Dil Dosti Dance 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Raghav and Karma comes across each other as Raghav comes out of the hall. Sharon is conducting the auditions, Karma’s turn comes. He says Hi, its Karma. Sharon asks Ready? He says he was ready for a long time, was just waiting for the chance. Sharon sees him dance, and appreciates her. He says he came from Kentok to be a dancer in Mumbai. She asks what her parents do? He says they have a shop, but he wants to be himself first in life. He thanks her, she asks the reason. She says that she is having the first normal talk of today. Sharon tells him that its a part of growing up. He leaves, Sharon thinks there is something in him. Huma comes next, Sharon says where she came from. She says she came from Mumbai. Sharon asks is it her dream or passion, she says it is both but for her mom. She says that everything comes with the talent and name here, Sharon says that if she will dance with passion she will definitely get a name, Huma replies that she must compliment on her dance after seeing it. She dances, Sharon says thankyou. Huma asks for feedback. Sharon says we will give results and you may leave now. Her mom comes, Sharon says that there is a rush outside. Her mom says it must be there, as they spent a lot on it and you worked hard for it. She thanks her but her mom tells her to thank her friends. They are giving flyers to their candidates, and some of them are even leaving. Her mom says she can go and see this. Sharon recalls the morning talk with them, takes a break for 20 minutes.
At cafe, Nil and Vicky boast at their strategy. Rey asks what they did, but Sharon comes and shouts saying do you people have an integrity. Swayam stops her, she says you talked about healthy competition and what they are doing. She worked hard to get the candidated and they are taking advantae of it. She says she boasted to her mom about her friends for whom she is ready to sacrifice everything; though she cant help them much but at least she told them.
She says she feels ashamed of them, and leaves without listening to them.
Swayam and Rey asks Nil and Vicky did they do this, and scolds them for still not being able to grow up. Swayam runs after Sharon. He was in the corridor, the number goes unreachable. He sends him a message about calling him back. He goes into Kriya, who asks whats wrong with him. He says he is worried about Sharon as he cant contact her. She says he must understand she is their competitor now. He asks how does she know about it. She says that friends might at least understand this much. Kriya gets a call, and says she will give Rs. 20,000 tomorrow while she will try to arrange for the rest. Swayam asks her who was it, she says the land-lord. He gives her the money, she resists but he says that she will take it and he will take it back with interest.
Rey says that this new batch is a bit mad, Nil and Vicky ask him for apology for what they did. They say that they recall their first day. Rey gets a text and says its their Bhabi’s text. Nil and Vicky says they feel to do some fun. Raghav sits with Vishika at the cafe, he plans to do ragging of a fresher by fresher. Vishika goes to Karma and asks him for a ketchup bottle, she drops it and while he bends to pick it, Raghav takes his phone. Karma finds for it and calls ‘Stealer’. Rey and Kriya meet at the cafe, she tells him she has a screen test today with the director. She says she doesnt want to miss the meeting today, he says he will make a video of the meeting. SHe doesnt agree, but he says that success leaves as soon as it come to someone in this industry so she must not leave the test at any cost. Kriya says she wants to meet Sharon before leaving. Rey stops her and asks does she want to tell her anything. SHe denies, he says he can feel some tension in her smile. Kriya begins to leave, but he stops her. He asks her whats the hesitation it taking help from her and why did she take money from Swayam and didnt tell her. He tells her that she must stop watching the women empowerment programmes. He tells her the money will get to her land lord tomorrow, she tells her to shut up. He says he is giving her a favour and will take all the money back with interest. They money- when she will get the pay and for interest, he goes to kiss her. She resists but he asks her for one. She leaves.
Sharon watches their old pictures together and cries when Swayam sees her. He quietly sits beside her. She says if he want to defend his friends, he may go. He says she forgave them before their apology. She says that she didnt, he says then why is she watching this collage, SHe says she cant focus on work, because she feels her friendship is going to be difficult for them. Swayam asks her sorry, on Nil and Vicky’s behalf. he holds his hands, she takes his hands. He says that they friends can do anything for each other. Karma comes there and asks for help to get his stealth phone. Swayam goes to help her.
Huma holds Raghav at the corridor side, as he ran from Karma at the corridor. Raghav thanks her for helping, she says she just wanted to get him away from that hot headed guy. They shakes hands in friendship. Huma asks what he will do to the phone, he says he will switch it off for now. Ishika comes there and says that this is ladies changing room so Raghav must leave or she will file a complain.
PRECAP: Karma and Swayam gets Raghav and Huma. Karma asks him to give his mobile back, Raghav asks why would he take his mobile. Huma says he is with me since morning. Karma shouts at her to lie too. Sharon dances in the dancing room.

Update Credit to: Sona

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