t follow others like blind sheep’s………

  2. “HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN”Brothers are like street lights along the road they don’t reduce the distance but light up the path and makes the walk worthwhile………..once again “HAPPY RAKHI”…………

  3. Ayyoooooo…….i dont want to see rashi dead……this Mr.Bean is really disgusting…… I want to see him dead in ahems hands…frankly this parish I is looking like aunty….I don’t like her they might have chosen some other girl to pair up with jigar…….Rashi is looking younger beside her…..and i think in Monday episode they will pass the total time by showing their shocked faces from left to right n then from right to left………by that time this Mr.Bean can escape to another country with that gopi…….idiotic serial….the only thing we can see good in this serial is Rashi but now if she also dies who will watch this………(gopi fans I no u guys will watch but I am mentioning abt others)….

  4. if rashi is killed then that means jugar would marry her cousin that is just disgusting

    some one who is way younger than jigar as he already has kids and is a business man and she is a student

    why on earth would a man marry his sisters cousin eugh

    as if there are no other girls out there pretty and old enough

  5. Guys..chill its just a show..why u guys giving that much importance to it.. anyways they have already shotted rashis dead, ,.ruch aka rashi last day oc shooting WAS on 2nd August. . So no use of saying it.. but i belive its gonna get better. . Btw respect the other characters in serial too.. don’t worry it ll get better. Just if u guys dont have something nice to say don’t say anything…i also get irritated..but i have stoppes caring and i enjoy the serial and see the serial in a postive way! 🙂

  6. I hope Jigar don’t get Married to that Lollipop Face cuzin of rachi’ plz God she just damn rude, not pretty picture at all, she’s annoying. And her vocals”yuck”..

  7. We all used to say this abt new gopi whn other gopi left the show nd in tym we liked her so give her a chance aswell we all might like her as we did with new gopi devon sorry cant spell her name

  8. @ lokeshwari

    ி — நீங தமிழ் பொன்னா ,,,, அய்யொ
    word சரலமா வருதெ…. ஹ ஹ

  9. Hai meghala I am not tamilian but I know to speak Tamil as I am from southern part of INDIA……as most of them in my family speaks Tamil I can Tamil very well…..

  10. so nice to hear that….

    1. Rashy iz very notty n well dressd up lady in diz serial ….n also she is similar to sonali bendre actress ..really i mis u rashy…

  11. Miss u lot rashi plz come back.. Else we can’t watch the serial, its very boring now. Plz make it has masterji dream know plz.. End it of in nice way and go plz rashi. Previously they changed gopi and now again what s this? May be toul n moulu hates gopi in future becoz OK urmilas words rite.

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