Sasural Simar Ka 9th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikran is in corridor. He chanting karthik’s name. He is about to open the door where simar is kept. Baa stops him. Vikran is bewildered to see baa there.

There at bharadwaj house roli is praying. Sid comes there looking for her. He asks were you praying for sunnaina ? why are you so worried for her ? Roli says she is here for Anjali she is our responsibility. Sid says she is not a kid she can take care of herself. Roli says I am worried for anajali is sunnaina doesn’t come before Anjali gets up, Anjali will be worried. sid syas mata ji was right we have got sunnaina as simar here but what will we tell to Anjali after sunnaina leaves. Didn’t you remember what she did today. roli recalls vikran telling her that simar is in danger. She says I can’t focus on anything until didi comes back. Sid leaves. Roli continues to her prayer. She says what is the mistake of my didi that she wants to get justice to sunnaina ? Or she helped others? When will the truth triumph, she is in tears. Roli puts her hand above the flame. She says you have to take care of didi God.

Vikran says to baa you should have asked me to bring you why you came alone. Karthik comes and says she was alone there so I asked her to come. I wanted to surprise you. Baa says his man came to pick me. vikran says in heart is simar with them ? did she say that t surprise me but she won’t have said that her life in endangered. Karthik asks bhaiya you look worried ? Vikran says come with me. Baa says in heart my innocent son he always ask for this less than his worth. what can I say that simar is on her way to God.

Scene 2
Simar is bound. Kartik’s men are looking for a rope. Vikran says to karthik sunnaina called me and she said she was in parking her life in endangered. Baa asks what are you both talking about ? Vikran says I will explain you later. Karthik asks watch man if anyone came there. He says nobody came before vikran. Vikran says maybe it was my misunderstanding. Karthik says maybe she talked about any other hospital. baa says what happened to my sunnaina. Vikran says karthik take care of baa i’ll look for simar.

Sid sees roi and says whats wrong with her why is she so worried for sunnaina. Roli says this all started because of me.
Karthik’s men take out a box. Simar tries to un-rope herself.

Baa says go vikran look for her. Simar comes out of the room. Sid sees roli’s hand on the flame and says life makes jokes sometime. God took our simar from us and sent sunnaina in our life. she says is just a doppelganger of simar then she agreed on coming to our house. The same sunnaina loves our Anjali with all her heart. What is that ? roli says i’m coming. He says no roli you can’t escape today. Look into my eyes and tell me whom are you so worried for that you burnt your hand. She isn’t sunnaina she’s simar. Roli is shocked. He says am I right ? I love you, I talk to you and I understand you silence and tears. When you returnd from summer camp I knew you were in trouble but never asked you because it could I hurt you but now its too much. this pain is more. I know my roli that she can pray for some stranger but she can’t burn her hand. roli turns on ther side. Sid says no more lies. If you lie it’ll harm our relationship.

Scene 3
Vikran asks sunnaina what are you doing here ? What is wring with you ? You said your life is endangered. Simar says in heart how can I tell him truth he loves his brother and mom don’t know if he will believe me or not. Baa syas are you oaky sunnaina ? Simar says stop it. Good or bad is nothing its all mind game. look how wrong were you. I am here in front of vikran. The truth triumph like always. You can’t stop me telling your truth to vikran. karthik says what are you saying bhabhi ? Baa says have you forgot I am your baa. Vikran says what are you saying sunnaina ? Siamr says I know vikran this truth wil be similar to poison to you but you have to know the truth. I doubted that perhaps you killed sunnaina. Sunnaina didn’t die because she got hit my a car. Karthik and baa killed sunnaina. Vikran is shocked.

Precap-Simar tells vikran tat karthik sells people’s organ and baa helps him. She says that’s the truth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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