Jhalli Anjali 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 3rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The epsiode starts wid anjali running behind the auto sayin my bag stop stop the auto stops anjali pulls the boy out of auto he says excuse me anjali says oh ur a english chor and she is also studied in english medium girl…Anjali snatches the bag saying its my bag while the boy says r u crazy boy anjali calls person on road saying bhaiyaji he took my luggage english chor she says ur thief the boy says to mind ir language anjali says once her mind is spoiled doesnt care abt language he says ohh really? The persons on road comes and says belonging to a good family hw can you do that he says anjali has gone crazy Anjali shows the smiley on bag and says my friend preet has gifted me..The boy is shocked sayin himself in a low voice how is this possible.. Anjali says wow my nawazauddin siddiqui show acting to someone else while the boy says my bag is exactly same til that time the shopkeeper bringss the boy”s luggage & upasana and gives to anjali boy says that he is not interested to carry anyone’s luggage and belong to a respected family while the people on road shouts on anjali sayin should have and checked before accusing the boy…..the boy leaves

On another side amisha(anjali tauji”sdaughter) is getting ready taking snaps and uploads on facebook asks her where is her lip gloss mom says enough hw much time she would take im gettin ready amisha says it would take time to look best gal of the party and asks neeti pinky arrived mom says go nd pick anjali she says shz nt interested to pick 90″s bhenji she want to give party for new car mom sayd its a order of her father while nikki and pinky comes says hie babes and congrats her and gives her pink gloss amisha shouts on nikki sayin how can u wore my same colour dress amisha goes and changes the dress while Anjali is waiting on road saying upasana she was wrong scolding the boy and calls tauji but the call disconnected due to low battery anjali is worried says babaji what to do says upasana we have to go alone nd asks a vendor were is the address the vendor suggests to take a metro…on another side Amisha and friends waiting for anjali at the stop wid pinky and nikki…nikky says how irresponsible she is careless amisha calls anjali but it was out of reachable amisha says its heights…Anjali goes alone while the boys on road comments and laughs calling fat..anjali ignores and moves and asks a lady were is vasant banch she says its vasant vihar not vasant banch and says to go reverse and take a left….amisha is still waiting says once she find anjali she would kill anjali asks a auto driver were is vasantpur he explains anjali says its better to drop her anjali sits and switch on the music player the song plays ……..adaayein badii funky karay hain nautanki ye churi badii DRAMAQUEEN hain…..anjali enoys and thinks off her and Angad dancing….auto moves through speed breaker and anjali notices auto driver smiling and seeing her from.mirror she pretends off calling tauji asks his auto number..and name and asks is he at home or police station auto driver get afraid Anjali says herself what will happend if she in delhi shez same anjali but no jhalli.md smiles….Tauji scolds amisha says she is soo irresponsible the phone rings its anjali”s father tauji was worried what to answer while anjali enters tauji gives phone to anjali she says she wil tel the whole story after words…anjali says she forgot the way

.amisha says it was anjali mistake she was the one who forgot the way tauji says to shut up and asks anjali to take out two passport size photos for admission…nd says balwi to give water to anjali….balwi gives water anjali says thankyou bt he says hez name is balwinder Amisha says to herself dont worry anjali u wil get a royal treatment….

In college anjali goes for filling up her form nikki says dhruv is cumin nd wearing same colour amisha thanks nikki and says she can use her pink purse amisha says to push her infront of druv on way anjali find out it was a red ink pen and goes back to ask amisha…nikki pushes amisha bt anjali in between cmes and falls dhruv holds anjali she says total siyappa happend wid her..everyone sees and episode ends….

Precap::Anjali says dhruv why hez doin all this wid her jst for a sorry and says she hasnt did wantedly in the morning because of him her admission cancelled she says because of him she hav to go back to ambala.. Amisha observes along wid her frnds from far and asks nikki and pinky to check return tickets for ambala says dearest bhenji from ambala is her return gift…..

Update Credit to: Aiman

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