Nadaan Parindey 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nadaan Parindey 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe consoling Sukhi. Sukhi curses the people who has shot his son Baljeet. The army man comes and says some insider is doing this and our people have given them place to hide in their houses. Bebe is shocked and thinks about Iqbal’s mission. She cries thinking about Purab’s words. She comes to the Dargah and reads Sukhi’s letter to Baljeet. Bebe cries as Sukhi was very happy waiting for Baljeet to return and marry. She dreamed to play with his children and asked him to come home soon. She thinks Sukhi has cursed those people who has helped such murderers. Rabba……………plays…………..

Meher and Iqbal wait for Minty. Meher is worried. Minty comes and asks Meher why did she call her. Meher explains her to be away from Purab. Minty asks why, what did Purab do. Meher says I m your sister, trust me on this, call him and end all relations with him. Minty says no, I will let Purab apologize to you, you can slap him too. Meher stops her and speaks against Purab. Minty asks why should she believe her, Purab was her good friend, what happened that you are stopping her. Meher thinks about Purab’s bad act. Iqbal looks on.

Minty says our parents and I like him. Meher thinks of Bebe’s words and stops. Minty says I love and respect you a lot, don’t stop me, he loves me a lot, his heart will break. Meher says he does not love you and will never love you. Minty says did he tell you, you are lying. Meher says I want to save you. She asks Sameer to explain her. Iqbal asks her to deal it. He leaves. Minty says he loves me a lot and I know it. Minty leaves. Iqbal says he is fed up of love stories, he will go as soon as he gets the file. He comes in his room and sees Bebe.

He is shocked seeing her with a gun. He asks what happened. She says about Baljeet’s death. He says I did not kill him. She says people like you killed him. He says whats wrong, he was an army man, and two countries fight and many die daily. She says not just army man, but a mum’s son. Hesays then why did she send him to army, she would have made him at Dhaba like you did. Bebe says I did not make Sameer sit at Dhaba, our son are brave and don’t hit on back. He asks for the gun. She asks him to pay today. He asks what will you do knowing my motive.

She aims the gun at him and he is stunned. She says she should know his motive whom she is shooting at. Meher sees Minty leaving and ears a gun stop. She runs to see. Bebe shoots at Iqbal’s leg and he is very much bleeding. Bebe asks what will you tell everyone, who shot you and why, and I will see it. Iqbal says I will not leave you. She says I made you useless now, I will see how you fulfill your bad motives. Meher comes and asks what happened, blood, how did this happen, Bebe tell me. Bebe asks Iqbal to say what happened. Meher says tell me. Iqbal says he was cleaning the gun and it has hit him. Bebe looks on. Meher ties a cloth to his wound.

Meher leaves to call doctor. Iqbal threatens Bebe about Sameer. Bebe says you won’t hurt Sameer, as you know if anything happens to my son, I will kill you here. Bebe says now your are useless and can’t join duty. She says if anything happens to my son there, then I will shoot you on other leg. Bebe leaves. Meher asks the doctor to come. He asks her to bring her to hospital, as its police case because of the bullet. He asks her to bring him to the hospital soon to save time. Meher tells this to Bebe. Bebe asks Meher not to worry, as his leg is hurt, not chest, he is not in danger.

Meher is shocked and asks why is she saying this, she is talking like he is not her son but a stranger. Bebe thinks she did wrong and she should control her anger. Bebe calms Meher. She asks Meher to bring Sameer out first. Meher says I will go and call Purab. She comes to Purab and knocks the door. He says you, why did you come now. She asks for his help, as she has to take Sameer to hospital, as he is shot. He says it has to happen, where is he. She says at home, he was cleaning pistol and bullet fired. He asks is he alive or dead. She says don’t forget he is my husband. She asks him to take out jeep. He says it will cost you one night with me. She is shocked.

The inspector questions Iqbal how he was shot. Iqbal says I was shot because of Bebe. Everyone is shocked. The inspector asks did Bebe shoot you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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