Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi being shocked seeing Misri as the bride. She can’t believe this that Taisa is doing her granddaughter’s child marriage with some little boy. She thinks she has seen a locket in Misri’s neck before and saw the little boy and his parents too. She understands everything and says she is making my daughter married in this age, how can she do this. I won’t let this happen and croes/ Emily talks to Vikram and tells Sandhya that she does not think Vikram knows about this. She shows her the laddoos and it has gold chain in it.

Sandhya is shocked seeing it. Emily says we have to do something. Sandhya says yes, we have to find out who is the blackmailer and what is Kanha’s secret. Emily says but if she does not get the laddoo in her room, she will be worried. Sandhya says yes, you are right and asks Emily to make another pink chit and write time has changed and she has to pay tomorrow. Meenakshi should feel blackmailer has sent it. Emily says fine. Sandhya asks Emily to get ready in Meenakshi’s saree.

Sandhya asks Emily to look like Meenakshi and keep some other box at the place where blackmailer said. Emily asks how can I and why. Sandhya says I don’t have time to explain now, he will be waiting. Emily asks will you come with me. Sandhya says I think he knows us, I will be close to you, not with you. She asks Emily to make him think you are Meenakshi. Emily says I understood but you please be near me. Sandhya says trust me, I will be close. Emily leaves. Sandhya says she has to tell Sooraj, but he went to deliver sweets.

She says she has to find who is this blackmailer. Meenakshi thinks she can’t ruin Misri’s life, she is alone and she can’t stop them. She thinks to call Sandhya but how, she needs Taisa’s phone hugging he r acting as a guest hiding her face, she tries to get her phone as its next to her. Taisa comes ot know that lady lied and gets suspicious. She gets the phone by much difficulty and calls Sandhya, the call does not connect. She thinks whom to call now and calls Sooraj.

Meenakshi tells Sooraj about Taisa doing Misri’s marriage. He says what, but its child marriage, which is illegal. He is shocked and asks her where is she. Taisa looks for the lady. Meenakshi says Taissa does not know law and feel girls are burden, I called Sandhya but can’t connect, please stop this marriage. Sooraj says fine, don’ worry, tell me where are you, I will talk to Sandhya and come. She gives him the address and asks him to come. Sooraj says I m coming and ends the call.

Taisa looks for her phone. Meenakshi hides from them and cries. Emily dresses like Meenakshi and goes to keep the sweet box. Vikram sees her and thinks she is Meenakshi, and goes to see where is she going. Meenakshi says I won’t let this injustice happen, don’t worry my daughter. She says if the marriage happens, nothing can be done, why did Sooraj not come till now. She panics. Emily keeos the sweet box and Vikram sees it. Meenakshi thinks to do something herself.

He wants to talk her but Sandhya dresses as the cleaner stops Vikram showing her face. She says someone is blackmailing Meenakshim, so Emily became like her and I m waiting for her. He asks but why. She asks him to hide to see who is the blackmailer., He says fine and hides. Emily hides to see where is Sandhya and is scared as there is no one here. They keep an eye on the sweet box and see who is taking it. Emily sees a woman taking it and says why did she take it. Another woman in burqa come and try to take the box. The woman says its her. Sandhya says its mine, leave it.

They fight for the box. The woman pushes Sandhya and runs. Sandhya runs to catch her. Emily sees Vikram running after them. Sandhya catches the woman and says you played many games, its time your game ends here. She lifts her veil and is shocked to see her. Vikram and Emily are also shocked to see her.

Meenakshi argues with Taisa and asks her not to do Misri’s child marriage. Taisa asks her to leave. Meenakshi says I won’t go alone. A guy hits on her head with the stick and she falls.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. i like on going episodes becoz each and every character have the role. its nice

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  4. The black mailer is meenakshi s sister

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