O Gujariya 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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O Gujariya 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shaurya ignores and goes..Vaibhavi thinks Shaurya is upset with him…In the classroom Ada comes Natasha hugs her and tells she missed her..Samar comes..stares Ada…Natasha tells kabir why he is sitting alone suggests him to sit with his life partnr Samr…Vaibhavi comes…Sir comes announce the name of 2nd position as Bali and Kabir…and in 1st position is Vaibhavi and his friends..Everyone claps and gets happy…Sir appreciated Vaibhavi as she worked alone…Ada and Natasha stares her..Vaubhvi stands and tells no..Tells that all group members supported her..All the class clap and Appreciate Vaibhavi.mm..Ada…Natasha…Samar and Vaibhavi hug forming a group…Shaurya comes and search for Magazine…as it was the last evidence of Annirudh…Finally shaurya

finds it and keeps safely..kabir asks if Shaurya had any problem….asks id any mater of love..or Vaibhavi..Shaurya tells shut up he is worried because of Mr rao..Shaurya Advice Kabir to come home..As her mom misses her….Natasha thanks Vaibhavi as her childhood dream was to come first…Samar also thanks Vaibhavi…Natasha asks for party…Vaibhavi tells she have to attend MR Rao class…Vaibhavi goes…Mr Rao asks knowledge question from Vaibhavi Who get more salary Wink commander or scodden leader..Mr Rao tells its wrong as Wink commander is more senior…Vaibhavi tells she dont knoe as her father died wen she was soo small…Natasha asks why her face is soo dull…because of junaid she asks..Ada tells relationship is very important.because of her father.Natasha tells everytime she have to follow the rules mother in law…Natasha call her mother a Witch and tells she is lucky as she is single..Ada replies yes..as she taking kabir very seriously…Vaibhavi thinks why Mr rao everytime question about her father…Shaurya is worried tells he have to think from starting…At correct time he will ask…Mr rao comes and ask why is he talking to himself asks whether it is new habit or old disease..Mr rao tell he has some mre doubts about Vaibhavi and to find out….Samar stops Ada asks why she apologised ..as it was not hrr mistake..Ada tells she is like that only..Samar tells he thought Ada is bold enough not become puppet the whole life..Ada shouts at him asks did he forgot that she is her cousin”s phironce…Ada tells now only she is breaking all relationship with him and goea away…In class Vaibhavi is lost…Sir notices and asks question..Vaibhavi leaves by saying she is not feeling well ….Baliran calls Vaibhavi but she ignores and goes…Vaibhavi and Shaurya comes simultaneously infront of each other…Vaibhavi tells she cannot trust him but she want to tell something..Shaurya interupts and tell tht Annirush chauhan is her father…Vaibhavi is shocked……….

Precap:Vaibhavi cries and tells Shaurya is first person who said she is Annirudh chauhan”s daughter

Update Credit to: Ansari

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