Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

At modi bhawan, koki says rashi-hetal that the couple should leave modi bhawan and live by themselves. Hetal denies for that decision as she is elder than koki. koki says she cant listen to her instructions anymore as its related to her sister. Koki gets hyper and stressed so rashi agrees to leave the house along with jigar. At the dinner table, kids request hetal to bring back their parents into home. So hetal promises to bring back the couple into the house. Radha feels happy that koki is making her work easy. At urmi’s house, ahem thinks of going to modi bhawan and find the culprit who has changed the tablets, but gopi stops him and explains him that koki might get hyper if she finds them and says jigar-rashi will take care of koki. Outside the house, a kid will be playing in the warenda and the railing breaks and the kid hangs from there. Kid yells for help and all rush outside. Ahem-dhaval helps the kid and saves him. The tenants scold urmi for not repairing the railing. The kids parents thanks ahem for saving the child. Urmi again mutters that she needs lots of money to repair the railing and because of extra people her money is going wasted. Gopi gives a pleasing look at angry ahem.

At modi bhawan, rashi brings pillow-blanket out where jigar waiting for her. Hetal finds this and asks rashi not to sleep outside. But the couple explains hetal that if koki gets hyper in the night then it will be a problem for them. Hetal gets convinced. Jigar closes the door and leaves. Urmi calls rashi and scolds ahem that because of him her money is getting wasted. Rashi defends ahem and again says she will be sleeping in servant quater as koki has ordered her. Urmi gets angry with modis. Rashi-jigar sleep in the servants room, but rashi couldnt sleep without AC so jigar waves air for her. Next day, hetal-rashi will be discussing about tablets, koki comes there and scolds rashi for coming inside the house. Rashi taunts whether she should bath outside, so koki couldnt answer her and leaves from there. Gopi calls rashi, rashi says kids hasnt done anything. Rashi finds radha and doubts her. Rashi hangs on the call and says hetal that she doubts radha and she would find it out soon. Later, radha finds koki with vidya and walks to koki’s room. Radha once again changes the tablets but rashi comes there. Radha remains shocked. Radha breaks a glass and that time radha keeps back the tablets in her pocket. Rashi drags radha to garden area and modis follow them.

Precap: Rashi says everyone that radha was changing koki’s tablets. Radha admits it.

Update Credit to: Rahi

  1. chalo…atleast the detective found out the real culprit!!!!!!! bloody radha!
    Koki…u still suck lady!!!!!!!! awfully irritating!! meh!! :\

  2. Ok ! seems the mystery will soon be solved . Waiting 4 tmrw.

  3. bas ab radha ko ghar se nikalo yaar n koki come back

  4. Finally the detective rashi found the culprit hope at least this time the story won’t take unnecessary twists!!!!!!

  5. yeh kokila hamesha aise khit khit kyu karti hain,aur radha?? What a rubbish!!!acting to atihi nahi,upar se bas ek kam janti hain-jo bhi ho bas ankhe golgol karo,aur hotho ko fulao…bloody stupid rascal!!!

  6. If this Radha will get saved again, there won’t be anyother worst serial than this. Stop dragging on! It’s annoying.

  7. radha will play some other trick and this time rashi will also be thrown out of modi house by kokila
    nothing positive is going to happen, so dont think radha khaand is over it will go on for more 6mnts atleast.

    1. yes.. i am sure.. radha will play someother trick… another week to drag….

  8. After sme days they will go to mandir and then kokilas memory will b back and truth ofradha will be revealed by koki

  9. Thank God.At least Rashi caught that Radha

  10. another story with radha she will say something else and rashi will be out of the house what else is new in this awful show i mean yest amhem was saving the kid no one was helping only dhaval are we so dumb that the directors give us this awful serial to watch and waste our time and money and kokila her head is not ok but she still talks and screams a lot crazy bunch of ppl this modi family is

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