Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The grand mother there scolds saying that those who doesnt listen to elders cant get anything in life. The bride says that everyonw is so quiet at her ‘Haldi’ and invites them to come there. Seema gives Chiraya, the bride a gift from herself and Gunjan. Her mother asks Seema to begin the rasam. Gunjan gets Shayl’s call. She asks did they reach safe. Gunjan tells her she gave her their gifts, SHayl asks how is the village. Gunjan says that it is really a good place, but is different. Shayl says that it has its own charm and wishes that she enjoys the two day stay. Gunjan goes out looking for Mayank, a lady there stops her that she must not go alone, as it isnt safe. Gunjan goes out saying nothing will happen to her. Mayank was sitting with some friends outside, She goes and calls his name. Every man there looks at her. Mayank comes to her and takes her along, she says she is getting very bored. He takes her hand from him and says that she must not call him by his name firstly, and she must send a child to call him. He asks him to compromise for two days only. She agrees. He goes to take things from car. Chiraya sees them there. Chiraya asks Gunjan what she does to Mayank that he is so sweet with her, and asks her for the mantar. Mayank comes and asks Chiraya about the bathroom, she shows him a well and tells him that all men here bathe only here.
KT brings Rachna to the lunch, she asks why so suddenely. He says that you look beautiful today and I didnt compliment you so I thought it would be a sorry and lunch together. The waiter comes for the order, Rachna and KT holds the menu book together, he asks shall he order and gives it. Rachna hopes KT say something. He asks her did she say something,she denies. They both talk while a delegation arrives at the resturant.
The girls peek at Mayank as he baths around the well. Gunjan sees them there, Mayank also looks at them hearing their giggles. A girl goes to take Mayanks clothes and towel. Mayank looks fo them, Chiraya says who stole Mayank’s clothes. Gunjan gives her the towel and says your back is full of soap and offers that she will wash it. As Mayank gets up, Gunjan says that you have got good fan following, he says that he still has the demand. She says that he must go and dress up. Gunjan asks him to go out and see the village, he says that people here doesnt like a guy and a girl going out so she must enjoy the wedding. Gunjan goes out thinking she herself can see the village, nothing can happen to her at day time. She plays with the kids and enjoys in the fields. Someone follows her and she notices this. She slips, an old man comes to help her. She recognizes him as the man whose daughter got lost. He says that she must return to home but must change her clothes at her house if she wants to as people here doesnt like such things.
The waiter brings the food. The delegation comes and asks about their reserved table.It was with the name of Gopal Garg. The manager says that they gave it to someone else as they are late. He asks for a private table as it is a business meeting. Rachna sees them and is worried to see Chacha ji. She takes KT along her and they hide. She says that she is blessed he didnt see it. KT says that till when they will keep hiding. Rachna says that no one knows about her at home.
Gunjan changes her clothes, the lady says she will get her her dress at her own house. Gunjan asks them if police isnt helping them find their daughter, she can help them. They hesitate and says that she must not get into it. Gunjan leaves and in the way someone still follows her and she feels the presence.

PRECAP: Rachna tells KT on call the Gopal saw them and told Shayl at home. She says that she told her there was a meeting with a client. KT says he dislikes it and is coming to talk to her family.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Charu…hmmm. Let’s see if she is changed. The Birpur track should be about rape or human trafficking. Would be sad if Charu is a willing supporter or organiser of the criminals. Let’s see.

    Re: KT RC age difference, that is the point of this love story so someone has to bring it up. Dahhh.

  2. Did you guys hear, Charu is back and she is in Birpur?

    1. yes i read it on tellychakkar

  3. I think dayal is going to bring up KT and Rachna’s age difference.

    1. or he will bring that his mother run away with aniother man….

    2. kabir mom enter was run away with another man kabir mom another man kabir step brother three enter

    3. dayal do something bring

    4. dayal friend son enter to dayal friend get fix rachna rahul

  4. I like the precap
    hope all goes off well

  5. hmm lets hope fr kt n rachna n they will be together in future but many problems will come btw them… 🙁

    1. rachna kabir need understand each other

    2. kt rachna get solve many problem between them rachna need change herself

  6. I love that precap !! but I see problems coming from far….. 🙁

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