Dil Dosti Dance 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon’s mom brings pastry for her, but Sharon was in a bad mood. She asks why she spent money on such high calory things, her mom gets sentimental. Sharon goes into the room. Her mom thinks it’s a bad time to ask.
The guy follows Huma and says he is her fan. He offers to drop Huma, holds her hand and she gets rid of him, leaving.
Sharon cries in front of mirror that it was my worst birthday. When I was waiting for your call, you had no cell n when I was there you were busy with the phone. I gave fake smiles to you and poured all anger upon mom. She thinks Swayam is wrong, and she feels alone. What am I to you if everyone is important for you. She says you hurt me Swayam as she cries hard.
The guy gets Huma in her way, he introduces herself as Akshay. She says Hi and Bye, she will go by herself. He insists, but she says her boyfriend is good at kicking in such beautiful nights. God knows what will happen to you. He says hasn’t your boyfriend come yet. She says she called him late. She shouts that she doesn’t want to go with him. A bike stops by, Akshay asks is this your boyfriend. Huma says yes, thinking who this is. He tells her to go ahead. Huma thinks what to say to this biker, she looks back. The biker tells her to pop on. She sits on the bike. She says whoever you are, thankyou.
Swayam gets wet in the rain when he arrives at the garage. They all ask you had gone to Sharon’s birthday. Swayam says we were both getting late, so we came. They all look at him, get him and asks when were you at restaurant. You were talking to us on phone, for so much time then how much time did you give to Sharon. Did you really spend 18 minutes with Sharon? Swayam was not ready to understand, but they tell him to call her. Nil says Simmi doesn’t allow him to read a text when with her. Swayam says Sharon is very understanding and told him to leave. They all hug him and say they are warning him about his death. Swayam tells them he and Sharon are alright. Swayam tells them to go to work, then thinks about what they had just said. He thinks she was in the right mood. They all come back again, gaining his attention and ask were you thinking about Sharon. He leaves for work.
Huma thanks the biker, the guy asks where were you coming from. She says it was her friend’s birthday. She explains she never takes lifts, but that guy was being sticky much. She takes the biker home, and introduces herself as Huma. He removes his helmet, it was Karma. He asks were you ill? You should have arranged for my money. Huma says you will get your money tomorrow, she gives him 100 rupees as tip for the lift. He says he will take 1000 as interest.
Dida comes to Raghv and complains not to submit the bills. He says that why you pay bills by standing in lines, he tells her the ways to pay bills online. He pays it there.
Huma’s mom comes home, and thinks why her light is on. She comes to see what she is doing. She watches her lying, thinks how does she sleep. She takes the bedcover up to see. She was there in the bed, her ammi says there was a dancer like her, but no one can be like her. She prays all her dreams get true. Huma thinks how she got into the room through window.
In college, Ishika comes to café. Raghv joins her with coffee. She says she doesn’t want to drink. She says it is bitter that him. He asks when did you taste, explaining Sharon’s anger. He tells her that Sharon is tough from surface only. He asks did it work? You bought clothes. She says she will go with Vishnu today, and wont take the class. Raghv says that he can take her to shopping, she says she wont go with him, but he takes her shirt. It tears.

PRECAP: Swayam and Sharon dances together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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