Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varad gives the photo chip to A who finds all the pictures of Jyoti and no one else and the she remembers all the Jo Sid scenes and talk and thinks maybe they love each other and thinks she should not let anyone in the family know about this .

Sid tells Kalindi how Jo’s MIL wanted to kill her and he is upset about it Kalindi placates him that he loves Jo and is willing to accept her with her child. Kalindi tells him it will be very difficult for Jo to accept it as she will think about the society and what they will say she says it will take some time and Sid goes Kalindi is thoughtful.

A is keeping things in the cupboard S is hiding and asks her Jyoti tai is looking very sweet and he also wants to see her pregnant and a little A. He is waiting for that and he wants cricket team he romances her A tells he was interested in football team lol. S wants to get up early to prepare a presentation for 2 scholarships and wants to give a name and a big meeting is called for A says she will come to office when S asks her as he feels alone there.

Jo is thinking about Sid and A comes and says we should thank Sid again and asks whether she is his love and she tells Jo she saw the pictures of Godhbharai where only her pictures were taken. A says he loves you as when you look in his eyes you find it. Jo says had I met him before I would have loved to be with him but now I am at a turning point where I only care for my child and her welfare and get her safely delivered and she does not have the guts to love him back. A thinks whatever you say Tai you love Sid and it is there in your eyes though you don’t accept it and she promises to herself that she will get Jyoti accept her love for Sid and give a name to that relation.

S is in office and waiting for A why she is late then rings up and he asks her to come immediately to office and not ready to listen to her excuses. N is listening and he is angry he rings up asking Anjili to stop A and when she tries to stop A gets a call from S and understands why Anjili is stopping her because of N and so she is adamant to go to office,
Jyoti is climbing on something and Anjili comes and stops her for climbing in such condition and then both have a tiff about the rude behavior of Anjili and her behavior with Jo and Jyoti asks her not to come in front of her as she never supported her anytime. Anjili tearful after she goes.

S is angry its 2 still she did not come just then she hurriedly comes saying lot of work at home and then they romance A knock at the door and s is called for meeting S and A go. N gets angry but covers up asking her to sit. In the meeting S and A hold hands under the table. When talks about the scholarship is given be N, A suggests Anjili’s name and S says name should be meaningful. N does not want name of family person. A says Saraswathi is woman so woman’s name and others like the name and praise N for such a talented DIL. N thanks them and when all go he angrily leaves S scolds her mildly and A goes home as lot of work

N is very angry and his music in the BG and S comes and says sorry on behalf of A . N says he is not angry for her suggestion but she did not take his permission and it is his organization and institute. S supports A saying she says 1st and thinks latter and he will talk to her,

PRECAP S asks why she interfered and A says N’s honor went up because of that. Anjili tells A that today it is a name and tomorrow if you have a confrontation and have to choose between …

Update Credit to: PutijaChalhov

  1. What’s dis A & S Its so confusing

  2. Very disappointing,,so much confusion

  3. what the hell………. either you write well or leave but dont mess it up

    1. agree with prasanna.. dont bother in writing.. seems its very tiring but very confusing .. S can stand for sholk and sid… A can stand for Anjali and Astha..

      be kind is refraining adressing them like that or better DONT update the episodes

  4. Highly Agree with all the above comments.The entire entertainment of the story goes off with this A and S and N stuff.

  5. Whats this S and A??? stop this nonsense…otherwise stop writing updates

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