Ek Hasina Thi 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dev thinking that Shaurya likes Durga. He excuses himself and says I will leave now. Durga insists him to stay and not insult her and the food. She compares both of them. She says she likes Dev, who is serious types. Dev says I m like a open book, I m whatever I look. Shaurya makes water fall on Dev and says I m sorry. Durga smiles thinking she expected him to do this. She thinks now its time to end this date and leave Shaurya alone. She says I got a message, dad called me for a meeting. She says we have to go in evening. Dev says fine. She says we will continue this lunch day any other day. Dev says I will leave you out. Shaurya says bye Durga, see you soon.

Shaurya messages Rajnath that only 23 hours left. Rajnath messages I m using a magical stick. Sakshi asks him what is he thinking. She asks him whats going in between him and Shaurya. Durga sees the car tyres punctured of everyone. She says how can this happen. Everyone ask the guard how did this happen. Shaurya says its looks about a serial killer and laughs. Shaurya blinks to the guard and Dev sees this. Shaurya says I will check my car, I parked it far, maybe its fine.

He says guess what, my car is fine. FB scene shows Shaurya puncturing the car tyres and asking the guard to do it for him, by bribing him. Dev smiles and thinks I should have understood, you won’t change ever. Dev asks Shaurya to drop Durga. Shaurya says fine and brings the car. Durga leaves with him. Dev thinks this was not needed, I m not interested to come between you and me, what you want from her and what I want from her, has much difference.

Rajnath tells Sakshi that Shaurya is troubling him a lot. Sakshi says poor you, but why. She asks what does he know about you, that you are afraid of him. He says Shaurya wants to take Dev out of cancer project, its his order, not his wish. He says you do a lot for him, so shall I think he knows your secret and you are afraid of him. She says I m an emotional fool, for him, but you are hiding something. You forgot secrets reach me. He laughs and says then fine, we will talk when you get to know it. He leaves.

Shaurya and Durga are on the way. Shaurya says you were in good mood today, good to see. She asks really? He says yes. She says but I did not feel good seeing you serious. Shaurya says Dev is trying to impress Durga, its chance to play full on emotional, so that she loves me. He starts acting sweet. He says I was starting a new life with this project, but now I can’t be with you, you are soending time with Dev, going on date with him. She asks are you jealous of Dev, come on, we met for work, date was a joke.

He says I told you how I feel about you, tell me why did you not tell what you think about me. She says we are more than friends maybe. He stops the car and asks what. She says I don’t know, this is happening with me for first time, I need time to understand this feeling, this is about my life. Shaurya is upset with her round and round reply.

Shaurya and Karan are a pub and see a girl. Shaurya is not interested and says its not my mood today. Karan says just look at her, and challenges him. Shaurya thinks about Durga’s words and says I still have the charm, lets have a bet, I will do everything tonight. Karan says now you spoke like my friend, done. Shaurya says I never lose, but listen what you have to do, see those bouncers, you have to dance with them all night. Karan says you mean get beaten up. Shaurya smiles seeing that girl. Karan says your prey, come go. Shaurya talks to her and acts very sweet and a charmer. He flirts with her and bowls her over. Karan looks on.

Someone takes their pics. He asks her for a dance. She agrees and says I like your style, lets dance. He kisses her hand. He is being clicked. They dance on the song Baby doll mai sone di…………Shaurya signs Karan to dance with the bouncers. Urvashi signs to a guy who is taking their pics. She smiles.

Shaurya is shoced to see his and Urvashi’s intimate private pics. He gets a letter that they have sent same envelop to Durga. He rushes to Durga to stop her from seeing the pics and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. hmm…. interesting.. very interesting epi today… twist in the story…. durga ws so cool 2days epi.. 😀

  2. Kya episode tha… Rasami ko maza a gaya

  3. sorry * in * 2days epi :p

  4. I am telling u its done by shaurya’s dad..lets see what happens coz its a guess.

  5. wow…..nice guess amelia

  6. It is rajnath who have clicked the pics.. and will blackmail him

  7. waiting for tmrw’s episode shaurya is so mean

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