Sasural Simar Ka 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 3rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on
Scene 1
Jahnvi says you were right about bhagti she is not the way she looks. she starts telling from the start. The way she found the glass pieces. Simar says its better that she should agree to what she has done to you. Jahnvi says i have to go home. Anurag must be home. Roli says sid will drop you. Jahnvi hugs them and leaves.
Simar says stay strogn you know you are right and you will win this all for sure.

Scene 2
Bhagti comes to anurag and says come for dinner. He sas i won’t eat until jahnvi comes. This make bhagti anhry. Bhagti says staying out like this can harm her health. SHe repeasts the same mistakes when you ask her not to. Sometimes i feel like jhanvi oesnt care about you. Jahnvi comes there. Bhagti is quite nervous to see her. Anurag syas what is this jhanvi why are you so careless. Your ohone was off too. Anurag gets a call he ahs to leave. He says i will talk to you.
He leaves. Jahnvi says what have i done to you bhagti ? She says why would i do this ? Jahnvi says i heard everything you said to hm. Bhagti says i was woried about you.
Jahnvi says what pleasure did this bruise gave you ? Bhagti says in lived my whole life for anurag. You stole him from me. he is my love he was mine. Jahnvi says i feel bad for you but its not my mistake that he doesn’t love you. He will be broken when he finds your feeling. I will never tell him about all this. Bhagti says don’t blackmail me. Jahnvi says i am not like you i can’t hurt him like you. Bhagti says what will you do now / Jahnvi says i will win bahu no 1. Ypu made yourself perfect in bua ji’s eyes and made me so bad. I will make everythign okay with right path. Relationships are made my heart not mind. Bhagti says there are not rules for me. Everuthign is fair in love, This house and anurag belong to me. Prepare to leave them soon jahnvi. Jahnvi says time will tell everything.

SCene 3
Sid comes and hugs roli. Roli gets scared. Sid says you are a lioness. I mean you don’t need to be scared. That girl have fought for me and now she has won for my whole neighbohood. I am so proud of you. He says why don’t you make a winners speech. He holds her in the arms and say my wife called me romantic so the function is over. Roli sings sun mera kehna tu for him. They are having a really good time.

Precap- Juwala calls birju and says go and burn these paoers. Birju says what will you do. Party head office called and asked for your resignation. Juwala says they ahve to face the death nnow..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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