Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st December 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila warns Gopi not to take Pari’s side, else she will repent. Urmila’s tenants scold and beat her for trying to destroy chawl. Urmila says she is the owner of chawl and has right to destroy it. They ask where will they stay then. Builder comes with bulldozer and says he will not let tenants touch her. Urmila says as an owner, she will drive bulldozer and raze her chawl. Builder happily allows her. She rides bulldozer towards builder and he pleads to stop it.

Hetal sees rose bouquet in Gopi’s hands and asks about it. She says Jigar wants to propose Pari and she wants him to give this bouquet to Pari. Hetal gets happy thinking her son’s life will be settled again. Vivan comes and asks Gopi why she is holding bouquet. She says Jigar wants to surprise Pari, so she is giving this bouquet to him. Vivan insists he will give it to Jigar and takes it from Gopi.

Urmila says builder that she knows his evil thinking and goes into flashback where she hears builder talking to his associate that Urmila has already given her chawl papers, and once he destroys chawl, he will not give her a single penny. Builder says he was talking about something else. She says he is lying. Tenants run behind him builder to beat him.

Vivan plucks flowers while walking towards Jigar. He says Jigar that flowers fell by mistake and he will get new ones. Jigar says it is okay and takes bouquet from him. Vivan gets someone’s call and he leaves.

Urmila’s tentants tied and beat builder. Urmila asks to give back her chawl papers. He says they are in office and if she frees him, he will get them. She says if he does not give now, she will run bulldozer over him. He says papers are in car. She picks papers from car. Builder says he will ruin her. She picks her slipper and runs behind builder to beat him. Urmila then apologizes her tenants for trying to evict them from their chawl.

Pari while traveling in her car thinks she has to tell something important to Jigar and calls him, but he does not pick call as he is busy decorating table and lawn for Pari. Gopi comes and asks him if his arrangements are done. He says yes. She asks him to eat something. He says he is not hungry. She says she knows the feeling being in love and waiting for someone, so until Pari comes he should eat food. He finishes food. Gopi goes out to check Pari. Pari comes back home and asks about Jigar. Gopi says he is waiting for you in backyard. Jigar sees Pari’s misscalls and walks from there to call her. Power goes just then and Pari thinking it is Jigar, tells Vivan that she knows Vivan from before and they used to love each other and even got engaged, but now she hates him. She says when she came here, she was happy seeing Rashi and his love, but after Rashi’s death, she did not realize when she got attracted to him and wants to spend her whole life with him and cannot lose him. She says him I love you and hugs. Vivan says I love you too. Pari continues hugging thinking it is Vivan. Jigar and whole family come there and are shocked to see Pari hugging Vivan while Radha smirks. Jigar drops down his gift on floor. Pari sees him and realizes she is hugging Vivan and not Jigar. She says she thought it is him and did not know how Vivan came here. Vivan says Pari that he told not to act as Modi family will be hurt if they know it. He says Pari asked him to meet him in the backyard. Pari asks him to stop lying. He asks her to stop lying instead and says Pari is his ex-girlfriend.

Precap: Hetal asks Pari to get out of their lives and house and pushes her out of house.

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  1. Truth is out after all

  2. Vivan should just get out of the film. Stupidos

  3. This serial is getting boring and boring by day

  4. what a boring episode

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