Balika Vadhu 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Saachi telling Subhadra that Saurabh raped her with a complete planning. Subhadra doesn’t believe her and accuses her for drinking wine. Saachi is teary eyed. Subhadra says, after doing it with younger brother then living with elder brother? How can you live? They sit in the car and goes home.

Gulli comes to haveli. Dadisaa hugs her and asks them to sit. She asks, how are you? Gulli says, you saved my respect and Jagya and Ganga saved my life. Dadisaa says, you are like my child. Gulli’s parents thank Dadisaa. Gulli goes to play with Mannu. Her parents worry for her and says don’t know if anyone loves her or not. They worry for her future.

Dadisaa asks them to think positive and says I will search a good groom for your daughter. She assures them. Gulli gets shy. Everyone smiles.

Daddu says, we have got the good news after so many days. Vivek says, Shiv will get his respect back. Ira and Meenu are hopeful. Subhadra comes home with Saachi and starts bad mouthing about them. She says, Saachi was raped and then she got married to his elder brother. She then blames Shiv for marrying divorcee Anandi. She blames Anandi for going to haveli. She accuses Saachi. Daddu asks her to shut up else he won’t control himself. He asks, do you know about right and wrong? He says, Anandi has done so much for Shiv and this family. They got married with my wish and decision.

He tells Saachi was raped by Saurabh. What was Vivek’s mistake. He accepted Saachi and they are happy together. He asks Subhadra not to interfere in his home matters. Subhadra says, I can’t see wrong happening infront of my eyes. she asks, what do you want to proof? You have accused me guilty? She says, I won’t live here anymore. Daddu angrily tells her not to come back. Everyone is shocked. Daddu goes to Saachi and hugs her.

Dadisaa sees boys’ photos for Gulli. She asks Gehna and Ganga to select. Gehna selects someone. Match maker tells them about Shyam. She likes the boy and shows his photo to Gulli’s parents. Gulli smiles shyly. Gulli’s parents thank her. Match maker says, I will call the groom’s parents here.

Subhadra packs her bags and thinks how to go there in that hell. There is no one for me. I will die there. She thinks how to stay here, no one came to stop me. She checks and goes inside her room. Subhadra cones downstairs with her luggage. She tells everyone that she is leaving. She tells Daddu that your sister is leaving. Daddu doesn’t stop her and sits quietly. Subhadra waits and acts to get unconscious. Everyone rush to her. Subhadra wake up her eyes. She says sorry to Daddu and others. Anandi gives her water.

Subhadra says, I don’t want to live here, but you met me after many years. I don’t want to leave you. Alok asks her to stop. Ira and Anandi request her to stay. Subhadra says, I will stay. She thinks she did a good acting and her respect got saved. She acts to get pain in her leg. Daddu asks her to show her leg. She shows her leg with marks. Anandi suggests her to go to Jaitsar for Ayurvedic treatment. Subhadra says, I won’t go. Daddu orders her to go for the treatment. Everyone smiles.

Court hearing starts. Vivek says, Narendra was murdered and says he has the proof. He says, I have the witness. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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