Million Dollar Girl 31st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 31st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti makes a plan and tells to Vick and Tj,,Vicky tells Avanti that he is taking a big mess with he is rich already blackmailed Avanti,,Avanti tells that she dont need anyone..she will do itself..Avanati acts like crying and goes..Vicky tells Avanti not to do emotional blackmail otherwise will break her jaw,, Vicky and Tj goes along with Avanti..
Avanti gives sweet to one shopkeeper tells that her shop is sold,,Shopkeeper 0his shop also sold..but didnt give sweet..Avanti tells that she will go eurpe and buy gold..also go to do acourse…Shopkeeper asks in 30 lakhs what she will do,,Avanti tells that she got 1crore not 30 lakhs,,Shoopkeeper gets shocked..Avanti tells its true..avanti tells she have to go to do pooja,,TJ..Avanti goes..Shopkeeper calls and tell everyone,,Avanti’s mother tells not to mess with Virat thakur as he is rich..Avanti tells not to take tension as God is with the,,Avanti tells her mother to chill and rest..All shopkeeper’s goes to Virat’s office and shouts..Virat comes..Virat tells what happenedd??Shopkeeper tells that why he lied as he gave Avanti Rs 1 crore for one shop..Shopkeeper’s shout..Virat tells it is lies..tells that Avanti even didnt want to sold her sho[p..Shopkeeper tells Avanti is not lying..Virat tells its not true..Virat sees Avanti standing,,Virat calls Avanti,,Avanti comes..Virat asks Avanti why she is lying..Avanti tells she is not lying tells that Virat only sold the shop at 3crore,,Virat gets mad,,angry tries to beat Avanti but shopkeeper stop Virat..Avanti tells Virat only gave her blank check..Avanti tells all Shopkeeper to come as nothing will happened..All goes along with Avanti..Virat tells his Secretery all advance cheques from shopkeeper.,They will create a new deal..Avanti at shop plays music..TJ and Vicky paints..Avanti and Vicky plays with paint..Avanti’s mother come and see,,,and shouts..Avanti ‘s mother tells instead of working they are enjoying and playing..Avanti tells that she was shining and cleanong the shop Soo that more customers can come,,Avanti’s mother she just came from Pooja and seeing all this..Avanti tells that her shop “Bhansal Shop” will become famous one day..and she will make her father proud!!Avanti tells that Tj and Vicky were playing not she..Vicky says no..Avanti’s mother gives prasad to Avanti Tj and Vicky tells to work hard..She goes..TJ tells Avanti that what she said??Avanti tells whenever Tj’s mother scold her to take Avanti’s mother.. Avanti tells that Rs 5 lakh material came..Tj asks from where money came??Did she won lottery??Avanti tells Money will come from there only where all investors will get.. Avanti goes to “bank of banaras”…Avanti asks permission to come in..The bank manager gaves permission..Avanti tells that she is starting her buisness and want a loan,,Manager asks that she did buisness before Avanti tells no..MAnager tells that he has happy with her words..whenever he will get bore will call Avanti..He tells that That will not give loan to kids..Anotherside Virat goes to the bank and makes a deal of 5crore with bank,,tells him not to give loan to any other person who wanted to started buisness handloom..Virat tells that he wanted to construct a mall which will provide handloom Sarees..Manager tells that he cannot Refuse to Virat but he want a reason to refuse the other person,,Virat tells he is investing 5 crore per year but the other person will be investing only 5lakh..Manager asks if the person took frm any other bank??Virat tells that he has done the deal with all the bank..Virat’s secretery tells that they have talked to all bank..But the girl(Avanti) should agree to sell her shop otherwise their project will delay..Virat tells no other chance will left for her..Virat tells one more last Bank is left They have to go there..Avanti goes in a bank..Meets the manager..Manager asks what she want..Avanti tells she want a loan…He asks for what..Avanti tells that she want to start a buisness..Manager tells that means 0% experince..Manager smiles..Avanti tells what that in stretching Jaws???Avanti shouts and tells whom they will gave money the one who is having bricks of money??Avanti tells she is asking loan to do hardwork!!!Manager tells that hardwork even worker’s doo,,Avanti asks If he is maarried or not???Manager tells yes he is having two kids!!Virat comes Sees all this and smiles.. Avanti tells that Did his father in law asked that he(manager) had any experience of marriage???Manager is quiet..Virat smiles seeing this,,,Everyone at bank looks at Avanti..Avanti picks her bag and goes..Virat calls Avanti “Herione”..Avanti goes..Virat tells If Avanti is tired of Begging then can come and take check from his shop!!!!Avanti is Angry..

Precap::Avanti takes Money from a MAn,,The Man tells If Avanti did not return the money then will beat Vicky..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. thnkz for update Very niz epsiode…Lol Avanti tells manager “not to stretch jaws” and asks him that is he married or not

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