Qubool Hai 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While tanveer is tensed at the dining table, sanam remembers her pic with her parents, sanam interrupts and asks tanveer if she remembered anything about her parents. tanveer denies, and begins to move. Sanam asks again. Sanam tells tanveer what rehaan told her about her parents, and that she couldnt trace their house. Tanveer is irritated and says that she has told several times that she doesnt know anything about her parents, nor wants to and leaves. Sanam wonders how is this possible that they stayed so close and yet tanveer didnt know her parents.

Tanveer expresses her frustration at dilshad’s good luck, and razia’s delay. Razia asks her not to bother unnecessarily, as dilshad is as good as dead, being in a coma. tanveer says that everything is falling apart, and that sanam wants to know about asad and zoya, and wonders who told sanam about all facts regarding her parents. she places her doubts on razia, and razia asks who is she pointing to. tanveer names her only, as she cant believe her at all. She asks razia if she is double crossing her, and then is convinced that razia may actually have been playing from the other side. tanveer starts blaming razia for everything, while she watches amused, as she is accused of being jealous of tanveer, of ruling the house instead of her. tanveer asks if she wants to take her property back. razia smiles evilly, and says that she has been blinded by power, and has lost her sanity. razia says that if she had to do this only, she would have done it long back, but she didnt, as she knows very well, that her real benefit is not in digging her grave, but in keeping tanveer’s secrets. tanveer says that she doesnt believe her, as she has lived a life of lies, and wants to continue doing so. Tanveer warns her not to go against her, as she maynot be able to see her, but she has her eyes on her, and if she knows that razia is double crossing her, she would have to bear her consequences. tanveer smiles adding that she knows very well what tanveer is capable of. razia eyes her sternly, as she remembers the massacre. She gets tensed.

Later, sanam and latif are working, when latif teases her about her love hate relation with ahil. just then, sanam winces in pain, while latif is boggled. Sanam exclaims that she always gets such pain, without any wounds, as if she is bearing the pain of someone else’s wounds inflicted on her. latif goes to get some medicine for it, asking her to show it to a doctor. Sanam is oblivious that actually, she has another twin sister, both their pics being on the locket that she has placed on her parents’ framed pic. After latif puts an ointment, she takes the pic that had fallen down, and starts commenting that sanam looks exactly like her mom. She asks if sanam remembers them very much and sanam complies, saying that she didnt know much about them, having been very small. she tells that since she came to Bhopal, she feels that she is very close to their past. Sanam tells latif that she feels if she tried the hardest, she would definitely be able to find out everything about her parents. tanveer overhears this and thinks that sanam is desperate now to find her parents’ secrets with every passing day, and hence she would have to be stopped somehow, before she goes any futher, and tanveer herself would have to be alert.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Sanam comes outside the door, and rehaan gives her a call, saying that some people have come to meet her. sanam thanks him profusely, while he says that he hopes that she would definitely get to know about her parents. She then meets those people, and talks about what rehaan had a talk with them. the person praises her parents’ galore, and she asks if he knew anything about their house, and he points out to one, and sanam looks at it shockingly, thinking that its tanveer’s house. She confirms it again, and he looks through and says that the house was kinda his big only, and that the hgouses have changed much in the past years. He says that he may have been old, but he still hasnt forgotten the tragic incident that killed her parents. she talks about the road accident, as told by dilshad. He tells her that they didnt die in a road accident. She is puzzled. sanam gets to know from the person that her parents didnt die in a road accident, but in a gruesome conspiracy, and that they werent a part of a tragedy but of a pre conceived and well thought betrayal. sanam is shocked, that it actually was a conspiracy. tanveer overhears this and wonders who is sanam talking to. then the boy along with the old man, takes him away, while sanam is frazzled, wondering what to believe and what not, as this isnt possible, that dilshad lied to her. Tanveer meanwhile, asks the driver to look who she is talking to. Just then, razia comes in and hands over sanam the bag of veggies. the driver gets the wrong idea, and tells this to tanveer, which confirms her worst fears.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Rahat holds haya’s hand catching her unawares. haya is confused, and he lets go. He then says that he wants to say something, that which he had wanted to say for a long time, but since dilshad was in the hospital and she was tensed, he couldnt say, and now that dilshad is home, he thought to say it. Haya says that he can share anything with her, without being scared. He is about to spill his feelings, when faiz comes in and holds haya’s hand, and whispers to rahat that he is taking haya to the terrace. rahat watches resignedly and hurt as faiz takes haya, who’s confused and boggled.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Later, while razia is relaxing, tanveer comes in hastily, and drags razia out, and says that her brain is enough to keep an eye on her, and that she knows that she has been feeding sanam the news. razia tries to prove innocence, but tanveer doesnt listen to anything, saying that she cant be blackmailed with her past. razia continues to try to say that she didnt do this, but tanveer doesnt pay heed. tanveer throws razia out of the house, while all passer by people stare at her, while razia herself is mortified. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Sanam finds a cake, and wonders who got it. she asks ahil, who’s also there in the room working quietly on the laptop, if he was behind this. he complies. Ahil says that the differneces maybe between them, but that doesnt mean he cant respect her parents, as any other elderly people. He says that he didnt know what happened with her parents 20 years ago, but knows that its their birthday and that they should be remembered. Sanam is overwhelmed while ahil eyes her concernedly. Meanwhile, rahat is happy to find from faiz, that he has finally fallen in love with a girl. faiz clarifies that he is in love with haya so much so that he wants to marry her. rahat is distraught, apalled, and shattered.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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